The Secrets of Atlantis: Sacred Legacy

The Secrets of Atlantis: Sacred Legacy

15 March 2017

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The Secrets of Atlantis is a 2006 game from Nobilis Group that provides a first-person adventure at several global destinations that you travel to in a vintage-1936 zeppelin. Movement is node-based, with spherical motion at each node. Background graphics and the cyberpuppet characters are not particularly detailed for a 2006 release. Along with discovery and inventory-manipulation tasks, a handful of reasonably-challenging standalone puzzles are provided in the game, but some are rather time-consuming to solve. You can press the spacebar twice to skip the game intro, and pressing the [Esc] key accesses the in-game menu. It's important to scan up, down and around at each node position to identify all available hotspots. If you have a walking companion, they will be shown by an icon at upper left, but there is no way to talk to them unless they "disengage" from you. You can left-click to move through dialog sections, but beware that left-clicking also completely skips intervening cutscenes. There is apparently no button to pause the gameplay, so you may miss some important dialog that is not repeatable without restoring a saved game. There are only 10 saved-game slots, so you may need to manipulate files in the \datas\Saves subfolder of the installation folder if you need more.

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game; other gameplay sequences and dialog choices can provide additional backstory elements.

Hindenburg Zeppelin

New game

The initial cutscenes show that you're attacked on the zeppelin Hindenburg, after which the attackers escape in an incongruous 1918-era Fokker Triplane inexplicably attached to the airship. You start the game on "A" Deck in the promenade adjacent to the passenger lounge, facing forward on the starboard side of the airship, with the windows on your right.

Rotate left and enter the lounge

Below the position of India on the wall map, pick up a Crab pincer from the table

Turn around and pick up a Coin from the pile on another table

Move aft through the lounge and pick up an Ashtray at the junction with the cross corridor

Rotate right and move toward the windows

Rotate right and use the Ashtray to break the glass on the wall-mounted box containing a red tool

Take the red hammer-like Glass breaker from the broken box

Rotate right and follow the corridor to the central stairwell

At this point, you can discover that only the starboard portion of the Hindenburg has been modeled in the game, similar to what has been re-created in full scale in the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Take the unblocked stairway down to "B" Deck

Facing the windows, rotate left and move forward once

Here, the game deviates from the actual layout of the real airship, and an alternate map can be used

Rotate left and open the door to the radio room

Move inside, turn right and open the desk drawer

Take the Nuts and bolts

Exit the radio room, turn right and move past the stairs to the corner

Take the Ladder from the aft wall

Move amidships, then turn left, open the door and enter into the interior of the zeppelin

At the first node on the catwalk, turn right and talk to the man seated there

1. Himself

3. Zeppelin

Learn that the man's name is Lou Garetti and that the Hindenburg has been sabotaged

Rotate slightly left and upward and you can see a pipe emitting steam at the top of a large tank -- this is the pipe requiring repair

Turn left and move starboard to a set of red valves

In the set of 3 valves grouped together at right, close the leftmost one so that it stops steaming

Use the Crab pincer to take the L-shaped pipe section at left

Be sure that the rightmost red valve is closed (not steaming) -- this is the one controlling steam sent to the broken pipe seen earlier

Return to the first catwalk node, rotate left and move once toward the aft of the airship

Rotate right and use the Ladder to reach the top of the tank; a diagonal slash in the pipe can be seen here

Use the Crab pincer to remove the nuts at the bottom of the pipe section

Use the Glass breaker tool to remove the bolts at the bottom of the pipe section

Push the damaged pipe section to remove it, then replace it with the Intact pipe from your inventory

Use the Nuts and bolts from inventory on the bottom of the pipe section

Be sure the red lever is pointing upward

Return down the ladder and back to the red-valve area you visited earlier

Open the rightmost valve so that it is steaming

Go and talk to Lou again (required in order to proceed in the game), and a fresh dialog choice is available:

3. Zeppelin
Rotate left and move forward 3 times toward the aft wall of the room

Rotate right and move forward once, then rotate left and upward to see another pressure gauge and red lever

Move the red lever upwards

Look down to see that a fan belt between the running motors has broken

Move the red lever to the left to turn off the motors

Go and talk to Lou about the fan belt, and he will give you a replacement

Return to the back of the room and use the belt in your inventory on the motors at the bottom of the pipes

Look up and move the red lever to its vertical position

Go and talk to Lou one more time about the zeppelin

He will give you instructions on sending a telex

Return to the promenade on this deck, and through the window you can see a turning propeller on one of the aft-facing engines

Enter the radio room

On the top of the telex machine (with a keyboard), remove both knobs connecting the power leads

On the large power unit in the corner (just to the right of the telex), remove both knobs connecting its power leads

Return upstairs to "A" Deck

From the stairwell facing the three clocks, rotate slightly left and proceed down the port passageway

Hotspots have now appeared on the telephone on the wall; use the Coin to unfasten the Phone cable, then take the cable

Return downstairs to the radio room

Use the Phone cable on the top of the telex machine

Use the keyboard of the telex machine to send Lou's message

Take the punched paper ribbon from the telex machine

Return to Lou's area and give him the Telex ribbon

You will learn that you have an appointment with Mr. Foster on the fourteenth floor of the Empire State Building


Empire State Building

Floor 82

You are now on the 82nd floor of the Empire State Building with no inventory, apparently having come down from the airship embarkation on the 103rd floor

Maps of this floor and of the building may be helpful for navigation

Move forward to the red-uniformed bellhop

Talk to him about himself to learn that his name is Elmer

Rotate right and move to the rear of the bar area

Pick up an Empty waste basket

Exit the bar and move once through the corridor at right, toward a water cooler

At right is a small table next to a fire extinguisher

Open the drawer in the table and take a Lighter

Rotate right and move toward a large potted plant in the corner

Rotate right and move forward once toward some mailboxes at right

Rotate right and open the mailbox of Elmer Mitchel(l)

Take the Service note from the open mailbox

Rotate left and move forward once, just past the mailboxes at right

Rotate right and take some Paper from the wastebasket

Rotate left and move toward the water cooler in the corner

Turn right and move forward once, then turn right and move to the bellhop

Give the Service note to the bellhop

Turn left and move forward to the junction at the rainy window

Rotate right and move to the empty corner at the end of the corridor

Combine the Empty waste basket & Paper in your inventory to get a Full waste basket

There is a hotspot at this location where you can place the Full waste basket (but not an Empty one)

Use the Lighter on the wastebasket and you'll return to the junction outside the bar

Move forward three times to the bellhop and you'll be sent to the Ground Floor

The playable demo of the game ends here

Ground Floor

At your starting position, rotate left and talk to the reporter

1. Reporter

2. Celebrity

Rotate right, move forward and talk to the receptionist
3. Celebrity

3. Love

Rotate left and move to the corner

Rotate right and move toward the velvet rope

Move to the right and talk to the green-uniformed bellhop

2. Celebrity

2. Red-uniformed bellhop

(If you ask the green-uniformed bellhop twice about himself, you'll get thrown out and have to restart at this floor)

Return to the reporter and talk to him

3. Visitor badge
Get an Access badge

Go back to the bellhop and give the Access badge to him

Move into the (open) Elevator 5 and take it to the 18th Floor

Floor 18

Turn left and move toward a water cooler

Turn left, move forward once, then turn right and open the door to a red office

Talk to the woman inside

1. Elevator

2. Foster

You will learn that elevator problems in the building may be the result of sabotage

Exit the office and follow the corridor to the right past a group of bookcases

Take the Inventory ledger from the top of the second bookcase

Since this item has a (+) sign in your inventory, right-click on it to examine it and learn that Equipment Services is on Floor 5

Continue around the periphery of the floor (see map) until you come to a set of bookcases on the opposite side of the building

Take a Magnifying glass from one of the bookcases

Open the door opposite this bookcase and enter the purple office

Approach the desk and zoom in on the nameplate: Ellen O'connor (required)

Talk to Ellen:

1. Elevator

3. Hatchet

Exit the office and follow the corridor to the right around the corner until you approach the water cooler

Turn left and take the stairs to the 19th floor

Floor 19

Turn left and approach the Cineworld office at the end of the corridor

Rotate left and talk to the man behind the red rope

1. Garbo

2. Receptionist

He would like to know the Ground Floor receptionist's first name

Turn right and talk to the woman in the Cineworld office

2. Hatchet
Turn around and take the Cineworld Magazine from the counter

Return via the stairs to the purple office on the 18th floor

Floor 18

Give the Cineworld Magazine to Ellen and she will let her hair down

Pick up the Hairpin from the desk

Exit the office and return to the elevator bank in the center of the floor

Take Elevator 5 back down to the ground floor

Ground Floor

Follow the corridors back to the reception desk and talk to the receptionist to learn that her first name is Julia

3. Love
Take the elevator back to the 18th floor, then take the stairs to the 19th

Floor 19

Return to the Cineworld office and talk to the man behind the red rope

2. Receptionist

2. Fist

The second dialog choice above appears because you have already learned about possible sabotage from Miss Hatchet. The man mentions someone called Lansky.

Return to the elevator bank and take Elevator 3 on the left to the 12th floor.

Floor 12

This floor is distinctive because of its polished wood flooring

From the elevator, turn left and talk to the woman on the green sofa to learn that Lansky's office is on this floor opposite the bulletin board

3. Fist
This conversation has triggered some activity up on the 18th floor, but we'll get to that later

Turn right from the sofa and follow the corridor around the corner to a bulletin board on the right wall

Examine the Planning board on the wall to learn that employee office hours start at 9:00 am

Turn around and use the Hairpin to unlock the door to Lansky's office

Enter the office, turn right and approach a large clock-like safe on the table

Save your game at this point to preserve the default starting arrangement of the safe puzzle

There are 32 radial positions for the three pale yellow, green and orange dials, each of which consists of a pair of pointers at a fixed offset from each other. Specifically, the yellow dial's pointers are offset by 17, the green by 12 and the orange by 7. The dial pointers can occlude each other, so it's sometimes a bit tricky to infer where they are. The polygonal buttons at the bottom of the safe rotate the correspondingly-colored dial either 7 positions in the case of the upper heptagon-shaped buttons, or 5 positions with the lower pentagon-shaped buttons. The direction of the rotation is clockwise using the right-hand button or counterclockwise with the left. There are limits on how many button pushes can be made for each color. Generally, the number of right button pushes is approximately equal to the number of left button pushes, but the order is also important. The object is to align each colored dial with the corresponding triangular marks around the periphery of the dial. Each colored dial can be solved independently of the other two colors. Using the notation

PL: Pentagon Left button

PR: Pentagon Right button

HL: Heptagon Left button

HR: Heptagon Right button

a solution in 16 moves is:
Yellow: PRx2 HL PR HL (5 moves)

Green: HLx2 PLx2 HL (5 moves)

Orange: HLx2 PLx2 HL PL (6 moves)

Take the Heavy metal key from inside the safe

Rotate left and approach the lit-up corner of the room

Move the picture at right to disclose a wall grate

Use the grate to hear a conversation in the next room about the sequence of elevators needed to reach the 14th floor

Exit Lansky's office and turn left

Move forward once, then turn left to see a photo of the Empire State Building

Use the Magnifying glass to examine the photo and learn that the building's inauguration date was May 1, 1931

Return to the elevator bank

Take the elevator back to the 19th floor, then take the stairs to the 18th

Floor 18

Return to the red office to see that it has been trashed and Miss Hatchet attacked

Go to the purple office and talk to Ellen

3. Hatchet
After the brief cutscene, return to the red office

Miss Hatchet has been removed, so pick up a Spiral-bound notepad she left behind

Rotate right to see a lockbox with 5 digits, each of which is between 1 and 9

Examine the Spiral-bound notepad in inventory to identify a list of items associated with numbers:

As can be seen in the elevator banks on most floors, the number of Elevator doors is 8
You can return to the purple office and talk to Ellen to find out that the Maintenance floor is 4
From the Planning board previously seen on Floor 12, the Employee arrival time is 9 in the morning
From the photo seen earlier on Floor 12, the Day of the inauguration of the Empire State Building is 1 (May 1st, 1931)
From the Inventory register in your inventory, the Equipment Services floor is 5
Open the lockbox using these answers: 8 4 9 1 5. If you wanted to save an extra trip back to Ellen's office you could have just tried all the values for the second digit

Take the Security key from the lockbox

Exit the office and take the stairs to the 19th floor

Go to the elevator bank and take Elevator 4 on the right to the sub-basement floor -2.

Floor -2

Turn left and move forward once to the wall pipes

A cutscene plays, showing a suspicious man leaving through one of the doors

Move forward to the corner with the blinking Exit sign

Rotate left and take the fire Extinguisher

Turn around and approach a metal door ahead on the right, opposite a network of pipes and valves

Use the Heavy metal key to open the door

Enter a machinery room and turn right

Use the Extinguisher to break open a metal cabinet on the wall

Take the eight Jump leads from the cabinet

Turn around and approach a sparking control panel on the opposite wall

Put the Jump leads on the shelf above the lowest sparking wires

Put the Security key into the square plate above the jump leads and then turn it to activate the elevator panel

Examine the Scribbled note in inventory to disclose the elevator pattern needed:

-2 8 13 7 14
In the leftmost Elevator 1 column, pick up a jump lead and use it in the sockets for floors -2 and 8; red lights sequence between the floors

When the jump leads are correctly positioned, a green light appears at the top of the Elevator 1 column

In the Elevator 2 column, use jumpers for floors 8 and 13

In the Elevator 3 column, use jumpers for floors 13 and 7

In the Elevator 4 column, use jumpers for floors 7 and 14

Exit the machinery room, return to the elevator bank and use the open elevator

Technically, this should require transfers at Floors 8, 13 and 7 before reaching the 14th floor, but these intermediate steps are skipped

Floor 14

Move forward twice and talk to the DTHO assistant

2. Foster
Turn left and enter through the green doorway into Foster's "study"

Move around the fish pond to Foster sitting at a huge desk below a large angelic statue

Talk to Foster

1. Foster
In "The Jade Stones and the Scarab" puzzle, the Pawn can move only diagonally, while the Scarab can move only rectilinearly. In other words, starting from square X below, the Pawn can move only to one of the squares marked P, and the Scarab only to one of the squares marked S.
Jade Puzzle
Here is a solution to the puzzle in 19 moves:

First jade (3 moves):

Second jade (8 moves):

Third jade (8 moves):

This game is winnable by the Pawn only because the Scarab repeatedly plays purely defensively and does not take advantage of foreknowledge of the available plays for the Pawn. For example, in the diagram below, the Pawn captures the first jade piece in position A at the top of the third turn. In the bottom of the third turn, the Scarab moves from position B to position C (ostensibly to protect the jade in corner J). But if the Scarab had moved to position D instead of C, it would have trapped the Pawn, who is forced to return to position E at the top of the fourth turn. The Scarab would capture the Pawn at the bottom of the fourth turn since it would be adjacent to it.
Scarab's Plays
After winning the game, talk to Mr. Foster about your father's medallion, and he will return it to you

Talk to Foster

1. Medallion

1. Atlantis

1. Foster

3. Atlantis

4. Brooks

5. Elliot

6. Miss Pennington

Exit Foster's study and talk to Miss Pennington
1. Silhouette

2. Man

4. Zeppelin

Exit to the elevator



Observing the Chinese junk ahead, note that its prow is on the right and its stern on the left

Go onboard the junk, turn right and move into the bow

Turn around and descend the stairs into the casino

Note the bouncer dressed all in blue standing behind the post

Move left-forward and talk to the man in the white shirt standing next to the long rat-race game table

1. Rat

1. Rat

Get some cash for the Gambler's bet

Move on down past the rat race game to an alcove to the right of the stairs

Draw aside the curtain to disclose a 4 x 4 slider puzzle that you must solve in order to reach the cashier beyond. This is arguably the most difficult and tedious puzzle in the entire game because it randomizes for each arrival in Macao (so no fixed solution is possible), and especially because it is a timed sequence. Every 85 seconds while you're in the alcove, the bouncer will stare at you suspiciously, and you then have only about 9 seconds to interrupt what you're doing with the puzzle, turn around and leave the alcove, which resets the timer for the next 85-second sequence. The timer counts down even if the game is minimized or another running program is given focus, so the best strategy is to grab a screenshot of your particular puzzle, leave the alcove in order to disable the timer, then solve the puzzle at your leisure outside of the game. Using the in-game menu prevents the timer from advancing, but does not reset it to the beginning. Here's a recommended sequence of steps to solve the puzzle:

1. Move into the alcove and open the curtain

2. Press the [Print Screen] key or the equivalent to take a screenshot of your particular puzzle

3. Turn around and move toward the rat race game to disable the timer

4. Return to your operating system and paste the screenshot into a graphics application such as Microsoft Paint

5. It helps to visualize the finished puzzle so that you can identify how your pieces are jumbled

6. Print out a complete solution to your particular puzzle, using a method such as the Balmoral Software solver

For example, one gameplay produced the randomized puzzle having the jumbled starting arrangement
Slider Puzzle
An 80-move solution to this puzzle was determined and entered carefully, while periodically being interrupted by the bouncer

If you prefer skipping this tedium, you can just copy a saved game file into the appropriate folder on your computer and load that game from the last saved-game slot (Saved 9).

After solving the slider puzzle, the door will open and you can proceed inside

Turn left, move forward and take the Cashier's note from the table

Wake up the sleeping cashier

Give him the Gambler's bet, then talk to him

2. Rat
Get a Betting slip

Rotate left and examine the calendar on the wall to note the date: Saturday, April 10, 1937. Note also the phase of the moon below the date, which incorrectly shows that the moon is in its first quarter (right side lit), when it was actually a thin, waning crescent (left edge lit) on that date. You can confirm the phase of the moon on that date using this link.

Return to the casino and give the Betting slip to the gambler by the rat race game (if you dawdle in the alcove, the bouncer will get you)

Talk to the gambler

1. Rat
Get a Small sum of money from him

Talk to the gambler

2. Silhouette

3. Cards

Cross the casino and talk to the voluptuous woman in a white hat
1. Silhouette

3. Rat

Turn left, move toward the bar and talk to the bartender
2. Ishtar

3. Casino

4. Woman with drink

Talk to the woman sitting at the bar
3. Bartender

3. Bartender

Give the Small sum of money to the bartender

Wait a minute for the bottle to empty itself, then the bartender will fall asleep

Move to the rear of the bar, then open the hatch in the wall and enter the generator room

Pull the generator lever, then quickly move into the hiding place behind the curtain at right

After the bouncer turns the generator back on, return to the casino and talk to Ishtar

3. Rat

1. Silhouette

2. Medallion

3. Bas-relief

3. Cards

Get a Large sum of money

Cross the casino and show the Large sum of money to the bouncer Li Tang

Examine the Cashier's note in inventory to determine today's passwords:

Spring (April): Tiger

Last quarter: Pair

Saturday: Ace

Speak with Li Tang
2. Cards

1. Tiger

3. Pair of kings

3. Ace

Get a Winch code

Talk to Ishtar

2. Cards
You are now standing up on deck, facing three winches, each with a Chinese ideogram on it. Each winch has 11 settings (-5 to 5), so there are 11 x 11 x 11 = 1331 possible winch combinations, far too many to test by trial and error. Rotating your position to the right of the winches, you can see mountains and a city in the far distance, whereas by rotating to the left, you can see lights ashore that are much closer. This seems to indicate that the dock is on your left when you're facing the winches. Referring back to the observation you made of the boat when you first arrived in Macao, the dock is on the starboard side of the junk (right side when facing forward on the boat). This indicates that the starboard side of the boat is on your left when you're facing the winches (facing aft on the boat). However, these observations are false, and the game assumes that starboard is on your right and port on your left when you're facing the winches, against the visual evidence.

Examine the Winch code in inventory

There are three clues (top to bottom) corresponding to the three winch symbols (left to right):

Left winch: One turn less than the second halyard (to starboard)

Middle winch: Two times more turns than the third halyard (to port)

Right winch: One turn less than the first halyard (to starboard)

Here, we have separated the direction associated with each clue to show that it's not part of the halyard reference. The first, second and third halyard refer to their order left to right (on the boat), or top to bottom (on the Winch code), and not by starting the count from one side or the other of the set of winches. For example, the "first halyard to starboard" refers to the left-hand winch (ignoring the "starboard" reference for now), and not the right-hand winch when you start counting from the starboard (right) side of the group of winches.

Also, the number of ropes apparently attached to each of the three winches (1, 2 and 2 counting from the left winch) is not relevant to the solution of this puzzle

Using the notation x, y and z for the first, second and third winches (left to right), respectively, we can derive the following relationships for the number of winch turns from the clues on the Winch code:

x: Leftmost (first) winch

y: Middle (second) winch

z: Rightmost (third) winch

x = y - 1

y = 2z

z = x - 1

We can now apply some high-school algebra to solve these three equations in three unknowns. Substituting the expression for z in the third equation into the second, we have
y = 2(x - 1) = 2x - 2
Substituting this result for y into the first equation produces
x = (2x - 2) - 1 = 2x - 3
Subtracting x from both sides, we have
0 = x - 3, or

x = 3

Substituting the answer for x into the intermediate result above for y yields
y = 2(3) - 2 = 4
Finally, substituting the answer for x into the third of the original three equations gives
z = 3 - 1 = 2
We now have the following results:

	Winch		Turns	Direction

	Left		3	Starboard
	Middle		4	Port
	Right		2	Starboard
Each winch's setting has negative numbers at the left and positive numbers to the right, so it's natural to assume that port (left) refers to negative numbers and starboard to positive numbers. Applying this reasoning to the table above, we derive the answer to the puzzle:

	Winch		Setting

	Left		3
	Middle		-4
	Right		2
Enter this code by clicking on the appropriate sides of the winch cranks, and the sought-after door to the poker game will open up for you

Enter the poker room (note the windows, another indication that you were actually facing aft at the winches)

Talk to Kate Sullivan on your left

1. Cards
You can now sit down at the poker table

Talk to James Elliot at left

1. Himself
Talk to Master Yu in the middle
1. Himself
Talk to the gambler at right
1. Himself

2. Cards

He explains the rules of the Texas hold 'em game to be played, which is standard except that straights and flushes are not used. Save your game at this point if you want to replay the poker game. You cannot save your game once the poker session starts. Talk to the gambler again
3. Hand
This dialog choice starts the poker game. The white numbers at the top of the screen indicate each player's remaining stake. The objective is to have Yu run out of money so that he'll bet his piece of the bas-relief, and then you'll need to win that hand. If Yu wins or you run out of money, you fail. All of the previous dialog choices after you sat down at the poker table will need to be repeated in the event of failure (or you can restore your saved game). Here are the actions you can take to win:
Hand	Yu	Hole cards	Actions			Result

1	190	Pair of 9s	Follow bet (10$)
				Follow bet (10$)	Three 9s
				Raise stakes (20$)
				Raise stakes (30$)	You win

2	170	No pair		Fold			Gambler wins

3	140	A - Q		Fold			Elliot wins

4	100	8 - 10		Follow bet (10$)	Pair
				Raise stakes (20$)
				Follow bet (20$)	2 pair
				Follow bet (30$)	You win

5	10	Pair of Ks	Follow bet (10$)	Three Ks, bas-relief
				Raise stakes (20$)	Full house
				Raise stakes (30$)	Four Ks
				Follow bet (30$)	You win
Back to game


After the cutscene, leave the poker room and descend the stairs

Cross the casino, go up the stairs and get off the boat

Move forward to the far end of the dock and talk to the man with the clenched fist

1. Sullivan

1. Himself

2. Medallion

3. Sullivan

End dialog with Blackwood



Back onboard the Hindenburg zeppelin, make your way from the reading room down to the radio room on "B" Deck

Take some Fine paper and a Lead pencil from the desk at right

Return to the interior part of the airship on this deck where you met Lou Garetti earlier, and pick up a Zeppelin knife from the catwalk

Return to the stairs and descend a long aerial rope ladder to Satyavrata Palace

Note Elliot's airship in the distance

Move forward around the caged Sullivan and on down the covered walkway

Note a great hall of glass at left

At the end of the walkway, follow the steps leading downward to the hall of glass

Go up the curving stone stairs at right to the door at the top

Combine the Fine paper & Lead pencil in your inventory

Use the Paper and pencil on the wall inscription underneath the statue to the left of the door to get a "Scumble of inscription"

Return downstairs, through the entrance arch and back along the covered walkway to where Sullivan is caged

Show the Scumble of inscription to Sullivan and she will translate it for you (the translation shows up when you examine the Scumble in your inventory)

Return to the hall of glass and move toward the encircled sculpture of Kali at the far left side of the room

To solve the statue puzzle, press the following 6 pink crystals in the grid of 15 at the bottom of the statue:

Kali Puzzle
Alternatively, you can use the mirror image of this pattern, or another pattern (or its symmetries) involving a group of four crystals in a square:
Kali Puzzle
However, the first solution above does not involve pressing an unlit crystal in order to solve the puzzle

Take the Ruby from the opened statue

Note the arrangement of the Kali statue's arms and hands

Turn right and move toward the closest seating area by the windows

Turn right and move toward a greenish statue approximately in the center of the room

Turn right to see a green elephant statue close up

Use the Zeppelin knife to remove a Pearl from the elephant's trunk

Turn around and approach the seating area at right next to the open area at the bottom of the stone stairs you used earlier

Look down to see a table with a mechanical Kali figure on its top

From the arrangement seen previously in the Kali statue, manipulate the arms and hands using the following compass notation:

Upper right forearm NE (upward)
Upper right hand E
Lower right forearm NE
Lower right hand SE
Upper left forearm N
Upper left hand E (to the right)
Lower left forearm NW
Lower left hand SW
Take the Emerald from inside the opened table

Facing back toward the entrance arch, approach the stone bookshelves at left

On the top shelf, pull out a purple book ("Seventh Book of Knowledge") and take a Sapphire from inside it

There is another book on these shelves, but it's not essential to advance the gameplay

Turn to the right and approach the bookshelves on the opposite side of the entrance arch

At this point, Blackwell disengages and you can interact with him

Rotate left and give the Pearl to Blackwell to get a Moonstone

On the top shelf, pull out a short book that shows pictures of elephants facing left and right

From top to bottom on each page, these read

There is another book on these shelves, but it's not essential to advance the gameplay

Facing the windows, approach a pedestal at right that is illuminated by a bright sunbeam

Use the Zeppelin knife to clear away the ivy from the two-bulls pedestal

Place the Emerald on the pedestal

Follow the green beam to the next pedestal near the foot of the opposite stairs

Use the Zeppelin knife to clear away the ivy from the pedestal with two maned animals

Place the Sapphire on the pedestal

Follow the blue beam to the next pedestal in front of the central seating area

Turn around and use the Zeppelin knife to clear away the ivy from the two-headed pedestal

Place the Ruby on the pedestal

Return to the door upstairs and put the Moonstone on it

Go back downstairs to an illuminated stone column at the foot of the stairs near the two-bulls pedestal

Open the panel in the illuminated stone column and take the bas-relief half

You're then betrayed by Blackwell, locked up in a stone sarcophagus, and will need to escape by solving a Sudoku-type game, using symbols instead of numbers

If you want assistance with the puzzle, you can use an online solver such as

To solve the puzzle, press the blank areas of the stone tablet the following numbers of times to produce the solution (244 mouse clicks total):

Sudoku Puzzle
If you lose track of how many mouse clicks you've made, keep clicking until you cycle back to a blank stone and you can restart the count

On release from the sarcophagus, you'll find yourself in the Hall of Truth

Turn right and take the Trident from the statue of the winged goddess Ishtar

Turn around and exit back into the hall of glass, then go downstairs and return to where Sullivan is caged

Facing Sullivan's back, use the Trident in the receptacle below to release her from the cage

Sullivan apparently won't budge until you talk to her (and you need her for the next step), so go around and exhaust the dialog choices with her:

1. Blackwell

2. Hall of Truth

Return to the Hall of Truth, accompanied by Sullivan

Approach the circular bas-relief in front of the closed door

Click the question-mark icon on the joined bas-relief halves and an extra-shiny Sullivan will cooperate by standing on the flagstone behind you

Press the sides of the bas-relief in the order seen earlier in the book of elephant pictures:

Go through the opened Gate of Truth into the Grotto of Revelations

Move along the path and look at the fresco on the wall (required)

Exhaust all the dialog choices with Sullivan (required)

1. Atlantis

2. Medallion

3. Hand

Exit up the steps at the far end of the grotto and you're abruptly dumped back at the end of the covered palace walkway

If you haven't completed the preceding required steps, Sullivan won't tell you that you're off to Mesopotamia and you'll have to go back to the grotto (or restore a saved game)

Follow the walkway, climb up the hanging ladder to the zeppelin and you'll be transported to your next global destination



You start out in the desert, with only your medallion and a pearl left in your inventory. It's a looong drop from the end of the zeppelin rope ladder this time, so there's no going back that way.

Exhaust the dialog options with Sullivan so that she'll move out of the way

1. Atlantis

2. Elliot

3. Blackwood

Move up the path and talk to the herbalist at the switchback
1. Himself

1. Himself

2. Blackwood

4. Herbs

5. Omarim

Give the Pearl to the herbalist and get a Herb poultice in exchange

Move up the path and on into the village, which consists of an arc of buildings surrounding a central open area with a well. Approach the building at the far left end of the arc.

At the doorway, rotate left and pick up a Hoe

Open the door and enter the hut

Turn left and talk to Blackwood to discover that he's nuts

Turn around and take the Shears and a Sieve

Exit the hut, turn left, and approach the next hut in the arc

Try opening its door to see that it's locked

Take a Grille hanging on the wall

Turn right and move toward a smoking outdoor oven in the distance

Talk to the baker there

1. Herself

3. Omarin

4. Bread

Take a Box of matches from the ground to the left of the oven

Turn right and approach the next hut, right under the gondola of the Hindenburg

From the debris pile here, pick up an Iron bar and a Bucket

Move toward the last village hut, just to the right of the zeppelin's nose

Turn left and use the Iron bar on the wooden box to release a young girl

Take a Smoker device that you can now see under the hut window

Exit the village along the path at right leading up the mountain

At a switchback on the path, there is a beehive

Combine the Box of matches & the Smoker off in inventory

Use the Smoker on with the beehive, then put the smoker back into inventory and open the top of the beehive

To solve the three rounds of bee puzzles, use the Smoker to swap rows of yellow and orange bees from one side of the hive to the other. A row of bees can be moved into the open slot, or can jump over a row of bees of the other color. If you make a wrong move, the puzzle round resets.

Round 1 consists of 3 rows of bees of each color (Y: Yellow, O: Orange):

Y move
O jump & move
Y jump 2 & move
O jump 3
Y move & jump 2
O move & jump
Y move
After the bees disappear, return the Smoker to inventory and click on the hive to begin Round 2, consisting of 4 rows of bees of each color:
Y move
O jump & move
Y jump 2 & move
O jump 3 & move
Y jump 4
O move & jump 3
Y move & jump 2
O move & jump
Y move
After the bees disappear, return the Smoker to inventory and click on the hive to begin Round 3, consisting of 5 rows of bees of each color:
Y move
O jump & move
Y jump 2 & move
O jump 3 & move
Y jump 4 & move
O jump 5
Y move & jump 4
O move & jump 3
Y move & jump 2
O move & jump
Y move
After the bees disappear, return the Smoker to inventory and take the center honeycomb Frame full of honey

Follow the path up the mountain to the temple building decorated with blue stone

Move past the temple entrance and use the Hoe on the green plant

Return the Hoe to inventory and pick up some Red roots

Outside the temple entrance, pick up stones from the pile 4 times

Enter the temple and look at the colored fresco at right

Use the Grille on each of the four open spaces to determine the sizes of stones needed:

6 x 6
5 x 4
3 x 2 (two)
Put the Grille back into inventory

Return to the village and give the Frame full of honey to the baker woman

After about 45 seconds, a cutscene plays and Omarin shows up

Give the Bronze medallion to Omarim

Talk to Omarim

1. Himself

2. Blackwood

A cutscene plays in which the girl has lost her doll in the village well

Exit the village and return halfway down the path toward the herbalist's location

Use the Shears to remove Twisted metal wire from the barbed-wire fence

Continue downhill and talk to the herbalist at the switchback in the path

4. Herbs
He will tell you that aloe can be found near the beehives

Go to the well in the center of the village

Combine the Twisted metal wire & Bucket in inventory

Put the Bucket with handle on the hook of the well

Use the well crank at upper right to retrieve the doll

Take the doll and give it to the girl

Talk to the girl

1. Herself

3. Lock

She will tell you how to get into the locked hut

Go to the locked hut and look under a wooden pole to the left of the door

Take the Key and use it to open and enter the hut

Use the Box of matches to light the burner

Take the Stonecutter's tools from the window sill

Take the Pestle

Put the Red roots into the bowl (mortar) that held the pestle

Use the Pestle on the bowl to grind up the roots

Put the Sieve onto the stand to the right of the roots

Take the Crushed red roots from the bowl and transfer them to the sieve

Shake the sieve

Take the Bowl of red dye from underneath the sieve and put it on the empty receptacle on top of the burner

Obtain bowls of 4 different paint colors by setting the butterfly valves of the burner and using the wheel:

	   Butterfly valve		Result
	Left		Right

	Vertical	Vertical	Dark blue
	Vertical	Horizontal	Light blue
	Horizontal	Horizontal	Yellowy orange
	Horizontal	Vertical	Orange
You can "throw away" a bowl of paint in the sink at right, but since you'll need all four colors, this is useless. Also, you cannot create any other color combinations since the burner wheel doesn't work until the bowl of red dye is installed.

Exit the hut and turn left to the grid of lines on the platform

Place one of the Stones for cutting in inventory onto the grid

Click the Stonecutter's tools on the stone twice to cut it down to a 6 x 6 size

Store the Cut stone in inventory

Repeat the process for the other stone sizes needed:

5 x 4 (4 clicks)
3 x 2 (7 clicks)
3 x 2 (7 clicks)
Return to the beehive area, then turn around and touch the plants at the curve in the path


Return to the oven area in the village and give the Aloe to Omarim

Talk to Omarim

3. Remedy
Get Omarim's remedy (not to be confused with the bowls of paint you're carrying!)

Go back to Blackwood's hut and give him Omarim's remedy

Talk to Blackwood

1. Himself

1. Temple

2. Elliot

3. Himself

3. Medallion

Blackwood is now accompanying you along with Sullivan

Return to the temple

As you enter the temple, Blackwood gives you instructions:

"To reveal the hidden door, place your medallion on the sign of the trident and turn it so the spikes are pointing downwards."
Approach the circular wall design at left

Put the Bronze medallion on the sign of the trident at the top of the circle

Put the Bronze medallion on the sign of the trident at the right side of the circle

This discloses a puzzle on the back wall of the temple, but you will need something else first

Approach the colored fresco on the other wall of the temple

Place the appropriately-sized Cut stones into the recesses, then color them using the Bowls of paint from inventory:

		6x6 Dark blue

		5x4 Yellowish orange

			3x2 Light blue

	3x2 Orange
Put the Bronze medallion in the dragon's eye to get an Atlantean crystal

Take the Bronze medallion

Move to the puzzle on the back wall of the temple

Sullivan translates the cuneiform inscription as:

"Having crossed the seven oceans, the great ship came to rest on the mountain."
To activate the warehouse puzzle, touch the receptacle on the left side with the Atlantean crystal. This step also can be used to reset the puzzle to its starting configuration:
A solution in 52 moves (believed to be optimal) is:
Column 5 up 2
Row 1 right
Row 4 right
Column 3 down 2
Row 2 right 2
Row 3 (boat) right 2
Column 1 up 3
Column 2 up 2
Row 6 left
Column 3 down
Row 4 left 3
Column 3 up
Column 4 up
Row 6 right 4
Column 3 down
Column 4 down
Row 4 right 2
Column 1 down 3
Column 2 down 3
Row 1 left
Row 2 left
Row 3 (boat) left
Row 4 left
Column 4 up 4
Row 5 left
Row 6 left
Column 6 (lower piece) down 2
Row 3 (boat) right 4
Note: The Column 6 piece in the upper-right corner is not moved

Move forward into the tunnel behind the puzzle


Move forward and remove the melted medallion from the lowest position on the pedestal between the stone doors

Put the Bronze medallion into this spot


Elliot jumps out of a stone box and imprisons you, Sullivan and Blackwood

Examine the torch in the wall alcove

Talk to Sullivan

3. Scarf
Put Kate's scarf on the wall torch

Use the Box of matches on the wall torch

If you haven't already done so, examine Elliot's bag at right and get a Torn-out page

Turn the circular handle under the torch three times

Turn around and observe that a post has risen up from the floor, and a dark button in front of it can be pressed

Each time you press a button in front of a raised post, other posts may raise, lower or remain unchanged. The objective of this Whack-a-Mole puzzle is to raise all nine of the posts, which will form stairs by which you can escape the trap you're in.

Number the buttons from 0 at far left to 9 at far right (in the darkness). If you can raise the top seven posts (3-9), Button 0 becomes active and pressing it completes the stairs. Some trial and error shows that pressing an even-numbered button reverses the state (up or down) of four of the posts, whereas pressing an odd-numbered button changes the state of three of the posts. Experimentation can identify which posts are affected by which button, with the other posts remaining unchanged (up or down). The following 5-move sequence is the shortest that will activate the stairs:

1. Button 3 (the only choice)
2. Button 7
3. Button 4
4. Button 2
5. Button 0
Move up the stairs

Use the Iron bar on the horn of the bull's head above

Move forward and board the Ark of the Atlanteans, then move forward and turn left to see a diamond-shaped grid of hexagons on which you'll play a mini-game against an AI opponent representing Elliot. Your opponent's strategy and play varies from game to game, so no fixed solution is possible.

Begin the game by placing the Atlantean crystal in the receptacle above the game grid

The objective of this mini-game is to create an unbroken chain of blue cells connecting the lower left edge of the diamond with the upper right edge, while preventing Elliot from doing the same with red cells connecting the other two edges. The four corner cells of the diamond can be used by either player.

Since you play first, you can almost always win the game using a simple strategy. Your first play should be the center cell A of the grid. Make a note of the cells that are one distance unit away from one of your blue cells along a radial edge emanating from your cell; for example, cells B, C, D or E with regard to the center cell A. If that type of cell is blue and both of the intervening pair of cells are blank, then you can always pick either cell of the blank pair to form an unbroken chain, regardless of how Red plays:

Hexagon Puzzle Moves
For example, if cells A and E are blue and cells F, G, H and I are open, then you can always create a chain connecting to the lower left edge of the grid, no matter how Red tries to block you.

Since Red plays somewhat randomly, you may luck out and have none of the cells E, F, G, H or I taken by Red after his first move. You can then grab cell E and leave the rest of the chain to be created later or whenever Red tries (vainly) to block you there. Just be sure to notice when Red does select one of the intervening pair of unclaimed cells (F-G or H-I), in which case you must select the other cell of the pair in your very next move.

If, on the other hand, Red plays close to your center cell, that will make it more difficult for you to find a path that always gives you two choices for intervening cells to complete the path. In those cases, an effective strategy is to never let Red have two adjacent cells that may block your access to one of your edges.

After you win the hexagons game, a cutscene describes what appears to be a tie-in to a possible game sequel in which the many unanswered questions in this game may be decided, and credits roll.


Zeppelin A Deck Map

Zeppelin B Deck Map

Empire State Building Map

Floor 82 Map

Ground Floor Map

Floor 18 Map

Floor 19 Map

Floor 12 Map

Floor -2 Map

Mesopotamia Map

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