Interactive Soma Machine Instructions

The Interactive Soma Machine

The Interactive Soma Machine is a sequence of web pages in which you can define and display your own three-dimensional Soma puzzle designs. Haven't heard of the Soma puzzle? Click here for a brief introduction.

Begin by specifying your Soma design dimensions, indicating the number of rows and columns and the height of your design, all measured in cubelets. The picture at the bottom of the Design Dimensions page shows the display orientation of Soma designs. Rows are arranged along the left diagonal (ordered from back to front), and columns are arranged along the right diagonal (ordered from left to right). The original Soma puzzle set consists of seven pieces created from a total of 27 cubelets, so designs that can actually be built using one or two Soma sets must contain either 27 or 54 cubelets. However, the Interactive Soma Machine can process any three-dimensional cubelet design up to a maximum of 400 cubelets. Press the Continue button to begin specifying the positions of cubelets in your design.

On the Cubelet Positions page, you have several grids on which to specify the cubelets in your design. Each grid corresponds to one horizontal layer of cubelets, with the first (top) grid used for the uppermost layer and other grids used as you progress downwards in your design. The viewpoint arrow indicates the point of view that will be taken when the design image is generated. If desired, use the text box at the bottom to specify a title for your design. When your cubelet positions have all been specified, press the Display Image button. If your design cannot be created from one or two actual Soma sets, you will receive an informational warning, but you can proceed with the image display anyway.

When your design is displayed, you can use your browser's bookmark feature to save the design for future reference. If you specified a title for your design, it will be shown as part of the bookmark name. If you want to change your design, press the Edit Design button at the bottom of the screen.

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