Destination: Treasure Island

Destination: Treasure Island

20 July 2019

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Gameplay Notes

Right-click the mouse for the inventory screen

Press the Auto key to store collected items separately

Note that there are five (darkened) tabs at the top of the inventory screen that are used to access more items

To disassemble or empty an item, click it on the wrench icon

To combine more than two inventory items, click one on the other, then select the next one and click it on the question mark in the equation box

Use the Map button for quick navigation on the island

You can right-click to skip through cutscenes and dialog

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game; other gameplay sequences and dialog choices can provide additional backstory elements


New Game

Take the Black spot, Thick rope, Lighter, Rope & Sextant

Open the window

Take the Message from the parrot

The parrot makes a reference to the 7 seas

The Map and Enigma buttons in inventory are activated

To make the parrot leave the window, try exiting through the door, then move the mouse over the parrot

Combine Rope + Thick rope in inventory to make Knotted ropes

At the three decision points in the tying of the Sheet bend, select Lower, Upper, Lower

Use the Knotted ropes on the new hotspot that has appeared on the wooden bench arm

At the two decision points in the tying of the Mooring with half hitches, select Lower, Lower

Exit through the window

Cape Fear

Take the Rusty knife from the magnetized rock

Turn around, move forward and then slightly left towards Skull Rock

Enter the cave

Take the Knifeblade, Empty helmet & String

Disassemble the Rusty knife

Combine Knifeblade + Knife Hilt + String to make a Knife

At the two decision points in the tying of the Constrictor knot, select Upper, Lower

Exit the cave and move forward twice, back to the location of the magnetized rock

Use the Knife on the wooden block attached to the spar lying on the beach

Take the Block

Turn around, move forward twice, then turn around to see a tree missing some bark

From the barkless tree, turn around and follow the path leading toward some dead trees

Use the overhead ropes

Take the Trolley Handle

Disassemble the Block

Combine the Trolley Handle + Wheel + Axle to make a Repaired trolley

Use the Repaired trolley on the overhead ropes

Move forward to cross the ocean inlet

Flowery Coast

Take the Orange flower

Move forward to a location with a hammock

Take the Bottle of rum

Take the bunch of Bananas

Take the Right horn of a ram, which causes bird feathers to be dropped on the beach

Proceed down the path towards the beach

There is a firepit here, next to a stone snake

Take the Package wrapped in oilcloth

Turn left and move forward to see your dinghy

Turn around and move twice along the beach towards a sitting stone idol

The parrot intones "Nanasinrum"

Talk to the parrot

Are your songs as pleasing to the ear as your feathery finery is to the eye?
The parrot responds with stanzas of the "Dead Man's Chest" song:
Fifteen men on the dead man's chest,
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.

Drink and the devil had done for the rest,
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

The mate was fixed by the bosun's pike
The bosun brained with a marlinspike,

And cookey's throat was marked belike
It has been gripped by fingers ten.

There they lay, all good dead men
Like break o'day in a boozing ken
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

[Suspend dialogue]

Proceed down the beach to the right of the stone idol

There is an animated crab here, but it will hide if you touch it with the cursor

Take the Red seashell, Blue feather & Yellow feather

Return to the stone idol

Translating the parrot's request "Nanasinrum" as "bananas in rum", you'll need to prepare a tasty dish for him

Combine the Knife + Bananas to make Banana slices

Remove the Cork from the Bottle of rum

Combine Banana slices + Empty helmet + Open bottle of rum to make a Helmet filled with bananas in rum

Talk to the parrot

[Give helmet filled with bananas in rum]
and a red feather is dropped at the base of the statue:
There is an open place for a seashell on the lowest part of the statue where a fish and a yellow seashell are located. There are two places for feathers at the upper left and upper right of the statue's chest. Using the Enigma's reference to sea colors reflected in the sky, place the yellow feather above the yellow seashell. There is no blue feather to correspond to the blue seashell at the foot of the statue, so place the red feather & red seashell on the left side of the statue. The Enigma refers to blended colors, so place the Orange (red + yellow) flower into the hole in the middle of the statue's chest.

Click on the hotspot below the yellow seashell to tie the Decorative knot (Upper, Upper at the two decision points)

Return to the location of the crab and use the Empty helmet in the pool of salt water to get a Helmet full of salted water

Use the Map button in inventory to move to the red icon at the far side of the ocean inlet (Tyrolean Traverse)

Move forward to the barkless tree

Use the Knife on the tree

Take the Terracotta jar and use it on the tree

After a close call with some pushed boulders, return to the cave in Skull Rock

Disassemble the Package wrapped in oilcloth to get Oakum, Mallet & Caulking iron

Combine Oakum + Lighter with no wick to make a Lighter

Move the Fuel to the ashes and ignite it with the Lighter

Put the Helmet full of salted water into the fire to get a Helmet full of salt

Put the Cold resin into the fire to create Hot resin (lasts for about 60 sec.)

Take the Broken statuette

Combine the Broken statuette + Hot resin to make a Figurine

Put the Figurine onto the stone floor opposite the other one

Shadows are thrown on the wall

(If you leave it for a while, the fire will die down and the shadows will disappear, but you can restore the flames simply by moving the mouse cursor over them)

Wield the Mallet

Using the Enigma's reference to hook, pegleg, dagger and pistol, hit the following sequence of squares on the 6 x 4 grid where the shadows are cast:

This discloses an opening in the wall; take the Left horn of a ram

Take both Figurines

Exit the cave and return to the barkless tree location

Approach the gate in the distance

Gallows Cave

Look up at the red parrot perched on the gibbet and talk to him. He challenges you to recall the words to the "Dead Man's Chest" song, which you may have heard earlier on the beach. If not, the correct guesses are pretty easy to separate from the other choices.

After the song is correctly completed, the parrot releases a hook from the gibbet

Take the Hook, Purse, Glass eye, Junk Watch & Scrap of cloth

Turn around and use the Hook on the wooden hatch

Put the Purse into the opening

Read the inscription on the metal plate on the hatch to see that the number of coins needed is the same as the (seven) seas. The Enigma indicates that 109 shillings are needed altogether. Mouse over the coins to get their values in shillings:

Doubloon: 48
Louis d'or: 28
Guinea: 23
Piaster: 5
Pistareen: 1
The only solution for the seven coins is:
2Louis d'or @ 2856
2Guineas @ 2346
1Piaster @ 5 5
2Pistareens @ 1 2
7 coinsTotals109
Move each coin to the opening, and the gate opens

Take the Blackened bone

Combine Blackened bone + Cold resin

Put the Macabre Torch into the holder in the cave

Use the Lighter to ignite the torch

Enter the cave

The demo of the game ends here

Snare Valley

Use the Helmet full of salt with the dish on top of the tree stump

Move forward twice through the trees to a gate

Turn left and click on the ram

Back at the exit from Gallows Cave, move the Shears to the ram

Look at the tattoo on the ram to see more of the island Map and Enigma. Note the reference in the Enigma to a verse about dogs and murderers that has a number.

Return to the gate and zoom in on its lock apparatus

Select the Black spot in inventory and see the number 22:15 associated with the verse in the Enigma

Drag up the four sabers until the numbers 2 2 1 5 are selected; the gate opens

Move forward

Stone Head

There is an animated lizard on a stone bench here, but it will wake up and hide if you touch it with the cursor

Bear forward to the right and get the fright of your life

Return through the gate to the stone bench

Take the Large disk & Small disk

Bear left along the cliff

Put the Large disk & Small disk into the corresponding receptacles

Noting the reference in the Enigma to

1 Rabbit
5 Monkeys
13 Snakes
dial each of these combinations by selecting the corresponding animal head on the left disk and the appropriate number on the right disk (each bar represents 5 and each dot 1):
1 Rabbit
5 Monkeys
13 Snakes
After each combination is correctly entered, a stone door gradually opens

Go up the stone steps into the Hollow Head

Take another Package wrapped in oilcloth and disassemble it to get the Hull of a miniature boat, Masts & a Sailmakers' Kit

Combine the Sailmakers' Kit + Scrap of cloth to make Sails

Combine the Hull of a miniature boat + Masts + Sails to make a Model (boat)

Zoom in on the map on the table and pick up the Figurine with the thick sword

Referring to the clues in the Enigma:

Hook between two lakes
Saber near desert
Pegleg by isthmus
place the figurines on the appropriate black spots:
Scroll down in the Enigma subwindow if needed to disclose a clue about a three-master sailing for Cuba

Place the ship Model near Cuba on the map and adjust its sails to solve the puzzle:

Take the Ram skull with its horns removed

Combine the Ram skull with its horns removed + Left horn of a ram + Right horn of a ram to make a Skull of a Ram

Take the Model and exit the Hollow Head

Return to the stone bench and take the path on the right

Move forward twice to the edge of a swamp and take the Dried clay there

Move forward twice into the swamp and get stuck

Pick up the Hangman's Rope that Pepita has thrown to you (you'll get your revenge later)

Disassemble the Hangman's Rope

Combine Long rope + Hook to make a Grapnel

At the three decision points in the tying of the Capuchin knot, select Lower, Upper, Upper

Use the Grapnel on the tree

Lone Tree

Move forward, away from the swamp

Use the Skull of a Ram on the two hooks in the three-trunked tree

Referring to the Enigma's clue about casting an eye, use the Glass eye on the skull

Disassemble the Grapnel back to its component parts, then use the Long rope on the tree root

At the four decision points in the tying of the Figure Eight knot, select Upper, Upper, Lower, Upper

Go down the cliff and feel a fever coming on

Forge & Mine

Retrieve the Glass eye

A big X is disclosed in the sand

Move forward, then turn right and move forward twice into some abandoned buildings

Scan upwards and take the Block

Rotate slightly left and take the Megaphone

Open the wooden crate and take the Long rope

Take Pick, Axle, Wheel & Short rope

Open the metal box and read the logbook inside. Several pages along, learn that forging molds need to be made from sand and clay. Further along, learn about a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Combine the Block Cheek Plate + Wheel + Axle to make a Block

Combine Block + Block + Long rope to make a Tackle

Use the Tackle on the hook overhanging the pit Pepita is in

At the one decision point in the tying of the Clove hitch, select Lower

Use the Short rope with the Tackle on the framework

At the three decision points in the tying of the Bowline, select Upper, Lower, Lower

Disassemble the Pick to get a Handspike & Pick Head

Use the Handspike with the capstan

Push the Handspike to rescue Pepita

Take the Handspike & Tackle

Move out of the mine buildings to see a short rope ladder and a note attached to the wooden fence

Examine the note to learn that Cinchona bark tea will cure swamp fever

Go up the ladder and fill the Empty helmet with the water in the wooden box

Use the Knife on the tree twice to get a Piece of bark shaped like a heart

Return to the capstan, then turn left and enter the forge

Move the Fuel to the firegrate and ignite it with the Lighter

Put the Helmet full of fresh water into the fire

You now have about 20 sec. while the water is boiling to quickly combine the Helmet full of boiling water + Piece of bark shaped like a heart to cure your fever

Use the Map to return to the location with the X in the sand

Combine Pick Head + Handspike to restore the Pick

Use the Pick with the X

Zoom in on the pirate chest

Put the Glass eye into the skull

Take the Damaged Carriage at right

Disassemble the Sextant to get a Vernier, Lens & Small Mirror

Combine the Small Mirror + Damaged Carriage to make a Repaired Carriage

Put the Repaired Carriage into the curved groove of the chest

Disassemble the Junk Watch to get Gears & Watch case

Put the Gears into the holder at the front of the chest

Put the Lens into the holder at left

Use the lever above the gears to select the left-hand mirror

Use the white arrow buttons at the front of the chest to move the mirror two positions away from the right end of its curved groove

Use the lever above the gears to select the right-hand mirror

Use the white buttons to move that mirror to the far end of its curved groove

Click directly on the two mirrors to tilt them so that a ray of sunlight is directed to melt the chest lock at left:

Take the Bar & Treasure

Learn of a second treasure to be found

Take the Sand to the left of the chest

Return to the capstan, turn right, and put the Bar into the triangular hole of the rusty water tank

Turn the tiller wheel to fill the sluice

Fill the Empty helmet with water from the sluice

Put the ship Model into the sluice

Follow the sluice downstream and take the Parchment from the model ship to get the final piece of the island map

Talk to Pepita

Explain the whole story to me, from the beginning.
Where is Long John hiding?
Return to the forge

Use the Sailmakers' Kit to repair the bellows

Move the Extension Tube to the end of the bellows

Put the Treasure into the Empty crucible over the fire

Combine Sand + Dried clay + Helmet full of fresh water to make a Mixture of water, sand and clay

Turn around and put the Mixture into the wooden hopper at left

Move the Hemispherical Model to the center post on the table

Move the Empty Molding Box onto the Hemispherical Model

Move the Mixture into the mold

Take the Full Molding Box and place it into either of the stone receptacles at right

Move the Conical Model to the top of the Hemispherical Model

Move the Empty Molding Box onto the Hemispherical Model

Move the Mixture into the mold

Remove the Conical Model plug and set it aside

Take the Full Molding Box and place it on top of the other molding box

Pull the chain handle to operate the bellows

Use the Tongs to pick up the Crucible filled with molten metal and pour it into the prepared mold

Return the crucible to the firegrate

Open the mold and set it aside

Take the golden Cannonball

Return to the short rope ladder, then turn right and move to the cliff beyond

Climb the long rope ladder there up to the dead tree


Move towards the pirate flag in the distance

Enter the one-room fort

Take the Tubes, Fish-hook, Perforated waterskin & Pole

Disassemble the Sailmakers' Kit to get Needle & Thread

Combine Pole + Fish-hook + Thread to make a Fishing pole

At the three decision points in the tying of the Uni Knot, select Lower, Upper, Lower

Exit the fort, turn around and climb on top of the roof of the fort

There's a hole in the roof here that may have been caused by a cannon misfire...

Use the Fishing pole to pick up the Powder horn

Disassemble the Snagged powder horn

Use the Fishing pole to pick up the Tobacco pouch

Disassemble the Snagged tobacco pouch

Combine the Tobacco pouch + Full powder horn to make a Booby-trapped tobacco pouch

Combine the Booby-trapped tobacco pouch + Fishing pole

Use the snagged booby-trapped tobacco pouch on the table between the pirates

Use the Short rope to tie up the pirates

At the two decision points in the tying of the Double loop bridle knot, select Lower, Lower

Take the Bullets, Netting needle & Unloaded pistol

Note the pirates' (your) ship offshore

There's a rope ladder down to the beach here

If you try to go to the Flowery Coast, the ship will fire on you. If you try to go to Hollow Head, you'll be blocked by the swamp. You can use some Branches there to cross the swamp, but will then be blocked by an armed pirate. Instead, return inside the fort.

Open the barrel

Fill the Empty powderhorn at the barrel to get a Full powderhorn

Combine Full powderhorn + Unloaded pistol + Bullets to get a Loaded Pistol

Move the Swab to the cannon to clean it

Return the Swab

Move the Empty gunpowder shovel to the barrel and then to the Cleaned cannon

Return the shovel and move the Rammer to the cannon

Return the tamper and add the golden Cannonball to the cannon

Disassemble the Pick again

Put the Handspike onto the left side of the cannon, then use it to tilt the cannon forward

Add the Tackle to the right side of the cannon

Pull the knot in the ropes to get the cannon into position

Use the Oakum on the Linstock leaning against the wall

Use the Lighter on the Unlighted linstock

Move the Linstock to ignite the cannon and sink the ship

Use the Map to return to the Forge and mine

Remove the Extension Tube from the bellows and set it aside at right

Combine the Perforated waterskin + Tubes to make a Strange Device

Put the Strange Device on the bellows

Pull the chain handle to operate the bellows

Take the Diving apparatus

Return to the sluice and refill the Empty helmet with water

Use the Map to return to Cape Fear

Use the Needle on the magnetized rock to make a Magnetic needle

Use the Map to return to Snare Valley

Turn left and use the Netting needle on the net hanging from the tree to reset the trap

Return to the Hollow Head and pick up the Large disk & Small disk

Go inside the Hollow Head and use the Megaphone on its mouth

Take the Key from the trapped pirate

Use the Map to return to the Idol on the beach

Turn around and Dive to the wreck


Use the Knife to detach a rock-like Damp sponge, then pick it up

The Cannonball is here, but you don't need it

There are Roman numerals for the Lost Numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 here

Use the Handspike on the giant clam and take the Surgeon's Case

Disassemble the Surgeon's Case (you can do this underwater apparently) to get Forceps & Amputation Saw

You can leave the Handspike behind

Look up at the surface of the water, rotate and exit

Return to the dinghy on the beach

Rotate left and use the Forceps to remove the nails from the loose planks

Use the Amputation Saw on the planks

Use the Oakum on the boat

Turn around and return to the stone snake on the beach

Put the Fuel into the firepit and ignite it with the Lighter

Put the Cold resin into the fire

You now have about 60 sec. before the resin cools

Return to the dinghy and use the Hot resin on the boat

Enter the boat

Waterfall Caves

Move the Rope to the metal ring in the stone

At the three decision points in the tying of the Anchor hitch, select Lower, Lower, Upper

Go ashore and ring the bell twice

I've got another proposal for you: I'll trade Pepita for a treasure map!
[Suspend dialogue]
Combine the Open bottle of rum + Cork

Put the Bottle of rum into the wooden box the pirates have lowered

Talk to the parrot and he flies away

Take the Twin Daggers

Go back aboard the boat

Put the Twin Daggers on the matching design on the rock

Use alternating daggers to trace out a path to the top:

[Suspend dialogue]

Turn to the right and follow the stone steps up (twice)

Attempt to shoot the pirate with the Loaded Pistol

After the pirate shoots himself in the foot, turn left and pick up the Bottle of rum

Turn left and pick up the Mirror from the table

Turn around and use the Key on Pepita's manacles

Learn of a Mayan Inscription:

Let them answer all three beneath the serpents' gaze:
From south to white north, how many days?
From south to west, how many to count?
And from west to north, add what amount?
When 'twixt their arms the moon takes shape,
The dazzle of riches will leave all agape.
Turn right and put the Large disk & Small disk into the receptacles

After Pepita explains the Mayan calendar, turn around and empty the Helmet full of fresh water into the green hole

Use the Damp sponge on the colored circle surrounding the water

You'll need to determine which direction is north, so disassemble the Bottle of rum to get a Cork

Combine the Cork + Magnetic needle to make a Compass

Put the Compass into the water and it will point to the left

Examine the white North symbol the needle is pointing at to identify it as 1 Flint, as shown in the upper-right corner of the screen. Mouse over to identify the other compass directions mentioned in the Mayan Inscription:

South = 1 Rain
West = 7 Monkey
Tilt up and rotate the stone disk(s) until the 1 Rain (South) symbol is shown:
You can tilt down to confirm your selection with the symbols surrounding the water

Count how many times (Mayan days) you press the white button below the stone disks in order to produce the 7 Monkey (West) symbol:

The answer is 32 days. From this result, the number of days to produce the 1 Fint (North) symbol
is 7 days. Finally, make a slight adjustment in the large disk to dial in the 1 Rain symbol and count 39 days from South to North. To summarize:
QuestionDirectionNumber of days
1South to North39
2South to West32
3West to North7
Turn and face the Mayan puzzle

The golden snake's head selects each of the three questions in the Mayan Inscription. For each question, one button of each color must be selected so that the three button values add up to the desired number of days. A little trial and error produces the following answers:

11991139& one other solution
21171432& five other solutions
Don't forget to move the snake's head between the questions

Save your game at this point

For the second Mayan puzzle, the colored buttons must be pressed the correct number of times to duplicate the Moon design on the back wall. Each button cycles one of the three balls through the three colors blue, white, purple, and also rotates one of the three concentric circular arcs clockwise 1/3 of a turn. Identifying the six colored buttons from the first-person player's perspective, the following operations are possible:

ButtonBall rotationArc rotation
Left BlueXX
Right BlueXX
Left WhiteXX
Right WhiteXX
Left YellowXX
Right YellowXX
Rotations needed:020002
From the default initial puzzle state, the following solution is the shortest:
Press Left White button twice
Press Right White button twice
Press Right Yellow button once
Put the Mirror on the table to get rid of the poisonous snake

The endgame sequence plays and the credits roll

Island Map

Table of Contents


Copyright © 2019 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 2007 Nobilis Group. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software.