The Fall Chapter 3: Revelation

The Fall Chapter 3: Revelation

15 September 2023

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The Fall: Revelation is a 2011 first-person puzzle game, the third chapter in a trilogy from Kheops Studio, the same developers who created The Egyptian Prophecy, Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern, The Secrets of da Vinci and Destination: Treasure Island. It has a similar game structure as their 2006 release Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure, but perhaps with a slightly more involved backstory and a medical theme. Unlike most of Safecracker, the gameplay is linear, in which you generally cannot work on more than one puzzle or goal at a time. Further actions by your avatar "John" are possible only after he discovers a specific need. There at least 15 hidden-object games (HOGs) within this chapter, considerably more than in the previous two chapters. There are token examples of warehouse, jigsaw, assembly and matching puzzles, but these seemed more of an afterthought compared to the wider variety of puzzles in the earlier chapters. Unfortunately, there is no way to replay the verbal comments in the game, so play close attention to what's being said. With no saved-game structure in this Casual/Adventure game hybrid, you must exit the game and manually copy a status file in order to be able to return to an earlier point in the game.

A new feature in Chapter 3 of the game is the [PgUp] key for brightening the screen up to 4 times, useful in dark places for HOGs and other visual puzzles. The game's Play Mode is set to Adventure. Some of the directions in this walkthrough assume the 360° Free View setting is off. All mini-games and puzzles are played in Normal mode.

New Game

After the game intro, solve the HOG for 20 canes:
After the skippable game interface recap, you're starting in the Entrance of a Victorian-era house. Zoom in on the table to discover that the year is 1888. In a letter from a French woman named Elisabeth, she is seeking medical help from a doctor for her unconscious husband. Back out and pick up the Doctor's bag from the chair. Head upstairs and enter the open doorway at left into the Patient's room. Playing a doctor, pick up an Inkpot, Forms and a Quill from your bag:
A diagnostic checklist is displayed:
Enter the Bathroom at rear and solve the HOG for 25 bars of soap:
Move the Savon de Marseille soap from your inventory to the sink to wash up. Back out to return to the patient and specify his gender as Male. Open the drawer in the nightstand.

Watch Puzzle

Reassemble the 20 pieces of the pocket watch using the following diagram and steps:
PieceDestination in case
2Center opening
3Over two bumps at upper right
4Over end of Piece 3
5On top of Pieces 3 & 4
6Centered vertically against top edge
7Over hole and bump straight right from Piece 6
8Over left hole in Piece 7
9Over Pieces 7 & 8
10Over hole midway between left edge and center of case, with its curved edge aligned with case
11Over lower hole of Piece 10
12Over Pieces 10 & 11
13Over central hole in case
14Over circular arcs on Piece 6
15Over Pieces 6, 13 & 14
16Over Pieces 15 & 5
17Over two open holes and below central hole
18Over whole case
19Over lower portion of watch face
20Over whole case
Click on the patient's arm and get ready to count some visual events. Click on his wrist on a slightly darker area:
and count the number of beat sounds (usually 9) during the 15-second timer, then multiply by 4 to get 36 beats per minute.

Zoom in on the patient and pick up the Empty candleholder from the nightstand. Solve the HOG for 20 candles:

Light the Burnt-out candle in the fireplace. Zoom in on the patient again and put the Lit candle onto his head. Drag the candle around until the pupil contracts. Exit the closeup and answer some questions:
Does the eye follow the light? No
Does the pupil contract in the light? Yes
Click on the patient's head and talk to him:
Verbal response? No
Solve the HOG for 20 pointed objects:
Click on the patient's leg and use the Pointed object on the sole of his foot:
Reaction to pain? Yes
Back out from the Patient's room and return downstairs to the Entrance. Open the curtain at left to enter the Dining/Living room. Set 360° Free View to No in the game menu, if necessary. Solve the HOG for 15 pieces of wood:
ViewpointWood location
Kitchen doorwayMidway up left doorway frame
Bookcase **On shelf at left
Lower right of stained-glass windows
Piano **Base of curtain at left
Top of piano
On chair in foreground
On chair at left
On top of blue/white jug in background
Dining table *In back corner of room to left of windows
Fireplace *On top of dining table at left
Underneath chair at left
In window at upper left
In window at lower right
On left leather chair
Above fireplace

*: Reach this viewpoint by rotating right once from the preceding viewpoint
**: Reach this viewpoint by rotating right twice from the preceding viewpoint

Return to the Patient's room and put the Pieces of wood into the fireplace. Pick up 7 items from the doctor's bag in the requested order:

Go back to the Dining/Living room and enter the Kitchen beyond. Solve the HOG for 20 deep containers:
Put the Pot into the sink for a second, then put the Pot of water onto the stove. Click on the open cavity in the stove immediately below the pot. Return to the Entrance and open the downstairs door. Drag the door catch all the way to the left to enter the Cellar. Solve the HOG for 20 briquettes of charcoal. Each viewpoint is reached by rotating right once from the previous viewpoint:
ViewpointBriquette location
Swinging pulleys at rightLower left of shelving unit
Lower right of O-bolt on post
Swinging pulleys left of centerNext to 3 stacked bags at center
Two windowsOn top of planks of wood against wall
On top of barrel in foreground
Stairway at centerBase of stairs in sunlight
Halfway up stairs
On barrel to the lower right of stairs
To lower left of a basket of apples, almost off the screen
3 stacked barrelsFront of top barrel
Lower right corner of shelves
On top of biggest stack of bottles on shelves
Front corner of wooden table
On rusty container at far right
Rack of pots at rightLower shelf of wooden table
Next to basket in front of table
On top of pot rack on wall
Rack of pots at leftRight side of woodpile
Between pots at upper right corner of screen
5 eyeboltsLower left side of table
You're now locked in the cellar!

Rotate the viewpoint until the swinging pulleys are at right. Click on the moving towel on the wall, then on the shelving unit. Click on the pulleys at upper right. Rotate left once, then click the rope end on the eyebolts in the following order:

Rotate right once, then click the rope end on the hook attached to the shelving unit. Use the hoist/pulleys at upper right. Empty the shelves by moving its objects to elsewhere in the cellar. Select an item from the shelves, then rotate in the direction given below (while holding the object) and put the item with similar ones at the indicated location. After each transfer, return to a base position facing the shelves head-on and select the next item:
ShelfItemRotationsMove to
Top2 strings of garlicRight 1Top of post at upper right corner
3 wine bottlesLeft 4Arched shelves
CauliflowerRight 1Basket straight below window
PumpkinLeft 2Pumpkins behind post
2nd from topCarrots(none)Bag at base of left post
Frying panLeft 2Pot rack on wall
3rd from topCast iron ballsRight 1To lower left of basket of cauliflowers
Basket of applesRight 3Baskets of apples at bottom of monitor screen
Wooden boardRight 2Planks against wall
Cloth bagsRight 1Stacked bags at center
BottomSmall piece of woodLeft 3Basket in front of table
FirewoodLeft 2Woodpile
Crate of applesRight 2Base of post
From the base position, use the hoist at upper right and enter the unexplored Underground corridor. Remove the obstacles in order:
12 obstacles:
5 obstacles:
5 obstacles:
6 obstacles:
Open the door to the area Under the shed. Click on the trapdoor in the ceiling. Clicking on any one of the 8 deadbolts changes the open/closed state of itself and exactly 2 other deadbolts, so simply clicking once on each deadbolt (whether open or closed) will open all of them. Zoom in on the control panel at center. The shortest solution to extinguish the gas fire is:
Rotate B once
Rotate C three times
Rotate D once
Rotate E twice
Exit through the trapdoor in the ceiling into the Shed. Click on the door at left, then click on the box of tools at lower left. Solve the HOG for 20 yellow-handled screwdrivers:

Warehouse Puzzle

Use the Screwdriver on the door. Unscrew the 4 screws to access a warehouse puzzle in which 3 red deadbolts must simultaneously be moved inside the rectangular array at left. Define a move as sliding a piece in the indicated direction as far as it will go, unless specified otherwise. Note that some rows and columns contain more than one piece, indicated in the notations below. A solution in 48 moves is:

1. Column 7Bottom up
2. Row 6 right
3. Column 1 down
4. Row 4 left
5. Column 4 down
6. Column 5 down
7. Row 3 left
8. Column 4 up one square
9. Column 5 up one square
10. Row 6 left
11. Column 7Bottom down one square
12. Column 6Top down two squares
13. Column 7Top down
14. Row 2 (top deadbolt) left

15. Column 4 up
16. Column 5 up
17. Column 6Top up
18. Column 7Top up
19. Column 7Bottom up
20. Row 5 (middle deadbolt) left
21. Row 8 right
22. Column 2 up
23. Row 10 left
24. Row 6 right
25. Row 7 right

26. Row 5 (middle deadbolt) right two squares
27. Column 6Bottom down
28. Row 8 right
29. Row 9Left left
30. Column 4 down
31. Column 5 down
32. Row 3 right
33. Row 4 right
34. Column 1 up
35. Column 2 up two squares
36. Column 3 up

37. Column 4 up
38. Column 5 up
39. Row 8 left
40. Column 4 down
41. Column 5 down
42. Row 6 left
43. Row 7 left
44. Column 4 up two squares
45. Column 5 up two squares
46. Column 6Bottom up two squares
47. Row 5 (middle deadbolt) left two squares
48. Row 9Right (bottom deadbolt) left

Shorter solutions may be possible.

Exit the shed and proceed through the Yard and Veranda into the Kitchen. Put the Charcoal briquettes into the stove and the Blood test samples into the pot on the stove. Click on the magazine on the table to identify 10 differences between two pictures of the entrance to the temple in Chapter 1:
Pick up the pot from the stove and put it into the sink to obtain the Sterile blood test supplies. Return to the patient's room and zoom in on his arm. Move the Tourniquet from the tray to the patient's upper arm. Put the Cotton on the green bottle and then on the inside of the patient's arm. Move the point of the Syringe to the clean spot on the lower arm. Click on the body of the syringe and drag it to the left. Click on the circular end of the syringe and drag it to the right. Click again on the syringe to obtain a Blood sample.

Back out of the room and go upstairs to the Attic entrance. Zoom in on the door to discover you'll need some keys to open it. Exit the closeup and return to the house Entrance. Solve the HOG for 20 keys:

Don't forget the key inside the drawer of the table.

Return to the Attic entrance and zoom in on the door. Pick the key with the zodiac symbol matching the triplicity of the corresponding door lock:

The bottom key is not used. Solve the HOG for 15 microscopes:

Microscope Assembly Puzzle

Move the Pieces of a microscope to the desk and assemble them in the same order as you would the physical device. When rotating pieces, angles need to be fairly accurate before they lock into place. Pieces should overlap if one slides inside the other. The small narrow piece that looks vaguely like a writing instrument should be inserted before attaching the black plate, lens and small silver/gold ball. The solution is:
Move the Blood sample to the microscope. Move the viewpoint around and click on the red and white cells until 30 are found. Return to the Dining/Living room. Rotate right and open the stained-glass doors in the bookcase.

Encyclopedia Puzzle

Reset the puzzle if necessary, then make the following 23 swaps in left-to-right order:
A-1 & F-2F-2 & NN & KK & JJ & TT & A-2A-2 & X
X & BB & CC & F-1F-1 & OO & YY & P
D & ZZ & MM & SS & UU & W
E & VV & LL & R
G & H
I & Q
to produce the solution:
Read Volume C of the encyclopedia to identify ingredients for curing coma:
Return to the Entrance and remove the broom that's blocking the Cellar door. Again drag its deadbolt to the left to enter the Cellar. Solve the HOG for 15 saltpeter samples. Slowly scan the walls in this room, watching the glowing cursor for a shrinking diameter and green-colored sparkles. Each viewpoint is reached by rotating right once from the previous viewpoint:
ViewpointLocation of sample
Empty shelves at centerJust below window
Apple create at rightLower left side of roof support pole
Above left corner of apple crate
2 windowsDirectly above grayish plank against the wall
Upper right corner of right-hand window
Stairs at centerBottom of brick wall just past the bottom of the stairs
Immediately above left basket of apples
3 stacked barrelsUpper left corner of arched shelves
Top of right edge of shelves
Rack of pots at rightMidway up stone support column at center
Right of wooden table
Just below third pot from the right
Rack of pots at leftImmediately above pumpkins
Network of ropesBehind knocked-over vase on lower shelf
Behind black flagon at right side of lower shelf
Return to the Yard and solve the HOG for 20 fruits:
Entrance to Veranda at centerTomatoes to the left of path
Entrance to Veranda at left *6 lemons from tree
Cherries at upper right corner
Gazebo at center **Cherries at top of left gazebo column
Cherries directly above center chair in gazebo
3 oranges from tree at right
Tomatoes from bush at right
Corner of shed & brick wall **3 oranges from tree at right
Left corner of Veranda at right **3 bunches of grapes on the wall vines

*: Reach this viewpoint by rotating right once from the preceding viewpoint
**: Reach this viewpoint by rotating right twice from the preceding viewpoint

From the last viewpoint above, zoom in on the base of the twisted tree trunk. Remove 15 matching pairs of mushrooms:

Note: Exiting the game before backing out from the tree may not allow you to continue after restarting the game (backout arrow missing).

Back out and re-enter the Veranda at right. The shed door has magically closed. Enter the Shed and solve the HOG for 15 gardening tools:

Enter the Veranda and solve the HOG for each of 10 plant silhouettes:
(The label for Plant #2 is shown in blue above.)

Put the Saltpeter, Fresh fruits, Mushrooms and Medicinal plants on the box of bottles at right. Click on 8 triplets of bottles according to the mixture list at right:

Pick up the Pestle and drag it over the mixture until done. Pick up the Mixture to be distilled and return to the Attic. Click on the table at right, then on the desk. Solve the still jigsaw:
Put the Photographic plate onto the window, then exit from the photo. Click on the toy box near the left front corner of the desk.

Enter the Boy's bedroom on the second floor and try to open the closet door. Put 16 toys away:

Open the closet door and solve the HOG for 20 tubes:
Return to the Attic. Move the Mixture and Tubes from inventory to the table at right. Solve the still assembly puzzle:

Return to the Kitchen and move the Still to the stove. Look at the magazine on the table to solve a puzzle for 10 differences:
Pick up the X88 Remedy from the stove. Return to the Patient's room and put the Remedy on the patient's mouth. Enter the Bathroom and use the sink. Move the curtain over the sink and look in the mirror. Wipe back and forth to clean the mirror (small circular motions may work best):
Watch the endgame sequence, tying together many of the recurring themes of the 3 chapters.


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Copyright © 2023 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 2013 Kheops Studio. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software.