The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

3 December 2023

Copyright © 2023 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright 1996-2014 by Presto Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.

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The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is a 2014 Windows release from Presto Studios that is a remake of the original Journeyman Project Turbo released in 1994, which was the first game in a trilogy that included Buried in Time (1995) and Legacy of Time (1998). While some elements of the story in the original game remain, many of the puzzles and inventory challenges have been changed, for better or worse. The game interface uses an unusual combination of keyboard and mouse controls. This was better executed in Buried in Time and Legacy of Time where more standard point-and-click mouse operations were implemented, and one wonders why Presto Studios didn't take advantage of the intervening 20 years of game design progress when they released this remake.

Press [Esc] for the main menu, and Alt-Enter to toggle full-screen and windowed display modes. Necessary keystrokes for the game interface include keypad 7 to display and select inventory, keypad 9 to display and select biochips, and T to toggle the inventory/biochip description in the lower central window. A few video cutscenes can be skipped with [Esc], but most cannot.

Saved games are listed alphabetically rather than chronologically, so you may want to include a sequence number in the saved-game name. The list can be scrolled using a mouse wheel. The last game restored is left at the top of the display, ostensibly to facilitate replaying a sequence.

The following movement abbreviations are used in this walkthrough:

F: Move forward (keyboard up arrow)
B: Back out from close-up (keyboard down arrow)
L: Rotate left (keyboard left arrow)
R: Rotate right (keyboard right arrow)
Fn indicates moving forward and/or opening doors using exactly n keystrokes; otherwise, F indicates moving continuously until you are blocked or stopped (with a grunt)
If an asterisk is appended to F or Fn, at least one doorway is passed through
Note that forward motion is often interrupted for announcements, animations or other game events. In particular, the next control keystroke may not be recognized after passing through a doorway until the sound of the door closing behind you has been heard. Unlike the later games of the trilogy, there is no way to look up or down other than occasionally zooming in on a hotspot.

Some arbitrary scoring is provided at the end of the game, but you cannot see your progress except by dying in one of the several dozen ways that can happen (most of which are documented here). Many of these deaths are encountered during the numerous timed sequences in the game, some of which are reasonably challenging. It may help during these timed sequences to pause the game using the [Esc] key. Some of the particular deaths are almost like easter eggs, in that they aren't triggered unless there are many minutes of inactivity at particular points in the game.

Inventory items are shown in bold text in the walkthrough. Note than an inventory icon changes (usually becoming brighter) when it's in the viewport position at which it's to be used. There are only 9 slots to store inventory items, and extraneous items are automatically removed if space is needed.

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game.

2318 Caldoria

Press [Esc] for main menu
Navigate main menu with keyboard up & down arrow keys
START new game
Introductory sequences (can skip with [Esc])
F R F L F* L F1 R F L into the bedroom
Zoom in on arched drawers on desk
Open right drawer and drag Card Keyring onto left side of lower screen
B L F L F R F3* L F* R F1 L
Click on elevator button 4 and wait for the elevator doors to open
F R2
Click on the bottom hotspot (L for Lobby)
F R F1 L F1 L F2
Drag Card Keyring onto left-hand slot (icon changes)
Select TSA (Temporal Security Annex) -- selecting other destinations will get you uncreated
Click on the upper circular symbol for an ID check
F L F L F* L F2 R F into the Command Center
Click Theory, Procedure and Background buttons
When all 3 videos have played, a Temporal Rip is detected
B L2 F R F2 L F* R F R F* R F1 R into the Ready Room
Zoom in on screen
Drag Pegasus & Mapping Biochips to right side of lower screen
L F2 R
Zoom in on screen
Take Journeyman Key into inventory
R F1 R F R F2 L F2 through the Biosuit Generator elevator and into the Pegasus Temporal Catapult
Press JUMP to travel to 200 mya


The demo of the game begins here
If you mistakenly move F2, you'll die
Instead, move R2 F L F L F R F R F
Click on the device's handle to activate it
B R F L F4 R F4
If you then mistakenly move L F3 L F over some eggs, Barney's green cousin will get you
Instead, move R F L
Click on the console at left to extend a bridge over the chasm
Use the Journeyman Key on the 3 red circles and retrieve the Historical Log
The game demo ends here
Select the Pegasus Biochip
R F2 L F R F2 L F* L F L F* R F2 L F
Put the Historical Log into the receptacle at right
Click twice on each of the 4 dates and press the playback buttons for the Altered and Unaltered versions of history
When all 4 dates have been dimmed out, a video of Col. Baldwin plays and you become a fugitive, but with access to the TSA central computer
If you try to exit the Command Center now, you'll be blown away
Instead, click on Main Entrance on the map to send the guard robots away
B L2 F R F2 L F* R F R F* R F2 L F R F2 L F2 through the Ready Room elevator and back into the Pegasus Temporal Catapult

2185 Mars Colony

Click on 2185 date | JUMP
L F3 R F* R F3
If you continue forward, you'll be incarcerated
Instead, move L F2 L F and take an Access Card at left
B L F R F3 L F4* R F R F* into the Maintenance Transport area
Click 3 times on the screen to see a map of the Morimoto tunnels
B L F L and open the storage hatch to take a Power Crowbar
R2 and put the Access Card into the red vertical slot
At the 4 <STEER> prompts that will be shown on the bottom of the viewport, press the left or right keyboard arrow key according to the following checklist:
If the steering is incorrect, such as pressing R as the first choice or not responding in time, you'll take a wrong turn
L F R F*
Take the Oxygen Mask
Select the Pegasus Biochip

2310 Science Center

Need Power Crowbar from Mars

Click on 2310 date | JUMP
YES, remove the projectile
If you select NO or take more than 11 minutes to find an antidote, you'll be poisoned
Put Tranquilizer Dart into Compound Analyzer
Click on computer screen
L2 F1 R
Click on screen
For each of three molecules, you'll need to select the correct sequence of 6 components, with the process restarted if you make a mistake. Unlike the original game, this puzzle randomizes each time it's played, so no fixed solution is possible and you'll have to use trial and error. Picking randomly from the decreasing set of possibilities, you can expect an average of 8.5 guesses (23.5 screen clicks) to get each correct sequence. If no mistake is made during the selections, no more than 16 guesses (41 screen clicks) will be necessary to find each answer. The following grids may be useful:

Click on Compound Synthesizer
Take Antidote
To replenish your energy level, use the Pegasus Biochip to RECALL and then jump back to 2310. On return, answer Yes to remove the projectile, then select the Antidote in your inventory and click on the purple tube.
Zoom in on the black answering machine displaying "00" and pick up the Nitrogen Canister (empty) from behind it
B R2 F L F* to exit Lab B into the corridor
From this location, you can explore Dr. Sinclair's office using a keycard from the lab, but it's not essential to the gameplay
If you run into people here, you'll be expelled
L F L F2 R F
Use the Power Crowbar to open the door
F5* R F L F L F* R F L F L F* R F R F* L F L F R F* L F2 L through a darkened backstage area
The AI reports a strong temporal flux here
Click the pointing-finger cursor on the gray hose at right to disable the robot
Failure gets you blown away
Click on the robot's head and retrieve Mapping, Optical Memory and Retinal Biochips
After the robot dissolves, also pick up a Stun Gun
The temporal rip is resolved and you're returned to the Pegasus Temporal Catapult
You can skip Sinclair's ravings by pressing [Esc]


Need Oxygen Mask from Mars
Need Nitrogen Canister & Retinal Biochip from the Science Center

Click on 2112 date | JUMP
You have about 75 seconds to find another way to breathe before you are gassed
Wait for the display to stabilize, then take Gas Canister
You've disabled the sleeping gas, but if you try to explore now, you'll be incarcerated
Put Nitrogen Canister onto receptacle
Take Nitrogen Canister (charged)
Put Oxygen Mask onto receptacle
Take Oxygen Mask (full)
Click on the O2 box at lower center to turn on its air filter
Attach Gas Canister to receptacle
B L F* L F*
Zoom in on the door's central panel
Press and hold the down arrow to equalize pressure
Click on the elevator down button
B L F* R F R F
B R F L F2* L F R
Click on blue screen
At the 5 top-of-screen <STEER> prompts, separated by video transmissions and exploding torpedoes, press

If you don't get it right, you're sunk
On arrival at NORAD Delta, F L F and note the locker of an unusual crewman
R F* L F* L F
Select the Retinal Biochip and zoom in on the left side of the door
Use the mouse to click and hold the edges of the large circle on the globe so that it encloses the specified launch location (you gotta know your geography!). Click on the appropriate red dot to deactivate the launch silo and proceed to the next location. The circle is large enough that the majority of sites can be found without moving it up or down much. The time limit for identifying the launch location gets progressively shorter as you get further down the list:
LocationTime limit
Honolulu, Hawaii2:00
Dublin, Ireland1:50
Adis Ababa, Ethiopia1:40
San Antonio, Texas1:30
Bangkok, Thailand1:20
Bonn, Germany1:10
Seoul, Korea1:00
Reykjavik, Iceland0:50
Svortalsk, Siberia0:40
Madrid, Spain0:30
This interface for finding global locations is much improved over the original game. You can pause the game with the [Esc] key if you need time to research a location. Svortalsk ("blasphemous" in Dutch) is apparently a fictional city in Russia, and is the uppermost of the two red dots north of China.
B R2 F4* R F9*
For a straightforward way to defeat the robot, move R and zoom in on the door's control panel. Press and hold the up triangle until the maximum pressure is created and the robot implodes. If you fail to complete this task quickly, you'll be crushed.
For more Gandhi points, a more challenging approach is to move F R F, then select Loading Claw Operation and get your hand cursor ready. As soon as the Move icon highlights, click on its down arrow. Repeat for the Grab and right-arrow Move icons to defeat the robot. If you fail to complete these tasks quickly, you'll be eliminated.
Click on the robot's head and drag 3 Biochips into your storage area at lower right, one of which is the Shield Biochip that will be needed later
You're recalled to Caldoria, and can skip Sinclair's ravings by pressing [Esc]

Return to Mars Colony

Need Mapping Biochip from Caldoria/TSA or the Science Center
Need Nitrogen Canister from the Science Center

Click on 2185 date | JUMP
L F3 R F6 L F R F3* L F R
Put the Access Card into the red vertical slot
At the 4 <STEER> prompts that will be shown on the bottom of the viewport, press

L F R F3* L and a robot will appear
If you fail to get out of his way within 15 seconds, you'll be eliminated
Instead, move R F
After the robot passes, an announcement indicates that the tunnel pod has departed
If you have a death wish, move L2 F L F and you'll be road kill
Otherwise, move L2 F1 R F
Press the right yellow arrow twice
Use the Nitrogen Canister (charged) on the generator panel
You then have 15 seconds to select and use the Power Crowbar on the generator panel
If you ATTEMPT REMOVAL, you'll be vaporized ("ka POW pow")
Instead, click on ANALYZE OBJECT

Detonator Puzzle

Each of the three Detonator Circuit Link puzzles is a successively more difficult Jotto game in which you try to determine a hidden sequence of colors by making guesses and receiving a score for each guess. Each possible solution consists of three selections drawn from a set of 3, 4 or 5 colors, depending on the puzzle level. Scoring is one point for each correct color in the proper position. A color appears no more than once in a sequence, so there are 6, 24 and 60 possible patterns at puzzle levels 1, 2 and 3, respectively.

The Detonator Circuit Link puzzles randomize each time they are played, so no fixed solutions are possible but you can use the built-in solver below. Instructions: In the game, click on "Attempt circuit link to detonator" to begin the puzzles and start a 4-minute timer in which you must finish all three puzzle levels. This time limit is considerably more challenging than the 7 minutes allowed in the original game. If you are unable to determine the hidden color pattern in 6 moves or less, the puzzle will reset to the previous puzzle level.

Step 1: Click on the "Possible color synapse nodes" to match the starting guess below for the current puzzle level. After the last color is entered, a numerical score will be displayed at right.

Step 2: Back on this webpage, select that score below using one of the buttons in the group at right.

Step 3: Press the "Find next guess" button below, and the best choice for the next guess will be displayed in the column at left. Back in the game, repeat Step 1 using the new row of colors.

Continue this back-and-forth process until a solution is reached in the game and the hidden pattern is highlighted in white. At that point, you can progress to the next level by toggling the puzzle level button immediately below.
1. Enter this
guess in the game:
0 1 2
If correctly used, the solver is guaranteed to find a solution in 6 or fewer guesses, with about 4.4 being the average number of guesses at level 3. The grids below may be of help in recording the next guess to transfer into the game:
Take Card Bomb
If you hang around here until your energy level is depleted (20 minutes or less), you'll get toasted
You'll now have to traverse a mine maze in order to trigger the robot's attack on the Cyrollan spacecraft
Press the left yellow arrow twice
R2 F*
Be sure you have an Oxygen Mask that is In Use or else you'll suffocate in about 30 seconds
If you haven't yet disabled the card bomb in the shield generator room, you're history
Activate the Mapping Biochip to generate a map of the mine maze as you traverse it. The complete map is shown below:
North is at the top of the map, and you can determine the direction you're facing by referring to the compass at the top of the game's viewport. In the map above, the green line indicates the primary path through the maze. The purple lines indicate pairs of alternate paths that are taken depending on the randomized open/close state of the doors in white. To avoid backtracking, you can save your game at the branch points indicated by purple squares. The two orange doors would offer significant shortcuts, but always seem to be locked. The save point in white is about halfway through the maze and may be a convenient place to save your progress. Be careful of the mining droids at the positions indicated by the red lines, or you'll get pulverized.
From your position in the airlock, you can reach the first branch point by moving F L F R F
When you've reached the end of the maze, save your game.
Move F onto a bucket as soon as it appears; if you jump between buckets, you'll get shafted
Move F again as soon as the gears room appears; if you wait too long, you'll get pulverized
R2 F5 L F4 L to the Airlock 3 door
(If you try to go through any of the other Airlocks, it will be the wrong door)
There are 6 decision points as you chase the other shuttle. Use the keyboard arrow keys when the <STEER> prompt is displayed at the bottom of the viewport:
If you fail to steer correctly and on time, you'll crash & burn
After you reach outer space, you'll need to play an old-fashioned video arcade game. Select the Energy Damping Beam and score hits with it on the moving enemy spacecraft and the various weapons it drops in your path. A hit is registered when the target turns red. You may have better results if you shoot slightly ahead of the target's motion. After several hits on the spacecraft, it is destroyed and you're returned to the Pegasus Temporal Catapult. Otherwise, your outcome is less favorable.

Caldoria - Finale

Need Card Bomb from Mars
Need Shield Biochip from NORAD
Need Stun Gun from the Science Center

R F2 L F L F2 R F* L F4 L F10
Put Card Keyring into slot at left
Select Caldoria Hts. Apts. (The other destinations get you assassinated)
F1 R F R F1 L
Click on elevator button 1
F L2
Click on the top hotspot (R for Roof)
Be sure your Shield Biochip is active
Put the Card Bomb onto the door panel and wait about 10 seconds for it to blow a hole in the door
If you didn't have your Shield Biochip active, you'll die
If you move F R F L and wait a few seconds, Sinclair will shoot you
F L F R F2
Select Stun Gun in inventory
Immediately use the Stun Gun on Dr. Sinclair (if you fail, you'll be assassinated)
The objective of the next 6 progressively-harder puzzles is to trace out a Eulerian path through the network by traversing each line segment exactly once. The nodes at the ends of the line segments can be visited as many times as necessary. A red dot indicates the last node you visited, so your next node is one connected to the red node by a light blue line segment. If the graph contains two nodes with an odd number of connected line segments, the puzzle can be solved by starting and ending at those nodes (the puzzle is unsolvable if there are more than two such nodes). If you fail, you'll have to start the level over. If you take more than 10 minutes to solve all 6 levels, you'll be nuked. Partial progress cannot be saved, but the countdown timer can be halted using the [Esc] key to pause the gameplay. These puzzles have multiple solutions; in the ones given below, compass notation indicates the direction to the next node. Move the indicated number of nodes, or as far as possible if no number is specified. It's usually of more concern to make sure that no errors are made following the path, rather than trying to finish as fast as possible.

Level 1

Starting at the middle node at far left, move

N E S W N1 E1 N E S W N2 E

Level 2

Starting at the leftmost of the two bottom nodes, move


Level 3

Starting at the topmost of the two nodes at far right, trace a counterclockwise path around the outside of the figure by moving


then follow a path around the inner nodes by moving

Level 4

Starting at the node in the notch at upper right having 5 connected line segments, trace a mostly-clockwise path around the outside of the figure by moving

E S W1 NE W S W N W N E1 SW E N E S,

then follow a clockwise path around the inner square by moving

Level 5

Starting at the leftmost of the two top nodes, trace a clockwise path around the outside of the figure by moving


then connect the interior nodes by moving

Level 6

Starting at the top center node, traverse the perimeter of the octagon in a clockwise direction by moving


Next, trace out an interior square by moving clockwise:

The remaining untraveled outer line segments are lit up by moving clockwise:

Finally, trace out the innermost square by moving clockwise:
E S W N E1 S
and the endgame sequence plays

Shortest-route score:

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Copyright © 2023 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright 1996-2014 by Presto Studios, Inc. All rights reserved.