Wrath of the Gods

Wrath of the Gods

27 December 2023

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Wrath of the Gods is a 1994 release from Luminaria that has garnered a strong reputation as an educational as well as entertainment title. Its story and background material provide a wealth of information about many aspects of Greek mythology. The original game was released under Windows 3.1 and can be played under DOSBox on a modern Windows system, although not without some serious issues. However, a 2011 update to the game at wrathgame.com allows it to be played free of charge through a web browser. The updated game provides much better quality in the live-action video segments, avoids occasional missing audio, and notably resolves some timing issues with the game's several arcade-style challenges. Performances by new actors and actresses have been recorded in some cases. In the online version, games are saved in the local cookies storage area rather than through user-defined files as in the original game.

One improvement that could be made in both versions of the game is the inclusion of optional subtitles, since a few character accents may be a bit hard to follow. Also, the game could really use a method to quickly exit a scene, such as double-clicking the mouse, instead of waiting for all the interminable walking. Note that on entry to a new scene, you must wait for all characters to stop moving before your mouse clicks will be recognized.

The game provides non-interactive maps of the entire Greek and Cretan world you're exploring, and more detailed versions of these are shown at the bottom of this page with all intermediate nodes identified. As indicated by the in-game selector, maps are organized by quadrants: southwest, northwest, northeast and southeast (Knossos). If you follow this walkthrough, you'll spend approximately equal time in each of the first three quadrants, and a bit less at Knossos.

Control of your third-person videotaped explorer is through a few icons selected at the bottom of the screen. The Walk cursor is used for any movement verbs for the Hero's whole body, such as climb, jump, move, swim, enter or exit. Similarly, the Hand cursor is for any direct interaction with the environment, such as give, take, put, use, wear, pick up, touch, drink, eat, open, throw or push. The Eye cursor can be used to get a text description of an object or area. A scrolling inventory bar is also shown under the game's viewport; certain objects can be combined by clicking them on the Hero or on the ground. Any invalid use of inventory at the moment is indicated by a brief verbal admonishment. You can display your current score using the [? Help] button in the lower menu bar. Other details of the user interface, including accessing background information about locations and characters, are described in the help screens.

There are over 120 locations to visit in this game, each presented on a photographic background. About 2/3 of them are necessary for a minimal winning path, and about 100 to reach the maximum score. The remaining locations are not essential but can provide additional backstory, and are listed here. Compass directions are given below for movement between them, as shown by the Eye cursor or the corresponding edge of the screen. A number following a direction indicates repetitions. The walkthrough below contains both shortest-route and maximum-score paths; other gameplay sequences and exploration can provide additional backstory elements as well as other ways of solving problems. Inventory item descriptions are shown in bold text.


Note that your inventory contains 2 Gems, representing the currency used throughout the game for purchases, travel and favors. It's more convenient if you don't let your balance get below 1 Gem, so that you can easily replenish your supply in any of the flying chariot stations instead of having to search for loose Gems lying about. When your balance reaches 3 Gems or less, the total is shown in your inventory list. To increase your balance, visit a chariot station and use the procedure below.
Walk W S
Talk to either of the women, then twice touch the woman on the right
Carry her N across the river
Walk E and pick up the Branch next to the path
Walk N W to a rockfall
Take the gray-colored rock at bottom center
Pick up the Rock at right and the sparkling Gem at left
Walk E3 N to a flock of sheep
Put the Rock on the large boulder
Put the Branch on the rock and get a Sword
Pick up the Rock
Walk N
Maximum-Score Activity:
Talk to the torchbearer and give him a Gem
Walk E across 3 swampy areas
Walk W and talk to the torchbearer on the other side of the water
Walk E and use the Sword about 5 times on the Hydra, then pause for the cut-off head to be removed
Repeat for the remaining Hydra heads (50 points)
Walk E and get the password "IO" from Hera that will come in handy in Knossos
Walk E N S to a plowed field
Pick up the Seedbag from the ground
Use the Seedbag on the plowed field
Throw the Rock at the soldier in front (25 points)
Walk E N to a cliff
Talk to Sciron
Click the Hand cursor on the Hero's foot (25 points)
If you fail and don't want to restore a saved game, you can return to the cliff by walking S N E. Talk to the shade and then pick up a sparkling Coin. Walk W N W and click the Coin on the Hero's head. Walk N2 E N.
Otherwise, walk E back to the crossroads
If you aren't at the crossroads, walk N S E
Walk W N W through the Hades portal
There are 4 sledgehammers on a table here; pick up the second Sledge from the left
Walk N2 W
Push the tree to span the chasm, then walk E N
Use the Sledge to break down the warehouse door
Enter the interior and pick up a Gem and a pair of Oars
Walk E W3 E3 to a pool
Maximum-Score Activity:
Walk W and take some Wax from the dark hole in the tree
Walk E back to the pool
Jump in the pool and talk to the Nymph 6 times until she gives you a Helmet of Invisibility
Exit the pool and walk N2 W3
Maximum-Score Activity:
Enter the cave and talk to the 3 Graeae
Note that the leftmost old woman pauses momentarily while tossing the eyeball
Quickly click your Hand cursor there in order to steal the eyeball:
Take the Club and exit the cave
Walk W N into the Corynetes Arena
Use the Club several times on the fighter at right in order to vanquish him
Your reward is some Lead
Walk W E N and talk to Chiron the Centaur
Walk E W2
Enter the cave again and talk to the 3 Graeae
Steal the eyeball as before
Take the Bow and exit the cave
Walk W E2 N E to an encounter with Medusa
Get an ox thigh Bone from Hermes
Walk W E and pick up a sparkling Gem
Walk E N2
Maximum-Score Activity:
Walk N W E and pick a red Apple from the tree here
After Dionysus opens up a passage for you, walk N W S N and give the Apple to the centaur
Click the Bow on the Hero
Click a bit ahead of the running animal to knock it down
You've scored a hit if the animal and direction of motion changes
You can practice with more than 1 animal if you want, but it's not required
Select the Walk cursor and move E back to the Mt. Pelion chariot station
You can walk E3 N2 to return to the Hesperides chariot station (which is probably faster), or take the airborne route for the cost of 2 Gems
Walk E, then walk (swim) out to the ship
Talk to King Minos and you'll arrive in Knossos, Crete


Walk W and touch the axes on the wall, then pick up the Sticks on the floor
Walk N
Touch the white bird at left and pick up some Feathers
Walk N E to Daedalus' workshop
Take a Candle from the shelf next to the drawing on the wall
Walk W2 and try to open the door
The answer to give to the guardian is "IO", the maiden who was turned into a cow
Go through the doorway into the Bull-Leaping arena

Click the Hand cursor on the bull, then on it again before he runs you down
A good spot seems to be at the base of the rightmost background pillar just as the bull passes (25 points):
After demonstrating your prowess, walk W2 into a throne room
Pick up both of the Vases here
In your inventory list, one may look full of water and the other empty, but that is an illusion...
Walk E to a garden courtyard and talk to Ariadne
The best answer to give her is "PLEASE HELP ME"
She'll give you a ball of string ("Clew")
Walk E and put out the fire using both of your Vases (the first one you pick will leak out all of its water)
Pick up a glowing Ember and walk W N
Click the following objects on the Hero: Sticks, Feathers, Candle, Ember, then click the Hand cursor on the collection on the ground to make Wings
Click the Wings on the Hero to fly away and land on a beach

Walk W to the Mycenae chariot station

Maximum-Score Activity:
Walk N W N3 into some dark tunnels in Hades
Click the Candle from Knossos on the Hero's blinking eyes so you can see inside
Move left or right from one cave to another until you can exit at the lower right
In the next cavern, take the Lyre from Orpheus
Exit at lower right, return through the tunnels and exit E to the crossroads with Hercules
Walk E2 and talk to the jesting jousters
Touch one of them to obtain a Staff
Walk W4 S E4 to a dock and touch the barrel to get some Hardtack
Use the Walk cursor to climb aboard the boat
Click the Hardtack on the gap in the distance to get the bird to trigger the clashing rocks
Use the Walk cursor to move the boat safely through the gap (25 points)
Put the Wax on the Hero's head
Operate the tiller and put the Eye cursor on the mermaid to see which strings she plucks
Numbered from top to bottom, they are 2 1 3 4
Click the Hand cursor on the Hero to remove the ear wax
After landing on a beach in a cove, walk E2 N and try to take the Golden Fleece
Click the Lyre on the Hero
To subdue the dragon, pluck the strings 2 1 3 4, left to right, to emulate the siren's song (50 points)
Take the golden Fleece, which discloses a new exit from this location
Walk N E to the Mt. Pelion chariot station
Use the following procedure to fly back to Mycenae:

Flying chariot procedure

Walk S W N and use the Bone on the temple façade
Try to enter the temple and you'll learn that you need to be purified
Walk E2 and jump in the pool again
Exit the pool, walk W N and enter the temple
Approach the frieze and touch the figure at the head of the line at left
Talk to Athena and get a mirrored Shield
Walk S E2 N and follow the procedure above to travel to Hesperides
Walk N to an area of foliage
Maximum-Score Activity:
Walk N and talk to Atlas
Click the Bow on the Hero
Shoot at the obnoxious dragon until you hit it, leading a bit to allow time for the slow arrow to fly to its target (50 points)
Walk W
Walk W E2 N2 to climb Mt. Olympus and enter Hermes' bedroom
Click the Walk cursor on these locations to avoid bumping into the bed and waking Hermes:
Click once here:

Click twice here:

Pick up the winged Sandals hanging on the column
Select the walk cursor and retrace your steps to escape with the booty:
Click once here:

Click once here:

then click on the darkened doorway
Walk W E N W N
Click the Sword and Shield on the Hero
Use the Eye cursor to look at the shield
Use the Walk cursor to move to the right (25 points)
Click the winged Sandals and Helmet on the Hero, then move to the left (25 points)
Maximum-Score Activity:
Walk E2 and put the flying Sandals on the Hero
Click the Walk cursor on the glow atop the mountain at upper left
Pick up the golden Bridle
Exit the mountaintop and walk S N W
Since you've defeated the Medusa, Pegasus is here
Click the Staff and Sword on the Hero to obtain a Lance
Click the Lance and Lead on the Hero to obtain a Leadlance
Put the Bridle on Pegasus and use the Walk or Hand cursor to climb aboard
Attack the Chimaera with the Leadlance (50 points)
If you aren't at the big hill, walk E N W to reach it
Walk W3 E N to discover a fallen pillar and then proceed to a beach
Use the Oars on the rowboat to visit an island
Pick up the String and Reeds from the ground
Click the Reeds, Sword and String on the Hero to obtain Pipes
Walk W E2
Give the Pipes to Pan
After he removes the blocking pillar, take the Pipes from him
Exit W and use the Pipes on Argus to put him to sleep
Walk N and use the Medusa to dispatch Caeneus
Walk N and talk to Hera
She gives you a Key which you can optionally use to open a door at left and travel to the Hesperides chariot station
Instead, begin the endgame sequence by walking N and talking to King Minos
For some fun, touch the seagull overhead
Talk to King Minos again and you'll enter an underwater maze
Move N2 E N E2 S2 E to reach an underwater temple, but any deviation from this route results in the Hero being shark bait since he cannot turn around:
Underwater Map:

Click any cursor on the sea nymph (mermaid) to get a Ring and Crown added to your inventory
Talk to King Minos one more time to enter the Labyrinth
Some of the doors in the Labyrinth are only an illusion
Walk E2 N W2 to navigate this simple maze:
Labyrinth Map:

As you did before in Knossos, you'll need to jump over the Minotaur to beat him
A good spot seems to be near the beginning of the Minotaur's motion:
Click on the target location immediately after starting the Minotaur
Use the Hand cursor to punch the Minotaur three times on his nose, once to the left of his navel, and once more on his nose (50 points)
To quickly reach the closing sequence, click the Clew on the ground
Otherwise, walk W N E W2 to reach the start of the labyrinth
Walk W and watch the endgame fireworks
Final scores:
Shortest route: 225
Maximum-score route: 500
In the online game, you can click to skip the credits and return to the main menu

Other Quests

Other activities to explore in the game include: These activities are not required to complete the game, but may be interesting.


Southwest Quadrant:

Northwest Quadrant:


Northeast Quadrant:

Points Summary

Start of game100
Bull-Leaping *25
Clashing Rocks25
Golden Fleece50
Medusa *50
Minotaur *50
*: Required to finish game

Table of Contents


Copyright © 2023 Balmoral Software (http://www.balmoralsoftware.com). Portions copyright 1994 Luminaria Inc. All rights reserved.