Ringworld Walkthrough

21 April 1994
Revised 8 December 1997

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Game Control

Use the right mouse button to bring up a game menu

Click the left mouse button to skip through dialog, but be careful not to inadvertently make the wrong dialog responses when they come up

Rift Planet

Touch (use hand icon) on the door beam. Quickly show the ring in your inventory to Iacch-Captain of the Family Chmeee. Tell him you're a mercenary. When Centurion Shachra (in a purple cape) appears, quickly shoot him using the stunner in your inventory, then pick up a yellow infodisk he dropped. Exit toward the front of the screen and use the left flycycle. Insert the yellow infodisk from your inventory into the slot at upper center. Click the MASTER button and exit the flycycle. Use the right flycycle. Press the SLAVE button and exit. Use the left flycycle and press the blinking red button on the right-hand control handle. At the red containment field, let Iacch-Captain handle the guard. Once inside the big ship, quickly stun the attackers.

On the bridge, meet Miranda Rees. After Iacch-Captain jumps to hyperspace, tell him you'll find Miranda. In the shuttle bay, tell her you'll have to stop her, then stun her (or wait for Iacch-Captain to do it). To get past the game's copy protection, note the manual page reference and attach the hyperdrive fiber optic leads accordingly. Left-click the mouse to clear the "That ought to do it" message. Tell Iacch-Captain that you need to show Miranda some proof, then insert the yellow infodisk from your inventory into the autodoc slot at lower right. Click through the message from Patriarch Veeshka and learn of Iacch-Captain's new name, Seeker-of-Vengeance, and the ship's name, LANCE OF TRUTH. After a holographic message from the Hindmost puppeteer, you'll head for the Ringworld. Miranda will bring up various unusual Ringworld contacts from the deep space scanner, including one out at sea. After you arrive at the spaceport ledge, you'll take the lander (in a transparent General Products hull) down to the Ringworld surface.


Playing the God Gambit, Seeker-of-Vengeance as the "sky-god" goes off to capture the Screaming Devil that is bothering the Canyon People. You'll learn from the shaman Olochagach that only those who know the secret of the Tech are allowed access to the Sky Silver. Tell him the secret of the Tech is a great mystery. Meet with the chief, Rock That Safeguards His People, and ask him to meet with you so you can learn of his people.

Exit the chief's cave toward the front of the screen and follow the path to the top of the bluff at extreme left, taking you and Miranda back to the lander. Take the elevator up to Level 2, press the brown/yellow control panel at left and pick up some Alterian Moonshine (ale). Open the orange-framed door at right to enter the lander's storage room. Pick up the medkit from the shelf in back and return to Level 1 via the elevator. Exit the lander using the ladder at left.

After risathra with Ghalacha, pick up the coil of rope from the hook at back and exit to the right. In the throne room, take the ladder and exit to the front of the screen. Use the ladder between the two doorways and tie the rope to the triangular rock between the two chimneys. Touch the left chimney hole to descend into the Holy of Holies. Use the eye icon to scrutinize the pattern on the back wall:

 	Moon		Planet
 	Comet		Sun
Exit the altar room toward the front of the screen and take the Tech necklace hanging from the pole to the left of the sleeping shaman. Exit the cave toward the front of the screen.

Operate the TECH by selecting symbols from the black box and placing them in the correct position on the glowing panel according to the pattern seen in the altar room. An incorrectly-placed symbol can be repositioned on the panel. For the center symbol, use the necklace (ring) from your inventory.

Use the scanner in your inventory on the Thrintun Slaver ship, then return to the lander. After a puppeteer transmission, you'll head for another stasis box.


Talk to Seeker: you're tired of arguing with him. After you return to the lander and lose contact with Seeker, use the elevator to descend to Level 1 and exit via the ladder. Enter the cave and walk directly left to a rock on the floor of the cave below the point at which a rope is attached to the ceiling. After you fall into a trap and are taken to the flesheaters' throne room, you'll notice that they have a stasis box. You're then thrown into a food pit with Seeker. Pick up a loose bone from the floor of the pit and use the medkit on Seeker. Exit the cave through the hole at upper left by using the hand icon.

Avoid the place where you fell into the trap by moving along the front edge of the screen, then angling toward the back of the cave. Use the bone to cut the dangling portion of the rope, freeing the trapped bat. Re-enter the food pit via the trap door you fell through earlier. Use the hand icon on the hole at upper left and the bat will provide you with some flesheater anti-pheromone liquid. Give the remaining liquid to Seeker and exit the food pit.

Move to the left (avoiding the trap) until you come to a double pathway that continues to the left. About halfway along this pathway, flesheaters will converge on you; immediately stun one of them using the gun in your inventory. At the left end of the double pathway, press on the second stone on the right side of the large rock pillar to gain entrance to the flesheaters' throne room. Grab the stasis box and exit to the upper right. To free Seeker, push the rock at your feet, in front of the secret entrance you opened.

Tell Miranda that the files can be checked later, then you'll join Seeker and Miranda in the docking bay. Use the computer console in the back of the bay and access the Stasis Field topic. Exit the computer and talk to Miranda about nesting stasis fields, obtaining a control module from the stasis box.

Later, you'll arrive at a sunflower field where the next stasis box is located. If you want to try your hand at an arcade-style flying game, tell Seeker to launch the probe (otherwise, tell him to wait until dark, then allow him to fly it). After retrieving the stasis box from the probe, the lander will descend to the next destination along a coastline of the Great Ocean. Solicit the help of the Coastal Sea People from Skeenar, and he'll tell you that you need to visit their leader in the Coralhouse of Poria.

Return to the lander and use the elevator to ascend to Level 2. Open the storage room door at right and pick up a red pressure suit (useful for swimming underwater). Exit the lander by pressing the red button on the airlock in the storage room. Talk to Skeenar and swim with him to Lord Poria, where he will ask you to retrieve a dolphin translation device from the Sky House. On your return to the lander, take off your suit by using the hand icon on the empty section of the suit rack. Leave the storage room and take the elevator down to Level 1. Use the control panel at left to activate your flycycle; ride it to the Sky House.

Sky House

Stun "Explorer", the white-haired denizen of the Sky House. Pick up a scrap of paper from one of the books on the bookshelf and examine it after it's been placed in your inventory: 2, 4, 3. Obtain a key from inside the wall tube next to the calendar and a jar from the table. Pull the cork in the barrel beneath the stairs and collect some of the green lubricant in the empty jar. Zoom in on the stool in front of the table and dial in the combination you found on the slip of paper:
2 Right, 4 Left, 3 Right
Use the hand icon on the cavity disclosed and use the key in your inventory to unlock the safe. Retrieve the dolphin translator inside and exit back up the stairs.

While on the first floor of the lander, walk to the right and use the console in the foreground to create waldos from the probe. Pick up the waldos and exit the lander via the ladder at left. Give the dolphin translator, waldos and jar of lubricant to Skeenar at the beach and pick up a stasis box in exchange.

Kzin Castle

After meeting the kzin Baron Efar, talk to the humanoid washing clothes, then move two screens to the left and head for the Kzin castle. Pick up some straw from the overseer's quarters, then exit through the doorway at upper left. Move through the red-trimmed doorway barely visible at far right, into a room containing a framed picture. Exit to the lower right corner of the screen into the Patriarch's dining room. After the kzin kills the bearded slave, pick up his soiled tunic and exit through the left doorway. Move through another red-trimmed doorway barely visible at far right and show the bloody tunic to the bedroom guard.

Once inside the Patriarch's bedroom, enter the closet through the doorway at the back. Move the rightmost of the feathers on the head of the statue to open a secret panel. Pick up both swords from the compartment, then exit the closet toward the front of the screen. In the bedroom, attach the red-handled sword to the column immediately to the right of the closet entrance. Pick up the stasis headpiece disclosed within. To distract the bedroom guard, put the straw on the bed and ignite it with one of the candles to the left of the bed. Leave the bedroom by walking to the front of the screen.

Walk to the balcony behind the fountain outside the Patriarch's bedroom and use the scanner/comm unit in your inventory to call Seeker and return to the lander.

Sky Silver

Use the stasis field negator in your inventory on the alien spacecraft. After zooming in on the hull, open the little hatch at left. Press the top tiles in the following order:
	| 3 | 5 | 1 |
	| 2 | 4 | 6 |
(if you make a mistake, press the Esc key). Put the helmet from your inventory on the alien inside the spacecraft, obtaining a magnetic key in the process. Use the neural canceller on the alien to retrieve the helmet. Use the hand icon on the spacecraft, then open the curved hatch inside with the magnetic key. Put the empty stasis box on the ball of antimatter inside the ship, then pick it up along with the modules from the slots behind the loose wires. Exit the close-up and touch the alien with the hand icon to restore the stasis field.

Final Battle

After the lander has been hit by lasers, immediately put the green tnuctip emergency modules on it, teleporting you back to the bridge of the Lance of Truth. Watch the endgame sequence. Puppeteer: FINEM RESPICE

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Table of Contents


Copyright © 1994 Balmoral Software (http://www.balmoralsoftware.com). All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software. Contents subject to change! For the latest information, see http://www.balmoralsoftware.com.