Secret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis

Secret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis

12 March 2017

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Secret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis is the second in a series of three games from distributor Deep Silver using an excellent game interface from Animation Arts. In this interface, the spacebar can be used to highlight all hotspots in the current game panel, and the mouse icon shows in green which mouse buttons can be pressed. Left-clicking initiates active verbs, such as Use, Take, Open, Put, Move, Give, Talk to, Select, Enter, Exit and Combine (in the inventory bar). Right-clicking executes passive verbs such as Examine or Read, and can be used to skip video sequences and dialog. Secret Files 2 provides better graphics over its predecessor Secret Files - Tunguska, as well as an enhanced player interface with a larger mouse cursor and the ability accelerate character movement by double-clicking. The Pause button can now be used to pause and resume gameplay. Also improved is the display of pop-up heads indicating who is talking in multi-character dialog, which seems less confusing than the different-colored text used in the previous game. When an inventory item is added, consumed or changed, an icon appears briefly at upper left as a reminder. As in the previous game, most of the puzzles in the game are inventory-based. There are a few standalone puzzles, but these are easy and also have optional hints within the game.

As a general rule, be sure not to miss any hotspots, especially along the edges of the screen, or in areas without a lot of contrast with the "pulsing magnifying glass" icon. Also be sure to walk to the edges of each screen to scroll sideways in case the scene is wider than what's initially displayed. If you get stuck, try combining new inventory items with existing inventory items and using them on all hotspots. Also, right-click items in the inventory list to see if their descriptions have changed. Occasionally, you may need to move a character out of the way in order to interact with a hotspot in the scene.

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game; other gameplay sequences and dialog choices can provide additional backstory elements.



Examine Desk

Take Book

Combine Parchment & Book in inventory

Put Book with parchment on Bookshelf


Use Keyring on left-hand Door, enter Door

Examine Lecture schedule

Move Prof. Patterson's Magnetic plate down one slot

Move Dr. Forrester's Magnetic plate into Empty field at top


Cruise Ship

Take Roller skate

Exit into cabin corridor and encounter a passenger

End dialog
Go upstairs to Reception

Take Bell


Return to Reception

Use Roller skate on UFO

Move UFO over window

Follow exit to ship's exterior and go to Sun deck

Take Ice bucket and Woolen blanket

Exit left to pool

Fill Ice bucket in pool

Return to cabin corridor and exit downwards to laundry room corridor

Take Oar and Flashlight

Enter laundry room at left

The faucet in the sink here is broken, so it could not have been used to fill the bucket

Use Ice bucket on Soap dispenser

Combine Woolen blanket & Ice bucket in inventory

Combine Oar & Cleaning utensils in inventory

Go to cabin corridor

Use Extended cleaning utensils on Window

Use Flashlight on Window

Exit to laundry room corridor

Examine Picture

Take Picture

Enter laundry room

Use Picture with Steam, get Photo

Examine Photo in inventory

Go to cabin corridor

Examine the middle door of the three at the end of the corridor (Sick Bay)

Use Photo on Window


Nina is back in her cabin after her handbag is stolen

Use Suitcase


Red socks


Go to Sun deck

Take Lifebelt, Toothpicks, CD and Poster

Exit to pool

Talk to Passenger, get Tube of sunscreen

Go to Reception and exit left into the restaurant


Take Roses and Bottle opener

Go to laundry room corridor

Talk to Passenger


End dialog

Enter laundry room

Use Tube of sunscreen on Soap dispenser

Use Nina's key card on Bell

Exit and talk to Passenger

Re-enter laundry room

Put Bathrobe and Red socks into Washing machine

Turn on Washing machine, get Wet bathrobe and Wet red socks

Take fabric

Go to the ship's exterior and head for the Upper deck

Use Wet bathrobe on Ventilation

Go to pool

Give Tube of sunscreen with soap to Passenger

Take Sunglasses

Combine Fabric, Lifebelt, Roses, Pink bathrobe & Sunglasses in inventory


Use Disguise on Nina

Talk to Barkeeper

Key card

End dialog

Go to Reception

Put Bell on Bolt

Use Bottle opener on Bell to summon porter

End dialog
Give Poster to Porter

Use CD on Counter to find out Ms. Jordan is in Cabin 2

Go to Sun deck

Use Disguise on Nina

Talk to Barkeeper

Key card (02)
Go to cabin corridor

Use Key card 02 with cabin #2 Door behind the stairs

Take magazine

Take handbag to trigger:


Go to Sun deck

Talk to Ms. Jordan

Talk to Barkeeper


End dialog

Give Cocktail to Ms. Jordan


Go to restaurant


Back out from closeup of doctor and go to Reception

Use Bowl, get Marzipan potatoes

Enter restaurant

Use Magazine with Photo

Take aluminum foil

Talk to Passenger

Prize draw

End dialog

Combine Toothpicks & Aluminum foil in inventory

Combine Marzipan potatoes & Aluminum foil in inventory

Combine Aluminum toothpicks & Aluminum potatoes in inventory

Give Atomium to Passenger, get Lottery ball

Go to Sun deck

Talk to Boy

Bongo drums

End dialog

Give Lottery ball to Boy, get Bongo drums

Take MP3 player

Go to Upper deck

Use door to talk to Captain


End dialog

Go to Reception

Use MP3 player on Microphone

Talk to Passenger

Ship's voyage




Get photo of disguised doctor

Go to Upper deck

Use door to talk to Captain


The playable demo ends here


Take Bamboo tube with wire

From Fruit bowl, take 3 Oranges

Combine Wire, 3 Oranges, Bamboo tube & Signal rocket in inventory

Use Mobile rocket launch pad on ramp


Use Tree, get Papaya

Take Fence

Take Bamboo tube

Take Flag

Take Peacock feather

Take Documents

Take Hard hat

Open Backpack, get Wrapped donut, Balloon, Beer can and Glow sticks

Use Destroyed tent, get Tent poles

Take Teapot

Take Hibiscus

Use Teapot in River

Combine Teapot full of water & Blossoms in inventory

Put Teapot with floating blossoms in Campfire site

Combine Papaya & Teapot with red mush in inventory

Examine Wrapped donut in inventory, get Cling wrap

Combine Teapot with red mush & Cling wrap in inventory, get Red cling wrap

Combine Fence & Tent poles in inventory

Put Reinforced fence in River

Use Flag on Branch, get Fish

Scroll right and use Beer can on Garden

Give Red papaya to Monkey

Exit to the jungle

Take White berries

Exit to the back of the temple

Use Donut on Hole in temple wall

Take Honeycomb

Take Rafflesia

Clear away Spider web

Use Flag with Tendril

Exit to camp

Take Beer can

Scroll left and put Rafflesia on Flat stone, get Frog

Scroll right and exit to the jungle

Take Flag

Take Spider web

Go to the temple square

Use Rafflesia on guard

Use Tent poles on Rafflesia

Take Venus flytrap

Exit to the back of the temple

Examine Inscription on temple wall

An object must be placed in each of six Niches

Examine Translation in inventory:

Honor the goddess, enthroned above all.
With her radiant being and ever-open eye, she looks down upon her subjects: the mute and the homeless.
Yet they have no one to blame for their miserable state but themselves. Were they not so self-centered, then they could see the riches at their feet; the Queen's gold.
Examine List of planets in inventory: Venus, the goddess of love, is right at the top.

This suggests that the Venus flytrap be placed in the top position (although it's unlikely that ancient island dwellers would use the modern colloquial term for that plant)

The Queen's gold at their feet could refer to a gold-colored product of a queen (bee): a honeycomb in the bottom position

Other references in the translation (some debatable):

Radiant being: Fireflies
Ever-open eye: Peacock feather
The mute: Fish
The homeless: Slug
Place objects in Niches as follows:
Temple Puzzle

Cruise Ship, Part 2

Take Bust

Examine Picture of a ship
Note date: 7 April 1975, written numerically, this could be 7 4 75

Back out and use Combination lock

Enter 7 4 7 5

Open lowest of three Drawers

Use Bust on upper Hatch

Use upper Hatch

Take Metal rod

Use Bongo drum on Jet of water

Use lower Hatch

Use Lever

Full speed ahead


Use Chain on Steel girder

Use Metal rod on Chain

Use Lever

Full speed backwards
Talk to Nina's rescuer

Use upper hatch

Take Documents

Use lower Hatch

Give Ticket with letter to Nina's rescuer

Use (empty) Bongo drum on pipe

Use Bongo drum with water on Pipe, get Bongo drum with oil

Use Bongo drum with oil on lower Hatch

Open lower Hatch

Use lower Hatch



Take Rake

Take Hat stand

Take Handbag

Take Briefcase

Examine Briefcase in inventory to get Documents and Candy bar

Take Wheel

Take Sheet of metal

Combine Rake & Sheet of metal in inventory

Take Speargun

Use Speargun on Power pole

Take Car battery

Take Firehose

Combine Wheel & Firehose in inventory

Use Car battery on Tool box

Take Life vest

Take Pebbles

Combine Handbag & Pebbles in inventory

Take Suitcase

Scroll left and use Handbag with pebbles on Medical Kit, get Medical Kit and two Buckets

Combine Hat stand & Bucket in inventory

Examine Medical Kit in inventory

Combine Bucket & Bandages in inventory

Use Bandaged bucket with Sea

Use Power pole to turn off the power

Use Documents on High voltage cable

Use Power pole to ignite the documents

Use Makeshift shovel with Small fire

Use Shovel with fire on Barrel

Combine Hat stand with bucket & Bucket with water in inventory

Use Hat stand with bucket of water on Big fire

Use Candy bar in Bucket of water

Scroll left and give Bucket with chocolate water to Nina's rescuer


Use Bucket on Landslide, get Fan blade

Use Hose wheel on Motorcycle

Use Motorcycle on Boat

Use Tool box on Motorcycle

Use Life vest on Boat

Use Fan blade on Boat

Use Tool box on Suitcase, get Camera and Suit

Use Tank bag, get Map

Give Suit to David Korell

Exit left

Scroll left and use Digital camera on signpost

Examine map in inventory

Scroll right and talk to David Korell


Indonesia, Part 2

Use Hard hat on Max

Examine Wall painting to see a multi-colored picture

Combine Hard hat & Red cling wrap in inventory

This discloses the red portion of the picture

Examining the List of planets in inventory shows that the red symbol is Juno

Combine Hard hat & Balloon in inventory

The green symbol is Venus

Combine Hard hat & Flag in inventory

The blue symbol is Neptune

Click on the Hard hat icon on the main screen

Use Hard hat on Max (no screen Search icon) to restore the white light

Use the Ancient control panel

You know the three buttons to press, but not the order (there are 6 possibilities)

In the first row, press the Venus (green) symbol fourth from the right

In the second row, press the Juno (red) symbol second from the left

In row three, press the Neptune (blue) symbol second from the right


Play Max

Use Bamboo tube with Hole to transfer to Sam

Transfer White berries to Sam

Play Sam

Use Bamboo tube on Fruit bowl, get Raspberry

Combine White berries & Raspberry in inventory

Use Laced raspberry on Fruit bowl

Talk to guard



Play Max

Use Glow sticks with Ugly face

Put Frog in Ugly face



Exit left to information board area

Take Paper cup

Take Aluminum foil

Combine Paper cup & Aluminum foil in inventory

Exit left to signpost area

Take Mirror

Use Table to get Pocket knife, Spirit level, Power cable and Cloth pouch

Combine Mirror & Power cable in inventory

Exit left to statue area, get Elise's letter

Examine Statue

Use Spirit level on Left arm

Back out and exit to signpost area

Use Signpost

Turn left

Turn left

Turn left


Signpost is now aligned with laser beam

Return to statue area and examine Statue

Take Spirit level

Back out and exit

Use Spirit level with Signpost

Exit right to information board area

Use Information board

Founding and rise




Use Pocket knife on Flap to get batteries

Exit right to ruins

Use Pocket knife on Rockslide sign

Go to signpost area

Use Pocket knife on Plastic boulder

Use Rockslide sign on parking Sign

Put Plastic boulder into Derelict car

Exit right to information board area

Use Bowl to get a Fortune cookie

Use the Fortune cookie on Nina to get a Message

Repeat the process until you have 3 Messages in inventory

If the orientation of the Message icon in inventory is angled, it is not the correct one

The fortune cookie Message of interest is the one whose icon is horizontal

Examine this Message in inventory to confirm that it says:

"If you ignore the warning and disregard your neighbor's misfortune, disaster will strike you also."
Give the (horizontal) Message to Chinese man, get Fresh fortune cookie

Exit right to ruins

Give Fresh fortune cookie to Surveyor

Talk to Surveyor



Return to information board area

Talk to Chinese man

Snack stand (icon at right)
Laser beam fades out

Exit left to signpost area

Use Batteries with Spirit level

Exit right to information board area

Use Tied-up mirror with Hook

Use Cloth pouch with Molehill

Use Filled cloth pouch with Mirror

Use Aluminum foil with Molehill

Exit right to ruins

Put Paper cup with aluminum foil into Rubble

Examine Rubble

Talk to Surveyor

Archeological finds

Use Iron ring

Examine Stone discs

Press the lower rectangular Button to reset the puzzle to its original position

This puzzle consists of 3 colored Stone discs with 8 radial positions (one of which is a hole), controlled by the three circular Buttons. The modulo-8 math is easier if we use Position 0 for the hole, and Positions 1-7 for the ones marked II-VIII. Some experimentation with the Buttons shows how the discs are rotated, and the moves necessary to align all three of their holes:

Discs Puzzle
The Blue disc is controlled solely by the Right button, so:
Discs Puzzle Solution
A ten-move solution (since the move order is immaterial) is:
Press Left button 4 times
Press Middle button once
Press Right button 5 times
Take Ring and back out

Examine Wooden board

Use Ring in Indentation

David Korell talks to you

End Dialog
Examine Wooden board

Referring to the letters shown on the Wooden board and the pattern in the Sketch in inventory, you can trace out a path to spell "AUSTREBERT". There is no solution without retracing your steps:

1. Start with A in left region
2. Move to U at lower left
3. Move straight right to S
4. Move to T at upper right
5. Move to R at lower right
6. Move straight right to E
7. Move to B at upper left
8. Return to E at lower right
9. Return straight left to R
10. Return to T at upper left


Now at Cemetery

Take Blue stone to enter crypt

Use Hole to get freed by homeless man


End dialog

Use Compost heap, get Candle and Stick

Based on the homeless man's responses, the Diary shows the following information about the curator:

Name was something like "Michel"

Served the cardinal for 40 years

Died ten years after 1663 and in a squalid setting

Appeared heavily covered up in public

Exit to the cemetery
1670 (died in 1673)

Poor (died in squalid basement)

Old (served Cardinal for 40 years)

Women (dressed secretly)

Note letter rotations on headstone:
Top of "S" at lower right/upper left

Top of "a" at right

Top of "f" at lower left

Back out and enter ruin

Use Hole to enter crypt

Examine Emblem

Rotate the top of all three S letters to lower right or upper left

Rotate the top of letter A to the right

Rotate the top of letter F to lower left

Gap at left opens up

Exit left

Examine Mosaic

Put White king into one of the empty fields

Back out and exit to the crypt

Use Hole

Exit ruin

Talk to Homeless man

Get map of Paris locations

Now at Bridge

Use Garbage heap, get Five cents and Pacifier

Talk to Street cleaner


End dialog

Exit to Metro

Talk to Passerby

End dialog
Enter station

Take Teddy bear and Umbrella

Examine Window

Use Candle on Station clock

Back out and use Clockwork mechanism twice


Now in Park (new destination on map)

Scroll left and take Hula hoop and Tennis ball

To get the zoo to open, talk to Homeless man




End dialog

Use Map to go to Zoo

Take Nail polish

Take Soda can

Exit left to monkey cage


Talk to Zookeeper


End dialog

Return to monkey cage

Use Stick with Hole

Use Soda can with Stick

Use Hula hoop with Crack in the ground

Use Umbrella on Monkey

Use Hula hoop

Use Tennis ball on Soda can

Take Can of peanuts

Exit right twice to crocodile pool

Take Noisemaker

Put Teddy bear into Water in the enclosure

Scroll left and use Boat

Scroll right and use Can of peanuts on Bird's nest

Use Tree to get Black castle

Use Map to go to Bridge

Use Umbrella on Blue stone, get Black pawn

Use Noisemaker on Nina

Scroll right and exit to Metro

Take Candle

Use Nail polish on Car

Use Map to go to Park

Use Noisemaker on Nina

Scroll right and talk to Rossi


End dialog

Use Five cents with Fountain


Use Map to go to Zoo

Go to crocodile pool

Use Noisemaker on Nina

Use Map to go to Zoo

Talk to Zookeeper


End dialog

Use Baguette with Milk cans

Use Map to go to Park

Use Fountain, get Five cents and Ten cents

Scroll left and give Soggy baguette to Homeless man


End dialog

Use Map to go to Metro

Enter station

Use Ten cents in Bubble gum machine, get Bubble gum

Use Map to go to Jail

Examine right-hand Cell

Use Bubble gum on left-hand Cell

Talk to Police officer



End dialog

Use Bottle of booze on Nina

Talk to Police officer

Use Bottle of booze on Syringe


Take Broken ball

Take Spoon

Use Spoon on Blue stone

Talk to Wall

Puzzle: 3-digit number
"The first digit is a number between 1 and 5. Take a good look around your cell. It doesn't matter how long you search, you will never find the answer."
1: Person, door, chair, etc.
2: Bunks
3: Coat hooks
4: Chair legs
5: Answer
"The second digit is simple. They have you trapped. It is an odd number larger than 1."
Number of bars in Window: 9
"The last digit, definitely even, and also to be found in your cell. They all stand, but not all of them can walk."
Legs: 4 on chair (cannot walk) + 2 on Nina (can walk) = 6
5 9 6
Use Spoon on Blue stone, get Black king

Use door

Use Map to go to Park

Use Broken ball on Fountain

Use Map to go to Metro

Enter station

Use Ball with water on Fountain

Use Switch box

Use Pacifier on Fountain

Use Candle on Fountain

Use Switch box

Use Umbrella on Blue stone, get White knight

Use Map to go to cemetery

Go to the abyss

Examine Map on the wall for clues:

The king was in dire straits. He had withdrawn to Provence, and the options he had left did not bode well.

The peasants were rising to the north, and the reinforcements from the kingdom of Navarre, who had just crossed the border, were forced to go up against a massive fortress to the east.

Meanwhile, his opponent sat back and eagerly watched the spectacle unfold from his country estate in Brittany.

Back out and examine Mosaic for the chess puzzle

Move white squares to make room for the solution as follows:

Chess Puzzle
WK: White king in Provence

BP: Black pawn in Dauphine (peasants to the north of the king)

WKt: White knight in Gascogne (reinforcements across the border from Navarre)

BC: Black castle in Toulouse (fortress to the east of reinforcements)

BK: Black king in Brittany (Bretagne in French)



Take Apple

Use Apple on Trash picker

Use Trash picker on Stove door


Give any response to Shelton's question

Take Vase

Take Spade

Exit into the corridor at rear

Examine Window at left to discover Nina

Play Max

Back out and use Trash picker on Mousetrap to get Cheese

Use rear Window to enter storeroom

Take Ice spray

Examine Magazines and Books for clues:

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

666 - The Devil's Number

11 Friends

Take Camera

Take Sacks

Take GameGirl

Take Coat hanger

Use Coat hanger on TV set

Pick up TV set

Put TV set with antenna onto Lectern

Switch on TV set

Exit through the window at left

Return to the gravesite and exit left to courtyard

Use Ice spray on Thermometer

Play Nina

Use Cell door to talk to the guard


End dialog

Play Max

Back out and return to the corridor

Examine Nina's cell Window

Use Trash picker on Cowl

Back out and use Cowl on Max

Go to gravesite

Use Spade on Doghouse

Use Sack on Debris

Exit left to courtyard

Take Wild garlic

If the guard is not there, either wait for him to show up, or revisit the gravesite to force it

Talk to guard

Guard now disappears

Use Camera with Bench, get Photo

Enter Prison door

Combine GameGirl & Photo in inventory

Give Illuminated photo to Nina

Clues: Snow White, soccer and devil

Correspondences from book in storeroom:

7 dwarfs

11 players on a team

666 Devil's number

Use Number pad to enter code 7 1 1 6 6 6 and open cell door to release Nina

Now in storeroom with Nina

Use Sack on Nina

Combine Coal sack & Nina in a sack in inventory

Exit right to courtyard

Use Nina in a coal sack on guard at right in front of the tower entrance


Now playing as Nina in the cellar (what happened to the coal sacks?)

Take Coals

Take Helmet

Take Wine bottle

Take Cloth handkerchiefs

Use Cloth handkerchiefs in Window to give to Max

Play Max

Return to storeroom

Use Cloth handkerchiefs with Sewing machine

Return to gravesite

Combine Vase, Cheese & Wild garlic in inventory

Use Sheet on Cellar window to give to Nina

Give Trash picker and Vase with ingredients to Nina

Play Nina

Combine Sheet & Trash picker in inventory

Combine Wine bottle & Vase with ingredients in inventory

Combine Potential cheese soup & Helmet in inventory

Use Trash picker with quilt on Bird cage

Take Gold medals

Use Coals in Stove

Use Potential cheese soup on Stove

Combine Vase & Helmet with cheese soup in inventory

Give Gold medals and Vase with cheese soup to Max

Play Max

Return to courtyard and give Vase with cheese soup to seated guard

Use Gold medals with Straw

Talk to Guard

Press Alarm button


Throw Helmet with cheese soup at Pat Shelton (any other action causes a "Game Over" rewind)

Press Green button

0 Enter

Press Purple button

0 (any number other than 1 to deactivate alarm system) Enter

Press Red button

Enter seven-digit telephone code from "Zandona" book at right:

	Z A N D O N A
	9 1 5 2 5 5 1 Enter
Chip card is added to your inventory


Nina will now automatically move every 18 seconds between the bottom level (red door) and the middle level (world map) of the castle, or you can move her manually by jumping down or using the Shaft to move up

While at the bottom level, take Oil canister

While at the middle level, use Shaft to move up to the top level (desk and windows)

Use Oil canister on window

Use Oil canister with holes on Stairs

Push Statue


Endgame sequence in which, like in Secret Files 1, we get to find out what happened to all of the secondary characters in the game

Statistics for the gameplay are then shown.

{Endgame cutscene}


Cruise Ship Map

Indonesia Map

Gatineau Map

Paris Map

Chateau Map

Table of Contents


Copyright © 2017 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 2008-2009 Animation Arts Creative GmbH & Fusionsphere Systems Ltd. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software.