The Journey Down

The Journey Down

24 December 2021

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The Journey Down is a series of games that were issued commercially by Skygoblin in three Chapters from 2012 to 2017. The games are fun and easy-to-play point-and-click adventures with interesting plots and characters. Most challenges in the games consist of inventory manipulation and character interaction. There are a few embedded puzzles and timed sequences that are not difficult to solve. For the most part, the game interface, mechanics and characters are largely the same between the different chapters. Chapter Three of the game has somewhat more adult themes and language, along with strong references to the movies Blade Runner and Avatar.

The game interface is efficient and can be accelerated: double-click to speed up exits from scenes and left-click or press [Esc] to skip dialog sequences. Pressing [Esc] will skip cutscenes. The inventory area and the game menu are easily accessible at the bottom and top of the screen. There are only three saved-game slots for each chapter, so some manual file manipulation will be necessary if more are needed.

This walkthrough provides a shortest path through each chapter; other gameplay sequences, exploration and dialog can provide additional backstory elements. Inventory items are shown in bold text.

Chapter One

New Game


Click on the Power Box as instructed

Release the four Brackets on the Hatch

Click on the Hatch

Pull Switch


Examine Folders to get Bwana's phone number: 99-450

Open the Cupboard to put Breadsticks into inventory

Open the Fridge to get some Cheese

Drag the Breadsticks from inventory to the Ladder

Go up into the loft

Pick up a paint Brush from the fireplace

Open the Dresser to obtain a Shirt

Use the Bed to find the Journal of the Journey Down

Select either dialog choice

Rotate each of the three knobs so that its color on top matches the colored connector it's wired to (Red Orange Green) and the white light comes on

Enter the digits of Bwana's phone number: 450

Select either dialog choice

Learn that the airplane needs engines, a propeller and a steering wheel

Fishing Rod

Go down into the airplane cockpit

Open the Hatch below the Dashboard and take the Wrench

Exit right and take the Net

Head back to the Power Box area

Use the Brush in the Paint bucket

Exit up to the Elevator area and click on the Garbage can to get a Hook

Exit to the boat M.S. Corollo and speak to the Dockmaster:

That's me man! The new deckhand!
Gee, I'm afraid I've forgotten it.
Go to the Diner and speak to the Sailors:
What ship are you on?
I'm the new deckhand on the ship! But I forgot the password.
Never mind man! Not gonna disturb your soup!
In the inventory bar, combine the Shirt & Brush

Drag the Shirt to the Sophisticated sailors to get the password: Feed the hungries

Talk to Matoke at right:

Talk to you later Matoke! I gotta run!
Go to the Pump area on the other side of the airplane

Put the Cheese on the Float

Return to the Diner and click on Matoke

Combine Hook & Fishing Rod


Return to the ship and use the Fishing Rod on the Buoy behind Bwana

Examine the Buoy

Use the Net on the Cage to get a Crab

Talk to the Dockmaster:

I finally remembered the password!
See you later man!
Enter the ship

Click on any of the Switches 10 times until Bwana just kicks them to position the crane

Go up to the crane


In the boat's lobby area, exit right into the chef's kitchen

Select any of the dialog choices

Re-enter the kitchen and talk to Sabo

Return to the Diner and use the Crab on Rufus the dog

Enter Mama Makena's kitchen and take the Wheel

Talk to Mama Makena:

What's your trick Makena? Why's your stew so good?
Later lady!
to get a Spice Container and Recipe

Clicking on the Recipe in inventory indicates what ingredients are needed: lemon, salt, chilis, ginger, oil and chervil

Exit the kitchen and talk to the Sophisticated sailors:

How's the stew tonight?
Never mind man! Not gonna disturb your soup!
to get a Chili

Go to the Office next to the airplane

Examine the Medium sized blue cup to get some lemon

Use the Fishing Rod with the Fan to get a Propeller

Go up to the loft and check the Books above the Dresser to get some chervil

Return to the Pump area and use the Oil tap to get some oil

Use the Fishing Rod on the Water to get a Mudyuggler [sic]

Return to the ship entrance and exit right to a Forklift

Examine the Box to get some salt

Combine Chili & Mudyuggler

Use the Mudyuggler on the Pelican


Use the Wrench on the Lever of the Forklift

Examine the Nest to get a Metal Rod

Go aboard the ship and use the Gas canister

Timed sequence

Exit right
You then have about 20 seconds to use the Wrench on the Nut and then put the Propeller on the Nut
Return to the chef's kitchen, then exit to the rear into a freezer

Take the pink Gum on the floor

Open the lower right of the four doors to get some Ginger

(Your inventory bar is now completely full)

Combine Spice Container & Chili

Combine Spice Container & Ginger to complete the spice mix

Turn the Knob below the fan to the right (hot)

Push the Right button down (on) and the Middle button up (off)

Use the Tasty gum on the Left button

Exit right and use the Spice Container on the Stew

Return to the freezer and open the upper left of the four doors to get some Frozen bread

Turn on the Middle button and turn off the Right button

Put the Frozen bread into the lower Radiator and pick up the Toast

Reverse the Middle and Right buttons so you can exit the freezer

Give the Toast to Sabo and pick up the Canapes

Return to the yacht's lobby and show the Canapes to the Concierge

Return to the chef's kitchen and pick up some more Canapes

Go back to the lobby and combine white Brush & Canapes

Go past the Concierge to the party

Exit right twice to reach the engine room

Save your game at this point

Click on the Switchboard for the only real puzzle in the game

The solution is easy to find when you notice that the correct tile rotation is found when a double (not single) click is heard after it's turned:
For a quick solution, click on the following tiles the indicated number of times (30 clicks total):
Press the Button to obtain engines for the airplane



Give the Propeller to Kito

Go to the Cockpit and put the Metal Rod into the Hole by the left-hand seat

Put the Steering Wheel on the Metal rod


Go through the cockpit to the winch area

Click on the Winch to get a (bent) Winch Handle

Return to the Diner and move the Pipe at the counter to the right

Use the Wrench on the Pipe to turn it and dilute the sailor's coffee with some rainwater

Enter Mama's kitchen and pick up the Coffee pot

Return to the welder aboard the ship and give her the Coffee

Take the Access Card

Click on the Access Card in inventory to see a path indicated on a 3 x 3 grid:

Go to the elevator and use the Access Card in the Card terminal

Enter the code corresponding to the pattern above: 7 5 2 3

Enter the elevator car and press the up button at left, then re-enter the elevator

Timed sequence

Use the up, stop and down buttons at left to stop the elevator car just when a panel floats by the window
Click on the large hexagonal nuts until their slots align with the pattern of lines on the panel

Using compass notation, the orientations are:

Click on the Plate to remove it

Exit up and put the Winch Handle on the Track to straighten it

Return to the winch area of the airplane and put the Winch Handle into the Winch

Use the Winch

{Ending cutscene}

Press [Esc] to skip the credits and return to the main menu

A Behind the Scenes menu selection is now available


Chapter Two

New Game


Onboard the M.S. Biko, Lina is apparently able to read her book in the dark

Descend at right to the airplane

Take the hanging Tape

Click on the Toolbox to get a Screwdriver

Drag the Screwdriver from inventory to the Compass to retrieve it

Return to the deck of the ship and use the Tape on the Wires

Enter the Cabin and press the Button

See you around!
Take the Spring

Go to the upper deck and use the Screwdriver to remove the Porthole

Use the Spring to get the Key

Use the Key to open the Door

Open the Drawer to obtain a Navigation book

Click to the left of the book to close it

Go down to the main deck and give the Compass and Navigation book to Joe



In prison, you have no inventory

Click on Kito three times to get him off his bunk

Pick up the Ball and chain and attach it to the Window

Use the Ball and chain three times to break open the wall

Exit the cell and examine the Lever

Return to the cell and pick up a Skeleton hand

Exit the cell and use the Skeleton hand on the Lever

Click twice on the Button by the ramp to rotate the cart junction to connect upper left and right

Press the rightmost button in the row of three to move the cart out of the way

Click once on the Button by the ramp to rotate the cart junction to connect lower left and right

Press the leftmost button in the row of three to move the lower cart into position

Access the Cart to get a Pickaxe

Return to the cell and use the Pickaxe on the Chain above Kito

Use the Pickaxe on the Grate to escape



Take the Can from the Dumpster

Exit up to the street and select either answer to get a Matchbook

Use the Pickaxe on the Newspaper rack

Examine the Newspaper rack to get Newspapers

Proceed through Port Artue to the alley

Put the Newspapers and Matchbook into the Barrel

Pick up the Nachos

Talk to Moe:

About those clothes...
Exit left three times to the lighthouse

Select either response to the lighthouse keeper Morten

Use the Can with the Teapot in the fireplace

Take the Boltcutters

Go back to the Club Temba area you passed through earlier

Use the Pickaxe on the Wire box and then the Boltcutters on the exposed Wires

Exit right and examine the Matchbook in inventory to learn that the club's phone number is 634 000

Enter the Phone booth and dial 634 000

This is management speaking.
Exit up and give the Nachos to the Pigeon

Take the Plunger

Enter Arnie's bar

See you guys later!
Take the Almanac from the wall

Give the Lobster soup to Gimbo and get the Navigation book in return

Return to Club Temba and try to enter it

I'm here to repair the lamp.
Return to the lighthouse and go up into its tower

Put the Lamp on the Lantern

Go back down and give the Navigation book to Morten to restore the lighthouse


Go back to Arnie's and use the Food shaft


It's raining heavily now, so re-enter Arnie's

Take the Bottle from the floor

Use the Plunger and then the Bottle on the Drain

Click on the Drain to retrieve the Plunger

Go back to the dock area and click twice on the Rubber boat to pick it up

Exit right to the alley and listen to Moe talk about cigars:

I gotta go!
Go to the lighthouse and fill the Bottle with the Teapot

Go to the mayor's office and note the Port Artue map on the wall:

(The Enola, Hospital, Cemetery and Distillery locations are not visited in any Chapter of the game)

Click on the Box of cigars to pick up some

Give the Almanac to Andiswa

Use the Matchbook on the smoke Alarm at upper left

Use the Terminal to access the most difficult puzzle in the game

The objective is to enter a key search term that will allow the game to proceed by providing additional information you can act on

Out of the numerous person and place names you've encountered, a few produce data files but are not triggers to advance the gameplay: Kaonandodo, Barlow, Temba, Morobo, Sisulu, McFerrin, eel rinse, etc.

A search term that does work seems somewhat logical given the circumstances: police report, in which a former police chief named Leroy McIgbo is mentioned

Be sure to press [Enter] twice more to read the full file

On your way out of the mayor's office, pick up the Fire extinguisher that was released when you set off the smoke alarm

Back in the street, put the Rubber boat under the Car

Use the Fire extinguisher on the Rubberboat [sic] to inflate it

Click on the Car to obtain a Wheel

Enter the Phone booth and examine the Phonebook

Looking up the name McIgbo shows an entry for someone who may be related to Leroy at number 510 842

Call that number and speak to Leroy's widow, who will inform you that the Power Company has an office in Port Artue on Charnel Road

Exit left twice to the cinema

I'll see you around!
Give the Wheel to the cab driver Reynolds


Power Company

Use the Boltcutters on the Gate

Open the Gate, move inside and click on the Power box

This puzzle involves four knobs with eight settings each that increase or decrease the power level shown on the gauge at right. Since each knob operates independently of the others and the total power is the sum of the individual knob settings, the maximum total power is achieved when each knob is at its own maximum level. By varying one knob at a time, these maximums can be easily identified. Using compass notation, the required knob positions are:

S (4 clicks)W (6 clicks)
E (2 clicks)NW (7 clicks)
Press the Button at right to turn on the lights and activate the steel mill

Pick up some Keys from the Key box, then exit the mill and use them in the Truck to release the police car

Re-enter the mill and use the Control Panel, and then the Handwheel on the Smelter

Use the Control Panel again and go up the spiral stairs at right


Exhaust the three dialog options with Lina

Each of the 12 Drawers must be selected in order to proceed. Additional backstory information is provided when the 2nd, 5th, 8th and last drawer is selected. The drawers can be chosen in any order; Bwana's walking is minimized when they are selected in the following order:

After Lina exposes the wall, a Mastermind puzzle is shown with a 9-digit keypad

Colors are displayed for the usual scoring of a solution: green for a correct digit in the correct position, yellow for a correct digit in an incorrect position, and red otherwise. Since an unlimited number of guesses is apparently allowed, the puzzle can be solved by trial and error by entering 4 identical digits for each move in order to identify the correct set of digits, then trying different orderings of the set. The correct answer is 4 5 7 1.



On return to Port Artue, the rain has stopped

Go to the alley by the docks and give the Eel rinse and Cigars to Moe

Open the Crate to get some Corn

Go to the cinema, put the Corn into the Popcorn machine and pick up some Movie tickets in return

Revisit Arnie's bar and zoom in on the Radio

Scan the frequencies near the high end until the voice chatter of Power Company guards is heard at frequency 99.4 (this isn't audible until you return from the Power Company side trip)

Give the Movie tickets to the Sad sailor and he will give you a Videocasette [sic]

Return to the lighthouse tower and zoom in on the Radio

If a record is playing, press the lit button in the group of five

Enter the frequency 99.4, then select the middle record button to play an advert and confuse the guards in the train station

Go to the train station, exit out the back and take an Oil can from the Junkpile there

Return to the lighthouse and take the Model ship over the fireplace

Go upstairs and put the Model ship on the Pulley

Use the Oil can on the Reel

Use the Reel, then return downstairs

Timed sequence

Click on the Doohickey, then press the lever at upper right just as the dial pointer passes E (east)
Return through the train station to the junkyard and click the down arrow at the end of the suspended walkway to see the airplane
Gotta go!
Use the Elevator

Return to the entrance to Arnie's bar and go into the darkened doorway at right that Lina has opened

Up in the foyer of the Club Temba VIP lounge, click on the Door to disclose some wear marks on the digits 1 5 and 8 of a numeric keypad (much more obvious than the same puzzle in Safecracker):

Some experimentation shows that the combination to this lock has 3 digits, so each must be used once. The 6 possible combinations can be tried until the correct sequence is found: 8 5 1

Go inside the security office and put the Video casette into the Video storage unit

Exit to the foyer, use the Plunger to open the Window and exit left


Click twice on each of five areas of the wall until an exit arrow appears and you can enter the vault

Pick up The Journey Down Book



After the airplane crash lands on the beach, you've lost the Boltcutters and Fire extinguisher from your inventory but have retained the remaining items

Note the preponderance of swirls and spirals on the rocks in this area, and the vaguely human-shaped Figure on the stone wall

Enter the Tent to get a Machete

Zoom in on the Table and click on the Clock (pocket watch) to see that the local time is (permanently) 10:00 am

Examine the book to see the same human-shaped figure and a sequence of vertical patterns:

Exit up and use the Machete four times on the Jungle

Note that swirls are also prevalent here

Go up the steps and open the door by clicking on the vertical columns to match the pattern above

Go through the door and move to the observatory at rear

Press the stone Button at left to incrementally rotate the stone device and the symbol selected by the pointer at its base, then click on the Observatory for a viewpoint through its sights

The only object of note is the moon displayed when the "Root" symbol

is selected

Click on the Navigation book in inventory and page forward to Section 7, in which the "Star" and "Wave" symbols

are associated with the current time of 10:00 am

Return to the Runes area in front of the observatory and note that the same six symbols listed in the Navigation book and on the base of the observatory are repeated on the doors:

Zoom in on the Runes below and observe how pressing any of the three buttons at center (Swirl, Moon and Star) causes a ring with the corresponding symbol to be rotated around the six symbols above

Using the associations above, start by aligning the Moon pointer with the Root symbol and the Star pointer with the Wave symbol:

Although somewhat in shadow, the Moon pointer is at the 8:00 clock position and the Star pointer opposite at 2:00

Next, note the position of the Swirl pointer, back out and press the stone Button at left

The corresponding symbol on the doors is depressed and darkened, as noticed by Bwana

Keeping the Moon and Star pointers where they are and being careful to press only the Swirl button, incrementally rotate the Swirl pointer and press the Stone button each time to depress the rest of the six symbols on the doors

When complete, an altar is raised in the middle of the Runes circle, from which you can pick up a human-shaped Idol

Return to the tent area and put the Idol in the Figure spot on the stone wall

{Ending cutscene}

A Behind the Scenes menu selection is now available


Chapter Three


{Cutscene, including credits}

Exit from the monolith

Your inventory is empty

Look in the Backpack to find a Cactus

If desired, click on the Journal below the monolith for some of the backstory

Enter the Skull's mouth

Use the Cactus on the Fungi to get the Machete

Pick up the Deflated fungus

Open the Gate


Touch the Pedestal to release fire everywhere


Exit left and put the Fungus over a glowing Vent that has now appeared to the right of the Crate

Exit left and use the Machete on the Monolith

Exit from the monolith and pick up the Vines

Re-enter the Skull and open the Crate

Put the Vines on the Deflated fungus

Exit right and touch the Pedestal again

{Cutscene reminiscent of Avatar)

Zone One

Examine the Roots and get a Petrified root

Use the Machete to open the Gate

Enter the gate and exit up to Lina's level

Drop the Petrified root onto the Roots below

Go back down and pick up the purple Root crystals

Re-enter the mining station and put the Root crystals into the Generator

At the display of the security lock, press the hexagons in the following order:

and Lina will give you Microfilm

Turn on the Switch next to the Bucket chain


St. Armando


Select either response, then

See you around, Waasi!
Take the Air horn

Exit into the Tunnel at lower right

Open the Box and pick up a Jackhammer

Return to the hideout and go up the stairs to a highway overpass over a canal

Exit left to the subway


Click on the Sankara Square destination

At the diner, you run into Sabo and Makena from Chapter One:

Catch you later guys!
Go downstairs to the square and get a Certificate from the Fruit at the Fruit stand

Exit to the rear to a huge barricade and public demonstration

Select any of the three responses to the TV reporter

Talk to Gabi:

You know a professor Moorhead?
Note that Gabi says that the professor disappeared "two weeks back"

Use the Air horn on the Camera man

The exit is blocked by Gabi

Connect the Film camera to the Cable to Bwana's right

Put the Microfilm into the Film camera and get a ride from Gabi to Agibo University

Exit right and use the Fire escape in the window

Go up into a storeroom

Take a red Magnet from the Boxes

Exit right to a hallway

There's a Door here which you can never open in the game and was used by the kidnappers at the beginning of Chapter One

Click on the Mailbox to the right of the open doorway to learn that the break-in of the professor's office occurred exactly one week before March 22, or 3/15

Enter the professor's office

If desired, click on the Book to read some folk tales of the Underland

Pick up the Clock from the floor, which is stuck at 6:42

Return to the storeroom and examine the CCTV machine, which has a date readout of 05 July

Making the reasonable assumption that the readout indicates the current date, the professor must have been abducted some 16 weeks earlier, which is a lot different than the 2 weeks a well-informed reporter would be expected to know. But she must be wrong somehow...

Enter the date of 15 MAR and a time of 0642 (6:42 am) into the CCTV machine, even though the abduction seen at the beginning of Chapter One clearly happens at night

Press the lower Button to obtain a Polariod of the perps

Exit the University building and go to the subway station under the elevated highway

Return to the hideout at the Canal station and give the Polaroid to Waasi

Go back to the subway and proceed to the Downtown station that has been added to the map

Exit to the rear to a laundromat

Enter the Tannhauser Building past Rose, selecting either response to her question

Grab the empty Gas can in the foreground

Retrace your steps to the Downtown subway station and return to the Canal station

Attach the Gas can to the Wrecked car and push it over

Pick up the full Gas can

Combine Gas can & Jackhammer in inventory

Take the subway back Downtown and use the Jackhammer on the Arcade machine at left

Pick up the Quarters and exit back to the laundromat

Put Quarters into each of the four Laundry machines

Go back into the Tannhauser Building and enter the apartment to rescue the professor



Back in the hideout, take the Firecrackers at upper left

Return to the apartment downtown

Pick up the Papers at left

Exit left to a balcony just like Rick Deckard's

Pick up a Lighter and use the Jackhammer to release the vibrating Air conditioner

Return to the arcade and use the Jackhammer on the License plate

Take the subway to Agibo University

Exit right

Twice select any of the three answers to Officer Beamis

Put the Firecrackers into the Squad car

Use the Lighter on the Squad car to get rid of the cop

Re-enter the University and make your way to the professor's office

Put the Stack of papers and the Certificate into the Copy machine

Click twice on the Copy machine to obtain some Certificates

Return to the laundromat downtown

Give the Certificates to Rose and pick up the Satellite phone

Take the subway to Sankara Square

Use the Magnet on Sabo's TV

Click on the Broken TV to get a Cleaver

Click three times on the Bunny on the counter

Combine Cleaver & Bunny to get a Battery

Go to the barricade behind Sankara Square (along the way, you can drop some Quarters into the Tip jar at the Fruit stand, if desired)

Give the Battery to Pablo

Talk to Pablo:

Right on! So how you gonna stop them?
Alright, catch you later Pablo!
Pick up the sparking Battery

Return to the hideout at the Canal subway station

Give the License plate to Gabi

Give the Satellite phone to Bombshell

Walk down the stairs at right and click the Battery on the Truck



Now playing as Lina, you have no inventory

Click twice on either Barrel

Click on the Grub and on the Eel rinse

Timed sequence

When Wothar has the furnace grate open, throw the Eel rinse into the Furnace
Use the Grub in inventory to take the Keys next to the Levers

Use the Keys on the Lock to exit the cell

Go up the stairs and exit left

Take the Sword

Click on the Parachute to dispose of the Pirate


Open the Treasure chest to get a Necklace

Return to the Furnace pit and cut the Rope with the Sword to get a Grappling gun

Go upstairs and use the Grappling gun on the open Hatch above

In Madame Sisulu's throne room, pick up the Temple key from the floor

Use the Speaking tube and select any of the three responses

Exit right and enter the Aircraft below the open Hatch to get its ID number 426 68

Exit left and open the Treasure chest to determine that the name of the aircraft is The Flying Dagger

Go back to the throne room and use the Speaking tube again:

The Flying Dagger!
Exit right




Awakening in a bedroom, you've lost your Sword and your only inventory is the Temple key and Necklace

Look out the Window

After meeting Kaonandodo, open the Cupboard to get some Candy

Look at the Photographs and pick up a Seashell

Back out and use the Grill to get a Tofu rat

Go up the ladder to the bedroom

Go through the pages of the Log book in the foreground and pick up a Recipe for mosquito repellant

Pull down the screen using the Tassel at left

Put the Recipe into the Projector at right, then exit down

Ring the Bell next to Webster the monkey

Take the Crackers from the top of the Cupboard and examine the Fruit box to get a Coconut

Use the Boat to travel to the Temple


Feed the Crackers to the Birds at right and pick up a red Feather

Toward the lower-right corner of the screen, examine the Flowers to get a Eucalyptus

Tell Kaonandodo to take you to the Waterfall


Give the Coconut to the Crabs

Click on the Crabs to retrieve a broken Coconut

Tell Kaonandodo to take you to the Swamp


Try to exit left and you're blocked by a big snake

Give the Tofu rat to the Cobra

Pick up a Scale and exit left

Combine Candy & Coconut

Combine Eucalyptus & Coconut to complete the mosquito repellant

Enter the Plane to get the Grappling gun

Return to the boat and tell Kaonandodo to take you back to the Temple

Temple Revisited

Use the Temple key to open the Gate

Enter the Temple of Elders

At the collapsed bridge, use the Grappling gun on the far Arc

Continue up into the temple

Put the appropriate offering into the receptacle of each statue; from left to right:

Marushaka: Seashell
Awaquan: Feather
Nyakazho: Scale
Oganon: Necklace
Take the Horn



Back to playing Bwana, examine the Desk to find a voice Recorder

Use the Recorder on the Terminal, which emits an old-fashioned modem-like sound to open the red Door

Exit right into the mainframe room

Open the Junction box and cut the wires inside with the Cleaver

Combine Cleaver & Recorder to separate its Microphone

Put the Microphone into the Junction box

Use the Recorder on the Junction box


To minimize walking, put the Bombs on the four Generators in the following order:


Use the Gas can on the Door

Use the Severed bunny (head) on the Gas can

Use the Lighter on the Firebomb

{Cutscene with a Star Wars feel}


Exit left and take the Guitar and Starter cables

Exit right and examine the Rubble

Open the Power box last seen at the beginning of Chapter One

Unlock four Brackets and open the Hatch

Pull the Switch twice

Use the Starter cables on the Connectors

Pick up the Starter cables

Pull the Switch in the Power box

Take the Detonator from Gabi and remove its Cassette

Combine Guitar & Detonator

Give the Guitardonator to Waasi

{Ending cutscene}

A Behind the Scenes menu selection is now available


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