Secret Files 3

Secret Files 3

13 March 2017

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Secret Files 3 is the third and final installment in the game trilogy from distributor Deep Silver using an excellent game interface from Animation Arts. In this interface, the spacebar can be used to highlight all hotspots in the current game panel, and the mouse icon shows in green which mouse buttons can be pressed. Left-clicking initiates active verbs, such as Use, Take, Open, Put, Move, Give, Talk to, Select, Enter, Exit and Combine (in the inventory bar). Right-clicking executes passive verbs such as Examine or Read, and can be used to skip video sequences and dialog. The top center of the screen is usually a safe place to position the cursor when right-clicking to skip dialog sequences. Movement of characters is accelerated by double-clicking. Secret Files 3 provides the same excellent graphics as was seen in its predecessor Secret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis. As in the previous two games, most of the puzzles in Secret Files 3 are inventory-based. There are a few standalone puzzles, and these seem to be a bit more difficult than the easy ones seen in the previous two games in the trilogy. As before, there are optional puzzle hints available within the game.

New in Secret Files 3 is a customizable main menu on which the basic game functions such as Load Game, Options and Quit are accessible on a static backgound. This menu is graphical only; no menu labels are provided unless you mouse over the appropriate regions of the image. The appearance of your particular main menu is determined by the answers you give to some social-engineering type questions such as your favorite movie or season of the year. Apart from a few details, the background graphic is solely determined by the answer you give to one question: your favorite hobby. If you select Sports, Reading, Watching TV or Other things, the background is a sports bar. Otherwise, the background is a motorcycle workshop. You can change your selection of main menu graphic by clicking on an item in the Options screen. We found this graphical main menu idea to be an annoyance compared to a simple and functional menu-list interface, especially since the game already has a menu shown when it first starts up.

As a general rule, be sure not to miss any hotspots, especially along the edges of the screen, or in areas without a lot of contrast with the magnifying-glass icon. Also be sure to walk to the edges of each screen to scroll sideways in case the scene is wider than what's initially displayed. If you get stuck, try combining new inventory items with existing inventory items and using them on all hotspots. Also, right-click items in the inventory list to see if their descriptions have changed. Occasionally, you may need to move a character out of the way in order to interact with a hotspot in the scene.

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game; other gameplay sequences and dialog choices can provide additional backstory elements.


Use Wall

Follow the indicated path to the top of the wall:

Wall Puzzle
Take Leather bag

Use Leather bag on Snake

Use Snake in bag on Window


Use Beam

Follow path and take Banner:

Temple Puzzle
Combine Grappling hook & Linen cloth

Combine Rope & Muffled grappling hook

Use Rope with muffled grappling hook on Window

Use or examine Clay pots



Take Robe, get Clothes hanger

Use Robe in Baptismal font

Take Mop

Use Clothes hanger on Nail

Use Wet robe on Burning shelves

Take Ruined shelves

Use Mop on Flames

Use Burning mop on Tapestry

Use Nail on Wall joint

Use Shelf on Wide wall joint

Use Statue

To solve the statue puzzle, begin by leaning right, then alternate leaning directions when the statue's motion stops at the end of a swing. The pause while the motion stops is longer in the Easy version than in the Difficult version of the puzzle.


Max's Apartment

Take Backpack

Examine Backpack in inventory, get Book

Examine Book in inventory, get 4 Flags and Table of Contents

Note that the book is missing Chapters 3, 7, 10 and 15

Examine Table of Contents in inventory to identify the Australian cities corresponding to the missing chapters: Adelaide, Brisbane, Broome and Hobart (Tasmania)

Back out and exit right

Examine Map

Use the 4 Red Flags on the 4 cities listed above to open a secret compartment



Examine Picture and note references to "a volcano in a stormy sea"

Take Stucco tool

Use Stucco tool on Refrigerator

To simulate the volcano, turn on Lava lamp

Use Ice-cold tool on Air conditioner to simulate a stormy wind

Use Key on Drawer

Examine Drawer

Take City map, Photos and Book

Note code: 0504

Back out and be sure the Model light, Desk lamp and Radio are all off

To simulate the sea, turn on Aquarium

A secret compartment opens behind the picture, get Documents and Cell phone


Examine Cell phone in inventory

Enter code above and press OK button

Get voicemail message from Emre


The playable demo ends at this point


Take Chain

Scroll right and use Trashcan, get Bike wheel spoke

Use Bike wheel spoke on Gap, get Shreds of paper

Examine Shreds of paper in inventory

Combine the pieces to make a legible letter

Combine Cell phone & Fax, get Excavation site map

Examine Cell phone in inventory to get MMS (multimedia) file clues of Emre's underground location:

Smell of oil

Engine sounds

Video of tree roots

Scroll right and exit to the excavation site

Visit Lots to gather clues:

Excavations Table
The only location with all three of Emre's clues is Lot E

Visit Lot E

Use Smell of oil MMS file with Puddle of oil

Use Engine sounds MMS file with Pump

Use Video of tree roots MMS file with Tree

Use Rock drill on Rock slab

Use Chain with Drill hole, get Key

Visit Lot C

Use Key on Elevator

Take Wooden crate

Use Elevator to return topside

Go to Lot E

Use Wooden box on Rock drill, get Hammer, Pipe wrench and Plastic bottle

Go to Lot C

Use Elevator

Exit left

Use Pipe wrench on Pressure gun

Combine Clod of dirt & Hammer

Combine Pressure gun & Fine, red sand

Use Pressure gun with paint on High pressure cleaner

Use Pressure gun with Crevice

Use High pressure cleaner

Return topside and visit Lot D

Combine Chain & Hammer

Use Chain with hammer on Color marking

Return to Lot C and use Elevator

Exit to Tunnel

Use Chain


Refer to the map below:

Animals Puzzle
To activate the Animals Puzzle, move Nina to her starting Position 0 as instructed by Emre. Although this puzzle can be solved by trial-and-error, it's much faster to gather clues from the information given. There isn't a clear goal for Nina and Emre, but it seems reasonable to assume that in each player's turn, they can move only to an adjacent block (possibly diagonally) and not jump over blocks. Also, we assume that they won't be retracing their steps as in the wine barrel puzzle in Secret Files 2. By examining each of the outer stone blocks, you can identify the changes made to the corresponding creatures:

	Creature	Change

	Antelope	No change
	Ibis		+1 wing
	Lion		No change
	Lizard		+2 legs
	Wild boar	+1 leg
	Snake		No change
	Grasshopper	+2 legs
	Fox		+2 ears
	Rabbit		No change
	Eagle		No change
	Dragonfly	+3 wings
	Tiger		+1 tail
	Fish		No change
	Ox		-1 horn
Next, by finding the corresponding creatures in the inner stone blocks, you can map out which blocks pertain to an even number of changes, which to an odd number of changes, and which have no changes or, in the case of the Duck and Spider, do not have corresponding outer blocks. In the map above, the even-number blocks are identified by double-walled cells, and the odd-number blocks by single-walled cells. Nina moves first to Position 1 (Ox), an odd-number block.

Switch to Emre and move to Position 2, the Tiger (he really has no choice, even though this is an odd-number block)

Switch to Nina and move to Position 3, the Ibis (she could theoretically move diagonally to Position 5, but this fails)

Switch to Emre and move to Position 4, the Fox

Switch to Nina and move to Position 5, the Wild boar (she could theoretically move to Position 7 instead, but this fails)

Switch to Emre and move to Position 6, the Lizard (he could theoretically move diagonally to Position 8, but this fails)

Switch to Nina and move diagonally to Position 7, the Dragonfly

Switch to Emre and move to Position 8, the Grasshopper

As Emre, use Knife with Roots

Combine Geiger counter & Roots

Use Geiger counter with roots on Cistern


Use Light switch

Use Sunshade (twice), get Comb and Parking disc

Use Comb on Glove compartment

Take Folding rule

Use Folding rule with Lunch box

Examine Lunch box in inventory, get Fork, Knife and Bread with meat

Use Knife on Safety belt

Take Metal box

Examine Metal box in inventory, get Emre's notes and Roughbook

Examine Emre's notes in inventory

Examine Roughbook in inventory

Press the only productive icon: Email



Exit right to the marketplace

Take Wooden wedge

Use Wooden platform

Use Sack, get Salt

Use Cart

Use Salt on Wooden wheel

Use Wooden wheel

Use Balcony

Take Sword

Use Cart

Use Sword on Cargo, get Net

Exit to the wide alleyway

Use Net on Hooks

Use Roof

Use Sword on Clothes line

Use Net

Use Sword on Clothes line

Use Sword on Barrels


Use Torture devices, get Iron mask, Poker and Mouth spreader

Exit to alleyway

Use Mouth spreader on Shop, get Henbane, Lavender and Chamomile blossoms

Use Sword on Window

Use Roof

Combine Clothes line & Poker

Use Poker with clothes line on Chimney

Use Chimney

Use Henbane on Chimney

Use Roof

Take Clothes line

Use Net

Use Door

Use Ash pan, get Ashes

Use Wooden wedge on Recess

Use Poker on Cell door

Use Cell door

Take Wooden bucket

Go back outside

Use Wooden bucket on Snow

Re-enter cell (snow instantly melts)

Use Wooden bucket with water on An-Nasir


After a rewind, you're back in the cell

Go outside and exit left into the narrow alleyway

Use Cell phone on Sign on the wall

Take Fish offal

Return to the marketplace

Combine Iron mask & Fish guts

Use Iron mask with fish on Cat

Return to cell

Use Fish guts on An-Nasir

Use Wooden bucket with water on An-Nasir


Use Captured cat on any of the 3 Passages

Use the center Passage

After a rewind, you're back in the cell

Return to the narrow alleyway and take the center Passage

Use Wooden bucket with water on Hollow

Return to wide alleyway

Use Wooden bucket on Snow

Go to cell

Use Wooden bucket with water on An-Nasir

Follow An-Nasir through the right-hand Passage

After a rewind, you're back in the cell

Return to the narrow alleyway and take the center Passage

At the iced-over area, take Ladder

Use Passage at right

Use Ashes on any of the 3 Gates

Return to cell

Use Wooden bucket with water on An-Nasir

In courtyard, examine Fingerprints

Use left Gate

After a rewind, you're back in the cell

Return to the courtyard and use the left Gate

Use Ladder on Porch

Use Porch

Return to cell

Use Wooden bucket with water on An-Nasir

At bridge, examine footprints

Use right Exit


Take Jack, Tool, Book, Walking stick and Paint pot

Examine Master craftsmen diploma to disclose the name of da Vinci's teacher: Verrocchio

Combine Walking stick & Paint pot

Use Walking stick with paint on Canvas

Use Lighter on Oil lamp

Use Jack on Vehicle

Take Chisel

Use Right arm of the scales

Use Chisel on Right arm of the scales

Use Left arm of the scales, get Mechanical cylinder

Examine Mechanical cylinder in inventory

Use center buttons to spell out da Vinci's teacher's name:

Ver - ro - c - chi - o

Use Diary page with Canvas

Combine Chronicle & Deciphered diary page


San Francisco

Take Bottle, Magazine and Piece of glass

Combine Magazine & Piece of glass

Use Label in Puddle

Combine Empty bottle & Damp label

Talk to Shopman

I would like something to drink.
Get Iced tea

Combine Empty whiskey bottle & Iced tea

Put Whiskey bottle with iced tea on Display

Scroll left and talk to Officer

May I ask you something about buying alcohol?

Report a violation of the ban on selling alcohol.


Open Trunk, get Can with diesel and Bolt cutter

Exit to the museum

Palace of Fine Arts

Use Entrance

Use Stairs (up)

Use Window

Use Window on right side of building

Take Frame of glasses and Watering can

Use Frame of glasses on Drawer, get Keycard

Use Window

Use other Window on front of building

Use Stairs

Exit the building

Use Bolt cutter on Metal door

Combine Can with diesel & Watering can

Use Watering can with diesel on Emergency generator

Use Emergency generator

Use Entrance

Use Downstairs

Examine Fuse box

Confirm that Lights are Off and Power is On

Back out and use Keycard with Door

Examine Fuse box

Use Fuse to turn Lights On (Power Off)

Back out and use Door

Take Lamp

Scroll right and use Desk lamp with Socket

Scroll all the way left and use Door

Examine Fuse box

Use Fuse to turn Power On (Lights Off)

Back out and use Door

Scroll all the way right and use Computer

Examine Computer

Use Artist and select Leonardo da Vinci

Use Title and select Madonna Benois

Use Year and select 1477

Confirm, get Painting

Scroll right and use Painting on X-ray machine


Use Cell phone on Computer



Use Showcase, get Clothes hanger

Use Open cell

Use Shelves, get Mug

Use Mug with Toilet


Use Mug with water on Air conditioning

Use Bolt cutter with Cable

Re-enter Open cell

Take Blanket and Bricks

Combine Blanket & Bricks

Combine Cable & Blanket with bricks

Use Window

In the exterior view, use Sack of bricks on Window

Use Sack of bricks on Courtyard

Use Window

Use Clothes hanger on Cable


Robot Wars

Use Door at left

Use Scrap heap, get Taser, Flame thrower, Buzz saw and Drill

Take Combat robot

Combine one of the weapon items (e.g., Flame thrower) & Combat robot in inventory


To begin the mini-game, use Combat robot with weapon on the other Combat robot. Select an Attack target (Bottom or Top). Select a Defense mode (Bottom or Top) and whether or not you want to use Limpet mines. Press the green Start battle button to begin gameplay.

Repeat game Rounds until the game is over. If you lose, you can re-combine the Combat robot in inventory with a different weapon if desired and/or change the Attack/Defense gameplay options. The starting score for your opponent seems to decrease with each game replay, so you will eventually win the game.

{Cutscene} (select either dialog response)


Take Green light

Combine Keycard & Spray paint for marking

Use Keycard with color on Ventilation cover

Take Plastic cup and Threaded bar

Use Threaded bar on Ventilation cover

Exit through Opening

Use Door

Use Ladder

Take Screwdriver

Use Plastic cup on Grease

Exit to the stern

Use Screwdriver on Lamp, get Lamp, Lamp holder and Red glass

Combine Mug with grease & Red glass

Use Door

Use orange Greased glass on the end of the white-colored Container to the left of the yellow container


Use Threaded bar on Container door, get Steel cable

Examine Part

The objective of this puzzle is to complete the jigsaw of pieces around the periphery of the circle. The easy version of the puzzle provides clues as to the position of some of the pieces. Matching up the endpoints of the pieces may help to align them correctly.



Talk to Max

Examine right Cooling chamber

Examine left Cooling chamber

Use Bottom wall cupboard


Go forwards 4 times and use Door


Take Plush toy

Open Car door

Use Hand brake

Use Heap of stones

Use Stone with Shop window

Use Heap of stones

Use Stone with Shop window

Use Heap of stones

Use Stone with Shop window

Take Camera

Use Camera on center Ruin in the background


Use Balcony, get Iron bar

Use Iron bar on Air duct grating

Use Air duct

Combine Plush toy & Iron bar

Use Spitted teddy on Gasoline


Use Teddy saturated with gasoline on Fire

Use Air duct

Use Burning teddy on Gasoline

Use Ruin


Use Cable roller, get Steel cable

Use Steel cable on Elevator

Use Steel cable at right on Steel cable at left

Use Hand wheel


As Max, use Desk

Give Pen and paper to Nina

Use Computer terminal

Use Note with coordinates on Input field

Use Search

{slow cutscene}


The objective of the underwater maze traversal is to find four crystals that are approximately in the corners of a diamond-shaped region, only a small portion of which you can see on the screen at any one time. In the Easy version of this maze traversal, the sub is less vulnerable to currents (shown by bubbles) that limit your navigation choices.

Navigate to the lower right to find and examine Recesses. This hotspot is directly to the right of a series of concentric semicircles that look like a birds-eye view of steps leading up to a platform.

Navigate straight up to a hotspot

Use Heap of stones, get Green crystal

Navigate to the lower right to another hotspot

Use Heap of stones, get Green crystal

Navigate to the lower left to another hotspot

Use Heap of stones, get Green crystal

Navigate to the upper left to another hotspot

Use Heap of stones, get Green crystal

Navigate to the upper right back to the Recesses

Put each of the Green crystals into the Recesses

Examine Hieroglyphs

Note that the one unrepeated symbol seems to be in the center, depicting a seated lion facing left

Back out and examine Indian ornaments

Beneath the Relief of Ganesh are repeating sequences of symbols. The missing ones corresponding to the blank stones are the same as the ones second from the left and fourth from the left.

Back out and examine Stone figures

These 12 figures correspond to the (English) names of the months. The twelfth is missing, corresponding to the letter D.

Back out and examine Terminal

Use the Blue buttons to select the appropriate sequence of symbols from the previous clues, then press the Button at right. The two Indian symbols in the middle must be in the same order as the missing stones on the Relief of Ganesh.

Use Door


Jane Cunningham blathers on about "deterrium", which shouldn't deter you from noting its uncanny resemblance to deuterium

Scroll left and look at the Mural above the Clock puzzle, which depicts eight figures, each of which has a corresponding symbol on the clock below. Although Nina mentions that the mural figures are in chronological order (left to right), this does not have any impact on the solution of the Clock puzzle. Also, the Roman numerals on the outside rim of the clock either repeat or are missing elements in sequence, and can safely be ignored. Likewise, the distances of each clock symbol from the center is not important, and seems to be included merely as a way of facilitating mouse-clicking of overlapping symbols. (There is a subtle, perhaps unintentional, reference here to the spiral of Archimedes, who is referenced elsewhere in the game. An Archimedean spiral has the property that all of its points on a radial line from the center are equidistant from each other, as is the case with the clock symbols.) Note that the arm of each mural figure seems to be pointing in a unique direction. Left to right, the figures are:

	Figure		Clock symbol	Pointing

	Archimedes	Compass		Down
	Cleopatra	Eye (of Horus)	Right
	Menis Ra	Dagger		Lower left
	da Vinci	Paint brush	Left
	Max		Mars symbol	Lower right
	Nina		Venus symbol	Up
	Jane Cunningham	Pistol		Upper left
	Four Horsemen	Skull		Upper right
Orient the Clock symbols according to this table to open the Door

Use Door


Examine Console

You have two selections:

Deactivate the force field and save Max.

Leave the force field on and save the world.

If you pick the first selection, a warehouse puzzle must be solved:
Warehouse Puzzle
A 27-move solution is:
Move E left
Move B down
Move A right 3
Move D up
Move E left
Move G up 3
Move H right 3
Move E right
Move D down 3
Move C right 2
Move A left 2
Move G up
Move C right
Move D up
Move H left
Move B down 2
Move C right


Use Bag

Examine Bag in inventory, get Antidote, second Walkie-Talkie and Keycard

Use Antidote on Max


Switzerland, Part 2

Use Ashtray, get Cigar

Use Drawer, get Model UFO

Use Wastepaper basket, get Poster strips and Pencil

Use Door

Use Lab coats, get Key with lighter key ring, Lipstick and Pocket mirror

Combine Cigar & Key with lighter key ring

Use Smoking cigar on Sensor

Combine Poster strips & Pocket mirror

Use Pocket mirror with poster strips on Laser grid

Combine Model UFO & Poster strips

Use Model UFO with Poster strips on Table, get Keycard

As Max, take Keycard

Use Keycard on Slab


Take Metal pin

Use Ladder

Use Metal pin on Guide wheels

Back as Nina, use Keycard on Console

Use Keycard on door to the hospital ward

Go through door to the hospital ward

Use Key with lighter key ring on Top wall cupboard, get Dressing material, Disinfectant, Laser pointer and Defibrillator

Use Door

Exit to the data center

Use Laser pointer on Sprinkler system

Use Defibrillator on Puddle

Use Entrance


Use Walkie-talkie or Defibrillator on Fire cabinet

Use Fire cabinet, get Axe

Use Fire axe on Pipe

As Max, use Ladder

Use Entrance to the transformer building

Use Walkie-talkie on Max

Examine Lock

Use Keycard on Screw

Examine Identifier


Use Walkie-talkie on Max


View a cast photo from all three Secret Files games as well as Lost Horizon

Endgame sequence in which, like in Secret Files 1 and 2, we get to find out what happened to all of the secondary characters in the game

Press Back to skip the slow crawl of credits

Statistics for the gameplay are then shown


Turkey Map

Florence Map

Table of Contents


Copyright © 2017 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 2012 Animation Arts Creative GmbH. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software.