17 November 2023

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Shardlight is a standard point-and-click game created with Adventure Game Studio, having low-resolution (320 x 200) images circa 1990's games such as Amazon Queen. It has a serviceable game interface, in which left-clicking the mouse selects and uses an item, and right-clicking examines or releases it. Inventory items and the game's main menu are accessible at the top of the screen. Dialog can be skipped by left-clicking the mouse, except in segments at the beginning and end of the game. The plot is engrossing and alarmingly prescient for a 2016 release. Characters are developed in depth, and have similarities to people both historical and modern.

The following walkthrough provides a shortest path through the game that minimizes backtracking; other gameplay sequences, exploration and dialog can provide additional backstory elements. Bold text refers to an item used from inventory.

New Game

November 9th. The world ended 20 years ago today.

What a strange, awful anniversary to celebrate. Twenty
years, and this city is still in ruins. Twenty years, and the
citizens are still dying on the streets.

Twenty years and I'm no closer to fixing my mistake.

As I look on the horizon
today, I see many laborers
going to their lottery jobs.
They cling to hope that the
ticket they earn will win
them the vaccine they need
to survive.

Green Lung continues to
take lives every day, but
the people of this town are
stubborn, resilient. They
refuse to give up in the
face of death.

Click on Speed knob 3 times to set it at the northwest position
Exit | Door | Cord
Take Paper
Who are you?
What happened to you?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Reactor | Exit | Man
I think this reactor needs a code...
How am I supposed to trust you?
Okay, I'll help.
Get Crossbow
Corpse, which adds a bolt to the Crossbow in inventory
Passage | Door
Use Crossbow target on Lamp
Take Lamp, get Candle and bolt
Apply Paper to Plate
Rub the Candle on the lower right quadrant of the Paper to disclose serial number 2794
Right-click | Exit | Door | Passage | Reactor
Enter serial number above
Get Letter to Danton
Right-click Letter in inventory to see that it's sealed with an "M" logo
Use Crossbow on Man
The game intro is now finished and the SHARDLIGHT title is shown
Optional: Wood Pile, get Plank

Ministry of Energy

Entrance | To Tower
Upstairs, get Lottery Ticket
Upstairs | Elevator | Exit

Market District East

Are you up to something?
I have an idea for your drawing.
Tiberius with stink lines.
Use Crossbow on Bell at top center
Take Chalk
Scroll left twice | To Alley | Chalkboard
Use Chalk to carefully draw the "M" logo seen on the letter in inventory:
An access code is revealed by the uncovered letters:
knock x 5 buzz x 4
Knock on the Door 5 times, then press the Buzzer 4 times
(By the way, if you try to enter the access code without first solving the chalkboard puzzle, you'll fail with a humorous remark from Clem.)
Give Letter to Man
A technician gave it to me.
I was on a job.
I guess you can't be.
Exit | Exit | Scroll left | Exit

Ministry of Energy

To Tower | Upstairs
Select any of the responses at each of the two prompts
Elevator | Exit

The Resistance

Market District West

Scroll right | To Alley | Door | Bruce
I was doing a lottery job for him, but that's all!
You have access to vaccine?
Exit | Exit | Scroll right | Gus
I've got the perfect life.
See you later, Gus.
Gus has given you access to Pop's Farm
Scroll left twice | Gordon
I've got the perfect life.
Bye, Gordon.
Gordon has given you access to the Centrex Factory
Scroll left | Exit

Amy's Home

Take Bucket
Use Bucket on Booth, then right-click to return Bucket to inventory
Booth, get Flower

Market District East

Good harvest?
You mentioned something about weeds?
I have to go now.

Pop's Farm

I have to go now.
Give Flower to Pop
Scarecrow, get Gas Mask

Market District West

Give Gas Mask to Gordon, get Pistol
Gordon refers you to Nelson
Scroll right 3 times | To Well | Nelson
Had many visitors today?
Why don't you sell your books?
Could I read for a while?
Click twice on the far-right Next Page hotspot and Amy makes a comment
Close Book | Exit
Where do you usually get the salt for your meats?
See you later, Gus.
Scroll right | Exit

Salt Flats

Scroll left twice
Excavation, get Salt
Scroll right | Exit

Centrex Factory

If you don't have a Plank in inventory, click on Wood Pile to get one
Combine Plank, Bucket & Salt in inventory
Put Bucket into furnace Opening
Use Pistol on Opening
Right-click | Valve
Opening, get Carbon
Door | Exit

Market District West

Give Carbon to Gordon
To Alley | Door
Crystal. What else can I do to help?
How am I supposed to get into the Ministry of Medicine?
Okay, I think I'm ready to get started.
Scroll left | Exit | Exit | Exit

The Vaccine

Fripp Square

Scroll right | Old Man
My name is Amy. Who are you?
So you spend all day with the ravens?
Have a nice day, sir.
Scroll left | Exit

Market District East

Do you have any vegetables to feed ravens?
I have to go now.

Ministry of Medicine

Is there anything you can tell me about Silas Harrison?
Could I take a quick look at your ledger?
Keep up the good work.
Use Crossbow on Statue at upper left
Doorway, get Ledger Page

Fripp Square

So what is it you do, exactly?
I need to get a move on.
Give Ledger Page to Newsman
Scroll right
Give Sprouts to Max Huber
Max Huber
One raven isn't eating.
The ladies have given you access to Harrison Manor
Scroll left twice | Exit

Harrison Manor

Around Mansion
Far left Window
To Manor Front
Far right Window
Wall Rack, get Ladle
Window adjacent to the open one
Use Ladle on Bell at upper left
Right-click to return Ladle to inventory
Right-hand open Window
Far left Window
Take Card from table
To Manor Front

Centrex Factory

Give Card to Denby
Right-click | Door | Exit

Ministry of Medicine

Give Card to Guard
Give the Password.
Any idea where I can find some nicer clothes?
Thanks for your help.
Ask For Directions
Central Storage
Doctor Collins' Office
Staff Locker Room
Locker Room
Bag, get Fancy Outfit
Take Bottle & Rag
Use Card on Locker 4 to expand your Fancy Outfit
Right-click | Doorway | Directory | Doctor's Office | Window
I have an appointment with Doctor Collins.
Empty Seat
Use Medical Form on Notepad
Right-click Medical Form in inventory to determine:
This week's C.S. password = next week's surgery.
Wait a moment for the doctor to appear
I need to schedule a followup appointment.
Right-click November 16th to determine:
Surgery: Paul Scott. Medulla Oblongata.
November 15th
Directory | Ask For Directions | Medulla Oblongata | Central Storage
Trolley, get Box Cutter
Use Box Cutter on Wire leading to the right
Use Rag on Alarm
Combine Bucket & Floor Cleaner in inventory
Combine Bucket & Medical Form in inventory
Put Bucket on the Floor
Use Pistol on Bucket
Right-click | Terminal | Emergency Override Exit


Select either response
Select any of the 3 responses
Pile, get Syringe
Left-click on Listening Device in inventory
Turn Up
Use Syringe in Hole, get Wire
Use Wire on Panel near Window
Timed sequence: While the Drain is open, click on Wire
Point At Guard
Point At Shiny Object
Use Coin on HVAC Unit
Timed sequence: Use Listening Device on Speakers, then quickly right-click and push the HVAC Unit before the guard moves away
Ladder | Exit
Vase, get Note
Right-click Note in inventory to disclose letter pairs
Scroll right twice and Denby will give you the Crossbow
What are you doing?
What is it you're looking for?
Never mind.
Give Lottery Ticket to Denby, get Strings
Take Noose
Click Strings on each end of letter pairs
to spell "Milton"
Scroll left | Exit | Exit

Reactor Entrance

Tunnel Entrance
Provide any answer to the 3 prompts
How long has the Aristocracy been hoarding vaccine?
What can we do about it?
Hang on...did you say the lottery is rigged?

The Reaper

Willowdale Plaza

Around Building
Combine Crossbow & Rope in inventory
Use Crossbow on Branch
Use Crossbow on Denby or either Guard
No matter what you do, Denby is killed
Use Syringe on Guard
I don't remember falling asleep here...
I saw the Reaper.
Gus will give you a bolt for the crossbow

Market District East

Scroll left | Reaper Cultist
I want to join the Acolytes.
I'm ready to die.
Scroll right twice | Exit

Cathedral of St. Steven

I'm ready to die.
Door | Scroll right
Wreckage, get Shrapnel
Are you the leader of this cult?
I want to know about the Reaper.
Where can I find him?
That's all for now.
Have a good day.

The Vision

Decanter | Abyss
Select 3 characters in any order:
Raven (with red eyes)
The Quicksilver
The Quicksilver
Water Pump
The Quicksilver
Syringe (rotating)
The Reaper
Raven, get Torn Page
Give Torn Page to Jess
Right-click | Scroll left | Exit

Sector 67

Junk | Record Arm | Exit
Scroll right | Painting
Drag Shrapnel from right to left across Eyes
Right-click | Take Token & Key
Exit | Scroll left twice | Exit

Salt Flats

Use Key on Door
Door (in back) | Door | Notice on right wall
Get unlock code:
Exit | Exit | Control Panel
Press circular white buttons in this order:
Amy hears a sound
Exit | Door (in back) | Hatch
Select any of the 3 responses
Door | Record Player
Put Record Arm onto Bracket
Exit | Woman
I fixed your record player.
I'll just be on my way.
Show Coin to Woman
Right-click | Exit | Exit | Door (at left)


Use Crossbow on Loose Letter at upper left, get L-Shape
Subway Entrance
Use L-Shape on River
Put Coin in Slot next to Turnstile
Use Shrapnel on Rope by Hole
Right-click | Hole
Mannequin, get Gloves
Take Baseball Bat from Mannequin at left
Use Shrapnel on Refrigerator, get Fuse
Use Baseball Bat on Display Case
Right-click | Take Anchor
Use Shrapnel on Panel by Elevator
Put Fuse into Panel
Combine Rope & Anchor in inventory
Use Grappling Hook on Girder at upper left
Rope | Scroll right | Workbench | Raven | Monitors | Exit
So you're a doctor?
What's with the mechanical ravens?
Why have you been watching me?
How do I find the mass production information?
I'll just get to it, then.
Dr. Edwin Aquino has given you a Communicator

The Cure

Quarantine Zone

Cart Operator
I need to get into the Quarantine Zone.
I have Green Lung
Keep up the good work.
Use Communicator
Could you help me prove that I'm dying?
Over and out.

Sector 67

Corpse by Car
Use Communicator
I found someone who died of Green Lung.
Dr. Aquino has given you a Severed Arm
Combine Gloves & Severed Arm in inventory

Quarantine Zone

Show Severed Arm to Cart Operator
Amy has lost most of her inventory
Boxes, get Servos
Door | Scroll right | To Ground Zero | Doors
Do you know of any ways to escape this place?
Exit | Scroll left | Door | Gordon
I think I have an escape plan
Scroll right twice | Doors | Next Room
Take Kettle
Next Room
Shelf, get Jug of Water
Exit | Exit | Scroll left
Combine Jug of Water & Kettle in inventory
Put Kettle on Burning Bodies
Scroll right twice | To Ground Zero | Doors | Next Room
Give Kettle to Rita
Next Room | Exit | Scroll left twice
Use Crossbow on Switch
Large Door
Use Severed Arm on Hanging Body
Body, get Rope
Combine Rope & Crossbow in inventory
Use Crossbow on Chute
Door | Debris | Gordon
Can you move that debris?
Crawlspace, get Metal Bar
Down Tunnel
Use Metal Bar on Rubble twice

Reactor Entrance

I need help getting into Tiberius's tower.
I need to go.

Cathedral of St. Steven

Scroll right | Jess
Could you help me with a distraction?
Have a good day.
Scroll left | Exit

Reaper's Lair

Dr. Aquino
I need you to come to the Cathedral of St. Steven.


Is there underground access to the Ministry of Energy?
I'll just be on my way.
Door (at left)

Reactor Entrance

(Only possible destination)
We're ready for the assault.
Use Crossbow on ceiling Switch
To Tower
Use Crossbow on Guard
Elevator | Bookcase | Elevator
Use Metal Bar on Panel at top
Right-click | Panel
Use Crossbow on Rope at the top of the Chandelier
Save your game at this point to play different game endings
Panel | Elevator
Select either answer to the Spare Him/Kill Him choice


Select the desired endgame at this point (you'll be unable to skip dialog). Each of these is around 2½ minutes long.

Shoot Tiberius (Danton meets Dr. Aquino on the roof):

November 9th. Twenty-one years since the
bombs fell.

Danton stuck Tiberius's head over the
entrance of the Ministry of Medicine. People
waiting in line for their cures were both
amazed and terrified.

Her revolution against the
other Ministries had many
recruits, who quickly went
to their deaths.

Sometimes I wonder if all
this bloodshed was worth it.
I've lost more friends and
loved ones in the past year
than I can count.

But at the same time, they
met their ends with pride.
They died with dignity.

I suppose in this dusty, dying place, that's
all you can really ask for.

Shoot Danton (Tiberius meets Dr. Aquino on the roof):

November 9th. Twenty-one years since the
bombs fell.

People were celebrating in the streets for
days. I've never seen such a desperate
line, with so many tears being shed.

But Tiberius wasn't lying.
Now food, water, and
housing are even harder to
come by.

Despite this, I still hear
whispers about Glorious
Tiberius, who saved us all
from Green Lung.

My friends and I are taken
care of... but everything's
changed. We sit down to
dinner together and just
stare at the food.

We don't know what to do with it, how to
feel about it. We eat in silence. We try to
forget how we earned our place.

At night, I pray Dad is still proud of me,
and the choices I made.

Shoot Both (Amy meets Dr. Aquino on the roof):

November 9th. Twenty-one years since the
bombs fell.

Growing up, I thought my biggest headache
would be gas leaks and carburetors. Now I
worry about national food supplies.

Still, it was worth seeing the
party in the streets when
Green Lung was finally

Dr. Aquino is confident our
industry will be back in the
next five years at this rate.
I certainly hope so.

Sometimes I miss the old
days, when I could just fix
cars and stop for a chat
with my friends.

But at least now when I look out over the
market, I can see them all smiling back at

Press F9 to skip the credits and restart the game.

Table of Contents


Copyright © 2023 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 2016 Wadjet Eye Games. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software.