Secret Files - Tunguska

Secret Files - Tunguska

11 March 2017

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Secret Files - Tunguska is the first in a series of three games from distributor Deep Silver using an excellent game interface from Animation Arts. In this interface, the spacebar can be used to highlight all hotspots in the current game panel, and the mouse icon shows in green which mouse buttons can be pressed. Left-clicking initiates active verbs, such as Use, Take, Open, Put, Move, Give, Talk to, Select, Enter, Exit and Combine (in the inventory bar). Right-clicking executes passive verbs such as Examine or Read, and can be used to skip video sequences and dialog. Unfortunately there's no way to speed up character movement except when using the double-click option to exit a scene (this was improved in the game sequels). The top center of the screen is usually a safe place to position the cursor when right-clicking to skip dialog sequences. If you have the subtitles turned on, dialog from different characters is shown in different colors, and when a character is thinking rather than talking, the text is shown in italics. When an inventory item is added, consumed or changed, an icon appears briefly at upper left as a reminder. Most of the puzzles in the game are inventory-based. A few chapters are terminated with standalone puzzles, but these are easy and also have optional hints within the game.

As a general rule, be sure not to miss any hotspots, especially along the edges of the screen, or in areas without a lot of contrast with the "pulsing magnifying glass" icon. Also be sure to walk to the edges of each screen to scroll sideways in case the scene is wider than what's initially displayed. If you get stuck, try combining new inventory items with existing inventory items and using them on all hotspots. Also, right-click items in the inventory list to see if their descriptions have changed. Occasionally, you may need to move a character out of the way in order to interact with a hotspot in the scene.

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game; other gameplay sequences and dialog choices can provide additional backstory elements.


Start out in the office of Vladimir Kalenkov (Nina's missing father)

Take Porcelain bowl from table

Take Piece of rock from table

Use Phone to call Berlin police

Take Flask from top of machine at far right

Combine Piece of rock & Flask

Exit to hallway

Examine Nameplate at left to identify Max Gruber's office

Exit right to the museum exhibit hall

Examine List of personnel on wall at left to find out that Max Gruber is in office 4

Enter the rear area between the Tyrannosaurus and the Triceratops

Examine Statue, then open Secret door

Take Key from inside the statue


Exit by Stairs at left

Use Key on Fuse box

Use Fuse box to turn down the music

Enter office at left

Exhaust all three dialog choices with Max

Go back to Vladimir Kalenkov's office

Exhaust all three dialog choices with Detective Kanski

After an automatic exit from the museum, take Yellow glass shards at right

Use Key ring on Motorcycle seat

Use Motorcycle seat to get Cell phone and Sunglasses

Combine Yellow shard & Sunglasses to make Green shard

Use Motorcycle

Exit Vladimir's apartment to courtyard

Examine Garbage bin to get Rubber glove and bicycle Spoke

Re-enter apartment

Lift up Carpet edge

Use Spoke on floor Gap to get Cassette

Examine Desk at left

Put Cassette into Cassette tape recorder at upper left

Operate Cassette tape recorder to disclose the riddle:

The first and last on the car, a fourth of the openings in the entrance to the underworld, and finally, the guardians of my work.
Back out and exit to courtyard

Take Handle from Bucket under downspout

Use Bike to get Air pump

Note that the car license plate number is B WK 283

Note that the sewer grate has 16 holes

Examine the Crate in the garage to get Double-sided tape and Glue

Combine Cell phone & Double-sided tape

Re-enter apartment and examine Desk

Use computer Keyboard

Enter code 2 3 4 2:

2: First number on car license plate
3: Last number on car license plate
4: 1/4 of the 16 openings in the sewer grate ("entrance to the underworld")
2: May refer to Manuel Perez and Ken Morangie, but can also be found by trial and error
Examine Monitor to read email from Oleg at

Take piece of smelly Pizza

Take Salt shaker

If desired, take Pencil

Back out and take Portable cassette player from the floor

Examine the Portable cassette player in inventory to get its Batteries

Exit to courtyard

Take Motorcycle back to Museum entrance

Click on the Girl on the bench



End discussion

Get Flat tube from Bike

Combine Air pump & Flat tube

Take Motorcycle back to Vladimir's House

Use Tube on Bucket of water in courtyard

Combine Rubber glove & Glue

Combine Tube & Sticky rubber glove

Take Motorcycle back to Museum

Use Patched tube on Bike

Talk to Girl


End discussion

You now have a Camera

Combine Batteries & Camera

Close Diary

Give Camera to Girl and get Magnet

Take Motorcycle back to Vladimir's House

Enter apartment

Use Magnet with Fish tank to get Key

Take Book from drawer on bed

Examine Book in inventory to disclose a lock

Combine Key & Book casket to get Vladimir's address book & Note

Examine Vladimir's address book in inventory to get address of Oleg Kambursky

Exit to courtyard

Take Motorcycle to Oleg's House

Take blue Plastic bag

Combine Handle & Plastic bag

Go to front door of house and use Doorbell

Back out and go along Path to backyard

Take Broomstick

Combine Reinforced plastic bag & Broomstick

Use Porcelain bowl with Garden hose

Examine Window slit

Back out and exit to street

Return to front door

Put Pizza into feeding dish

Put taped Cell phone on Cat

Use Salt shaker on Pizza

Back out from rear window and exit to street

Use Telephone booth

Use Brailer on Cell phone in tree

Take Motorcycle to Museum


The playable demo ends at this point

You are no longer able to return to any other location on the motorcycle

Enter museum and use Stairs at left

Take Plant

Enter Max's office at left

Exhaust all four dialog choices with Max

You now have a Diadem

Use Spoke on Totem to get Red glass bead

Open Refrigerator to get Acid bottle and Cement bag

Combine Flask with stone & Acid bottle to get Amethyst

If the porcelain bowl does not have water in it, go into Vladimir's office and use the bowl with the radiator vent

Combine Porcelain bowl with water & Cement bag

Combine Piece of plant & Porcelain bowl with water and cement to make Putty

Combine Diadem & Putty in porcelain bowl

Combine Diadem & Red glass bead

Combine Diadem & Green shard

Combine Diadem & Amethyst

Return to the dinosaur exhibit and put the Diadem on the Lamp near the Triceratops head

Examine the Plan illuminated on the wall

Back out

Exhaust both dialog choices with Max

Examine the Relief disk

Take Coin from Relief disk, then back out

Return to Vladimir's office and zoom in on the Coin showcase by the window

Put the Coin into the empty compartment

Read the note at upper right to identify the puzzle goal:

Whether vertical, horizontal, or in both main diagonals: make sure that there is never a repeat within a line.
In the following diagram, swap coin pairs A, B, C, D, E and F to find one solution:
Coins Puzzle
If the coins are numbered from 1 to 4, largest to smallest, a solution keeping the first column intact is
Coin Solution
One other solution keeping the first column intact can be found using the following coin pair swaps and resulting arrangement:
Coin Solution 2


Examine Bag to get Bread box

Examine Bread box in inventory to get Bread and butter and Rubber band

Take Bricks

Put Bricks under Car's rear axle

Use Bread and butter on Rusty car jack

Take Car jack

Touch Rubble to get Nut and Y-shaped Unidentifiable thing

Combine Rubber band & Unidentifiable thing to make a Slingshot

Combine Nut & Slingshot (or use a Pebble found in the next scene)

Exit to the station Side entrance

Use Loaded slingshot on Lamp above guard

Take Newspaper

If you didn't pick up the Pencil from the desk in Vladimir's house, take one from the side of the guard shack


Talk to the sewer worker



End discussion

Combine Newspaper & Pencil

Give Newspaper to the Sewer worker and he leaves

Take Hose

Take Barrier to get Iron bars and Barrier tape

Exit back to the station Side entrance

Examine Cigarette butts on the ground

Give the Iron bars to Sergeant Yushin to get bent ones

Talk to Sergeant Yushin


End discussion

Now have Cigarette


Go down manhole (Canal) into sewer

Take Matches

Use Car jack on Door

Exit through door

Use Bent iron bars on Ascent (ladder)

Climb ladder into bathroom

Examine Opening under stall door

Talk to train driver's Legs

End discussion
Back out and exit left into changing room passage

Combine Cigarette & Matches

Put lit Cigarette on Dish

Open right-hand Locker and examine it

Take Radio

Examine Radio in inventory to determine that it's #15

Take Stocking

Take Uniform

Back out and exit through door into train station

Exit through Passage to train

Talk to Soldier to find out the Central dispatch code is 48


End discussion

Return to the bathroom

Put Hose on sink Faucet

Put end of Hose in Urinal

Turn on Faucet

Return down to the sewer door

Put Stocking on Pipe

Put Barrier tape on Stocking

Go through the sewer door

Examine Distributor

Turn Wheel on pipe

Exit right to sewer door

Take Stocking with key

Return to the station Side entrance and talk to Sergeant Yushin

FSB agents

End discussion

Now have FSB agent names Fetisov and Radenkov

Return to the bathroom

Examine opening under stall door

Give Stocking with key to Train driver

Back out and exit to changing room

Use Radio on Nina from 15 to 48 (Central)

FSB agents
Exit into train station and enter the game room door formerly guarded by MIB

Examine Solotov to get Dog tags

Examine Dog tags in inventory to get Solotov's service number: 31545

Return to changing room

Open left-hand locker

Use Solotov's code 31545

Examine locker to get Permit

Return to Soldier guarding the train

Give Permit to Soldier

(It's possible to skip the steps with the FSB agents and the game room if you already have the locker code.)



Take Bottle of orange juice

Enter the galley in the rear of this train car

Take Honey

Put Honey in Pot

Empty Bottle of orange juice into Pot with ingredients

Fill Empty bottle with water at Faucet

Exit galley and into the next train car

Take White bread

Exit rear into the next car

Take 100 watt bulb from Lamp

Return to sleeping soldier's car

Use 100 watt bulb in Lamp above soldier

Turn on Light switch to wake soldier

Exit galley

Open soldier's Bag to get Castor oil

Take Dried fruit

Enter galley

Put Castor oil and Dried fruit into Pot with ingredients

Put White bread into Pot with laxative jam

Exit galley and enter the next car

Talk to Assistant

End discussion
Give White bread with laxative jam to Scientist

Talk to Scientist

Work wagon



End discussion

Talk to Assistant

End discussion

Pour Bottle with water onto Power outlet

Take Glass containing plant sample from table

Take Glass containing plant sample from floor

Examine each of two Plant samples in inventory to take them out of their jars

Combine both Plant samples together

Combine Plant sample & Sample glass

Put Plant sample in jar onto Small desk


Examine Ant

Examine Book

Examine Notes on the computer monitor

Examine File folder


Take dog leash

Scroll right and take a Juicy steak from Ice chest

Combine Sample glass & Juicy steak

Take vacuum cleaner Tube

Take vacuum cleaner Hose

Combine Dog leash & Tube

Put Meat in jar into right Cage

Take Piece of bone from left Cage

Use Piece of bone to open Flap in vacuum cleaner

Examine Inside of vacuum cleaner to get Vacuum cleaner bag

Examine Vacuum cleaner bag in inventory to get Barrette and Animal hair

Use Leash with pipe on ceiling Hatch twice

Use Hatch

A "Vagon-Defectoscop" apparently is a railway car for testing the track

Take Leash with pipe

Put Animal hair into right-hand Pipe on top of train car

Use Hose on either roof Pipe to make train window open

Use Leash with pipe on either roof Pipe

Enter Window

Take Skull from skeleton

Take yellow Flower vase

Examine Desk

Unlock Drawer with Barrette

Open Drawer and take Statue

Back out and put Statue in Socket on empty plinth

Turn all four Statues to face left like the Lenin portrait on the wall

Enter secret room and take Book from Torture chair

Exit secret room

Put Book into the open slot in the shelf of Books

Re-enter the secret room to see that a Niche in the wall has now opened

Put Skull into Niche to access the Safe

Examine the Safe to see a puzzle

Nina's comments indicate that all lights should be turned off. A little experimentation shows that pressing any Lamp changes the on/off state of that lamp and its immediate neighbors to the left, right, up and down. A convenient RESET button changes the puzzle back to its initial state with 8 bulbs lit:

Press 5 lamps in the following locations (the order in which you press the lamps does not affect the outcome):
Safe Solution


Nina has been in a train wreck, and you are now playing as Max

Take Textile bag

Take Red berries from Shrub

Combine Textile bag & Red berries

Examine the Ambulance to get its phone number: 03112

Give Dirty bag to Oleg

Use Cell phone on Max

Now in the courtyard, take Surgery pliers

Look at Shadow, then at Lamp

Use Surgery pliers to get Key from Lamp

Use Key to unlock cellar Door

Enter cellar

Take Handheld fan

Examine open drawer of File cabinet

Take Anesthetic from Bottles area

Go through door into next room

Take Ammonia gas

Take Stethoscope

Take Syringe

Take Scalpel

Use Stethoscope on Door at right

Exit through door at right

Return to courtyard

Exit left to front of building

Use Scalpel on Satellite dish to make the guard leave his TV

Exit right to courtyard

Use Stethoscope on Pipe

Use Ammonia gas on Pipe

Use Handheld fan on Pipe to wake up Nina

Activate Nina using the icon at lower right

Take Crocheted place mat that was being used as a pillow

Use Crocheted place mat on Sharp edge of wall to get Thread

Take Small stone

Combine Thread & Small stone

Use Tied-up stone with Drain

Activate Max

Use Scalpel on Pipe to send it to Nina

Switch to Nina

Use Scalpel on Chair leg

Use Scalpel on Mattress to get Foam

Send Chair leg and Foam down the Drain to Max

Switch to Max

Combine Syringe & Chair leg to make Blowgun

Combine Anesthetic & Blowgun

Return through cellar to TV room

Remove Wedge from safety door

Use Poisoned blowgun on Peephole in door

Use Foam with Dish of cheese soup by TV

Get Tack from Pinboard

Combine Anesthetic & Tack

Return to courtyard and send Chair leg and Cheesy foam to Nina

Switch to Nina

Combine Thread & Cheesy foam

Take Bowl

Combine Chair leg & Bowl

Combine Tied-up cheesy foam & Rat trap

Use Rat trap with bait in Rat hole

Get Rat from Rat trap

Send Rat to Max

Switch to Max

Return to TV room and exit via Stairs at right

Use Rat on Guard

Use Poisoned tack on Chair

Go back upstairs and examine Guard to get Key to cell

Use Key to cell on Door to free Nina



Now playing as Nina, examine Jeep

Take Ketchup

Take First aid kit

Examine First aid kit in inventory to get Vodka

Back out and take Spade from back of Jeep

Scroll right and use Spade on Crate

Take Destroyed crate

Enter tent

Take Wooden spoon

Take Cup

Take Grate

Take Scissors

Take Tassel to get twine


Scroll right and use Spade on Tree

Use Cup on tree Resin

Take Bark

Follow the path to the right

Take Pointed stone

Combine Scissors & Pointed stone

Use Spade to dig up Gentian flower

Use Grate on steaming sulfur Hole

Follow the path left

Scroll left to the water barrel

Use Bark on Water basin

Remove Plug from barrel

Use Sharp scissors on Reindeer to get Reindeer hair

Combine Twine & Reindeer hair

Combine Wooden spoon & Wisp of hair to make Brush

Use Cup on Water basin

Return to the sulfur hole

Put Cup on Grate, then retrieve Cup

Combine Brush & Cup

Take Grate

Re-enter tent

Use Brush with resin on Snippets of parchment in fireplace to discover a Recipe for healing:

5 parts of the Source of Life
2 parts of Root of Tears
1 part Blood of the Night
3 parts Drops of Intoxication
To be taken shortly before it unites with the wind
Put Debris from a crate into Fireplace

Put Grate in Fireplace

Give Recipe parchment to shepherd Evenk to get a Vial

Combine Vial & Ketchup

Combine Vial & Vodka

Put Vial in Nutcracker

Put Gentian in Nutcracker

Take Vial

Exit tent and use Vial on Water basin

Re-enter tent

Use Matches on Fireplace

Put Vial on Grate

Take Vial

Give Vial to Evenk


Take left path to generator shed

Take Oil lamp

Take Hose

Take path at the top of the screen

Examine the Wheel rim on the truck to get two wing Nuts

Use Hose on Tank

Use Vodka bottle on Tank to get Bottle with diesel fuel

Return to the shed

Use Bottle with diesel fuel on generator

Use Nut with generator Coil

Take the path to the right and enter the cabin

Take Glass shard

Take Rag

Combine Oil lamp & Rag

Exit cabin and use Saturated rag on Window

Re-enter cabin and examine Chimney

Use Oil lamp on Chimney to shed some light

Take Aluminum foil

Combine Glass shard & Aluminum foil

Use Saturated rag on back wall of Chimney

Examine back wall to disclose a code: 7 1/2 - 3 - 10 1/2 - 6

Note that on a 12-hour clock, these numbers could correspond to compass directions: SW - E - NW - S

Back out from chimney

Examine Compass

To dial in the combination SW - E - NW - S, put one or two magnetized wingnuts on the corresponding metal pegs and then press the center compass button:

1. S and W
2. E only
3. N and W
4. S only
Note that all wingnuts used must be returned to inventory before they can be reused.

Examine the Secret compartment to get Film feel

Use Film reel on Projector

Try to operate the Projector to determine that its bulb is burned out

Use Shard in aluminum foil on Projector

Operate Projector



This chapter and the next may be played in parallel by alternately switching between Nina and Max

Enter through front door into foyer

Talk to dancing receptionist nurse



End discussion

Use Magazine stand to get Newspaper

Exit towards the bottom of the screen into the card room

Take Glasses

Talk to Patient

House of cards

End discussion

Return to the street and enter the courtyard through the arched gate at right

Get Log from Stack of wood

Exit right to kitchen

Take Meat fork

Take Sausage tongs

Take Weights

Put Log into Stove

Put Newspaper into Stove

Use Glasses with Stove to light fire

Use Sausage tongs on Stove to get Charred log

Return to the card room

Put Weights on Record player

Return to the street and talk to the Gate keeper artist

Portrait of Sabrina

End discussion

Give Charred log to Gate keeper
Portrait of Sabrina

End discussion

Now have Wrapped portrait

Return to foyer

Give Wrapped portrait to Female nurse Sabrina

End discussion
Return to the courtyard

Talk to Worker



End discussion

Exit right to kitchen

Put bag into stove

Return to card room

Put Portrait of Sabrina on Copier to get Copied pictures

Return to foyer

Give Copied pictures to Sabrina

Exit to upper left

Enter door on the right

Examine bed to view newspaper clipping

Back out

Examine Surveillance camera

Examine Tiles that fell out of the wall

Examine floor Stains

Examine Scratches on the wall

Only after everything has been examined are you allowed to leave the cell

Return to foyer

Talk to Sabrina

Perez's cell

End discussion

Return to courtyard

Combine Meat fork & Portrait of Sabrina

Put Skewered portrait onto Door frame

Open Door and enter control room

Examine the Picture on the left wall, describing:

1-legged pirate
(4-legged) cat
(2-legged) parrot
(8-legged) spider
This suggests the series of numbers 1 4 2 8

Click on the Safe

Enter the combination above to get a Videotape

Put the Videotape into the VCR


Nina and Perez are now at a beach cave

Use the Stairs to exit back to the street

Enter courtyard

Take Skewered portrait

Enter kitchen at right

Use Sausage tongs on Stove to get another Charred log

Return to the beach cave via the street

Talk to Perez


End discussion

Give Portrait of Sabrina and Charred log to Perez



Take Sign

Exit down the Stairs to the pier

Take Stone

Get a Fish from the Barrel

Combine Sign & Fish

Talk to Fisherman



End discussion

Go back up the Stairs to the road

Take red Flag

Put Flag on Traffic sign

Touch Traffic sign to get Wet flag

Enter pub

Put Fish on sign in Chimney

Use Wet flag with Fish on baking sheet

Take Tumbler

Give Fried fish on sign to sleeping Guest (Klaus)

Return to the pier

Use Tumbler with Sea

Return to the road

Put Wet flag on Traffic sign again

Re-enter pub

Talk to Barkeeper



End discussion

Go outside and open Crate to get Lemon

Enter pub and give Lemon to Barkeeper

Put Tumbler with water in Chimney

Take Tumbler from Chimney

Examine Tumbler in inventory to get Salt

Put Salt into barkeep's abandoned Tumbler

Take Key

One legendary pun later, exit the pub and return to the pier

Fill Tumbler with Sea water again

Use Key on cellar Door and enter cellar

Take Torch

Take Whiskey bottle


Give Whiskey bottle to Fisherman

Use Boat

You are now in the courtyard of Morangie Castle

Take Sword

Take Shutter

Enter the middle door (in the angled wall) to the castle office

Examine the Painting above the desk

This painting of a previous Lord Morangie shows him attired with amulet, shield, sword, shin guards, helmet, etc.

Back out and exit right upstairs to a hexagonal landing

Take Oil lamp

Get Spearheads from Showcase

Examine Books to learn that Lord Morangie's ancestor was buried without a funeral pyre

Go back to the courtyard

Go through the far right doorway into the crypt

Use the Torch in inventory with the lit one on the wall to get a Burning torch

Exit to the courtyard and enter the upper left door to the hallway

Take some Wire from the candle holder

Take the middle exit (darker of the two doorways) into the bedroom

There is a statue of Lord Morangie here that seems to be missing some details like a sword and shield that were seen in the painting in the castle office

Put the Shutter on the Statue to simulate a shield

A hidden mechanism is triggered

Put the Sword on the Statue

Examine the nightstand (Commode) to get a Gold coin

Return to the hallway and take the brighter-lit exit into the torture chamber

Take Iron chain

Take Pliers

Use Burning torch with Fireplace

Combine Gold coin & Pliers

Put Pliers with gold coin into Fireplace

Put Pliers with red-hot gold coin into the Iron maiden

Combine Pliers with red-hot gold ring & Tumbler with water to get Gold ring

Return to the courtyard

Take the exit at the bottom of the screen back to the pier

Enter the cellar

Put the Spearheads into the Bench vise

Scroll right and use the Pliers on the Board

Put the Long board into the Bench vise to cut it down to size

Exit the cellar and go up the Stairs to the road

Take the Rain gutter from in front of the pub

Return to the pier and take the Boat back to the castle

Return to the torture chamber

Use the Rain gutter on the Rack

Take the Rain gutter pieces that now look more like shin guards

Go back to the castle office

Put the Board on the Stool

Put the Stone on the Board

Go upstairs to the landing

Use the Lever to drop the chandelier and pop off the chimney cap in the courtyard

Return to the courtyard

Take the Chimney cover

Go to the bedroom

Put the Chimney cover on the Statue

Put the Gold ring on the Statue

Put the Rain gutter on the Statue

Move the Curtain at right to disclose an exit

Exit through the passage at right into the dungeon

The gates and other obstacles in this area have been opened as a result of the items placed on the statue in the bedroom

Examine the Niche in the wall to get a Key

Return to the crypt off of the courtyard

Use Oil lamp on Coffin

Use Burning torch on Coffin

Use Key in Opening

Take Amulet

Combine Wire & Amulet

Combine Iron chain & Amulet with wire

Return to the bedroom

Put the Amulet on a chain onto the Statue

Go back through the dungeon and exit to the left

Open the circular door to release a surprisingly-dry Lord Morangie from the bottom of the well

{Long cutscene}


You are now in a Himalayan cave, playing as Nina

Take yak Skull

Exit left

Use Peg with Rock

Take Bag from water

Examine Bag in inventory to get Bone

Exit right

Put Bone into bottom Hole of three

Exit left again to see that a new doorway has opened

Exit into red Passage

Examine Stone slab underneath Head of stone

Arrange stones in the same pattern as the diagram on the last page of Evans' travel journal (email in inventory):

Stones Puzzle
Examine Stone disk in mouth of stone head

Back out



Nina wakes up in the frozen bathroom of an Antarctic facility with all inventory gone

Take Plunger and Toilet paper

Exit bathroom into machine shop

Examine Armoire (wall cabinet) to get Tapper, Y-shaped Piece of something and Silicone

Take Metal plate

Take Key

Put Piece of something on Bench vise

Combine Key & Bent piece of something

Put Metal plate on Drill

Put Toilet paper on Metal plate

Use Drill to make fire

Put Piece of metal and key on Burning paper

Take Metal plate

Use Piece of metal and hot key on door

Exit room onto catwalk

Exit left into control room


Examine Armoire (locker) to get Explosive

Exit to catwalk

Exit right into frozen room

Take Fishing rod

Exit up Stairs back to catwalk

Use Fishing rod on Platform at bottom of right-hand elevator shaft to get winter clothing

Use Fishing rod on elevator shaft Platform again to get Laundry ball

Use Metal plate on elevator shaft Platform

Exit right

Exit outside

Take Bucket

Exit right to whaling ship

Examine Jacket to get Hip flask

Use Laundry ball on Barrel

Exit left twice to penguin area

Take Sign

Use Explosive in Hole

Exit to Crevasse

Examine Dead man to get Amulet, Lighter and Diary pages

Combine Fishing rod & Lighter

Return to catwalk area inside station

Put Laundry ball in whale oil on elevator Platform

Exit back to machine shop

Use Plunger on Incubator

Use Amulet on Incubator to get Strange egg

Exit to catwalk, then exit right

Use Bucket on Salt pile

Return to whaling ship

Use Bucket of salt on Hole in ice

To simulate time passing, re-enter station, then return to whaling ship

Use Fishing rod with bait on Hole in ice to get Fish

Exit left twice to penguin area

Give Fish to Penguin

Put Strange egg in inventory on penguin's Egg

Return to frozen room inside station

Use Egg on Machine to turn on water system

Return to machine shop

Put Hip flask on Drill

Use Drill to get Cork

Exit right into bathroom

Put Cork in Bathtub

Use Bathtub to fill tub with water

Return to frozen room

Take Egg from Machine

Return to bathroom and bathtub is now frozen

Open Camera to get Videotape

Return to control room

Put Videotape into VCR


Look at last page of Diary (at lower right, not in inventory) to see number on bridge control panel: 2513

Exit control room

Use Keypad

Enter code above to extend bridge

Open Door across bridge to enter radar room

Open Crate to get Beacon (flare) and Matches

Return to the whaling ship

Use Beacon on whale oil Barrel on ship

Use Beacon with Harpoon gun on ship


Take Elevator down

Exit through Door at far left into storage room

Take Wrench

Use Silicone on Danger sign to get Mold

Combine Wrench & yellow Sign to get Extended wrench

Exit room

Use Extended wrench to get Icicle

Return to storage room

Put Icicle on Chain

Move Chain to Pipe

Take Nut that fell from the pipe (may be hidden behind Nina)

Exit room

Use Tapper on Valve to thread its rod

Put Nut on Valve

Use Extended wrench on Valve

Touch Radiator

Use Lighter with Camera

Use Mold with Camera


Give Egg to Oleg

Use Cell phone on Machine

Click on Camera, then on Crane

{Endgame cutscene}


Berlin Map

Moscow Map

Hospital Map

Asylum Map

Ireland Map

Antarctica Map

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