Balmoral Software's Sliding-Piece Puzzle Solutions

Sliding-Piece Puzzle Solutions

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If you've ever gotten stuck solving a sliding-piece puzzle, then Balmoral Software's SLIDING program can help! It provides solutions for de-scrambling rectangular puzzle layouts up to 6 x 6. All layouts assume pieces of equal size with one like-sized space. See the README.TXT file for details.

Download Balmoral Software's freeware SLIDING program Release 6.0.

Note: SLIDING is a 16-bit program that is no longer supported. If you are running a 32-bit (x86) version of Windows, you can run it as is, or you may need to first enable NTVDM under Legacy Components in Control Panel | Programs and Features | Windows features. A 32- and/or 64-bit version of SLIDING may be released in the future.

The program is installed by a 32-bit installer. If your version of Windows doesn't have native 32-bit support, the setup program can be run in compatibility mode if needed.

The iterative algorithm in SLIDING is often evident in the interactive solutions for individual puzzles, in which pieces are systematically moved into their final positions using optimal move sequences. To accomplish this, the open space is first moved adjacent to the initial location of the next piece to be moved into position. Once the sequence of all moves is collected, redundancies are removed. Puzzles are solved backwards and in other symmetric fashions in order to find the shortest solution.


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