Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom Walkthrough

14 August 1996

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F: Forward (Fn for n repetitions)
B: Back
L: Left
R: Right

Click the mouse button to skip the introductory screen and proceed directly to the Options menu.

Tomb Entrance

At the left side of the doorway of the cave-like room into which you have fallen, use the Interpreter function to identify the symbols as Mercury. Click on the symbols; they turn white. Proceed through the doorway and immediately turn around. Turn the Fire symbol orange by clicking on it. Go through the doorway at the north end of the hall of soldiers. Immediately turn around and click on the Water symbol to turn it blue. Turn around and move forward to the girded ball at the end of the segmented-floor room (failing to activate all three of the doorway symbols makes this passage impassable).

To gain access to the tomb complex, move the Separate symbol at far right into the open space beneath the large Door symbol. Proceed forward through the circular hole.


Move F L F R F L F2 to enter the four-room building at the west side of the plaza. Turn right and enter the northeast room. Zoom in on the five colored rods on the sculpted bench. Pick up each rod, move left and place it in the appropriate hole in the statue:

Man Statue

The statue's eyes light up when the colored rods have been correctly placed.

Exit the room, move R2 F R and enter the northwest room. Turn left and zoom in on the Feng-Shui puzzle. The object of this puzzle is to move eight of the nine pieces at left into the empty grid at right while maintaining a center house image that is the same as the rightmost (most complete) in the row of five shown at the bottom. The solution will satisfy the requirements of Feng-Shui landscape design as stated in the Archives:

Feng-Shui Puzzle Solution

Exit the room and continue moving forward into the southwest room. Zoom in on the armillary sphere. Move forward until the writing on the apparatus is visible. Click on the brown portion of the mechanism to view a juxtaposition of blue and red spheres.

Exit the room, move R2 F R and enter the southeast room. Zoom in on the compass on the floor. Click at the upper-right position seven times to bring North to the bottom per ancient Chinese maps (see the Cartography section of the Archives).

Exit the room, turn left and pick up the golden Plate now floating above the tower of cylinders. Head northeast to the large spoon-shaped statue guarding the palace entrance at the north end of the plaza. Put the plate in position on the south side of the statue.

Proceed east and make note of a crossbow immediately north of the eastern footbridge. Cross the bridge, turn left and zoom in on the four soldier statues along the north wall of the workshop. Pick up an Arrow from the pile on the ground. Move LF and release the waterwheel brake. Move R F2 and load the arrow into the crossbow. Fire the crossbow to start the river flowing.

Move B R F2 R F and watch a toy boat be raised up by a conveyor belt connected to a lower level of the tomb. Pick up the Bamboo from the boat, move B L F and use it to repair the broken viaduct. Move F2 R F R; you will then be halfway across the western footbridge. Touch the lamp carving atop the post to cause the workshop at the east end of the plaza to be illuminated by the large lamp.

Move R F L F2 R F to the workshop gate. Enter the workshop and move forward to face a conical furnace. There are a number of optional-play areas in the workshop, including making a dragon design appear on a loom, and revealing a secret message when the following selections are highlighted in a 4 x 4 array of disks:





Return to the furnace near the workshop entrance. Pick up Coal from the container to the left and put it into the furnace. Pick up Fire from the glowing area at right and add it to the furnace. Add Iron from the container in front of the coal hopper. Molten iron will then run down the left channel to the mold; pick up the resulting iron spoon. Back out of the close-up and take the iron spoon to the statue at the palace entrance. To open the gates to the palace, place the spoon on top of the golden plate. Move around the spoon statue and into the palace.


Move F2 R F R F and observe the sequence of nine musical note symbols shown on the staircase steps:

Musical Note Symbols

Move F R F2 R F into the bedroom. Turn left and go up the stairs into the cinnabar room. Zoom in on the low red table containing the incense burner and plate of cinnabar. Pick up the cinnabar and put it into the incense burner; watch mercury dribble out the bottom.

Move B2 L F2 L F3 L F into the Numbers Room. Zoom in on the framed disk and use the Interpreter function on the writing for each of three riddles. Provide the answer to each riddle by zooming back to the full room view, picking up the appropriate numbered bar from the table (numbered 1-6 left to right), zooming in on the framed disk, and clicking the number symbol on the riddle writing. The three riddles and their solutions from the Archive are:

What is the number closest to the heart of the emperor? 6
What is the number of cardinal directions?5
What is the number of objects that must be placed on the ritual altar? 2

After all three riddles have been solved, the Numbers Room is converted to a shelf containing four objects. Pick up the golden tree (Precious Offering) and take it to the Altar Room at the foot of the stairs by backing out of the object close-up and moving B L F R F R F2.

Click the Precious Offering symbol on the left-hand mirror. Return to the Numbers Room by moving B2 R F2 L F L F. Pick up the stone bird (Animal Sacrifice) and return to the Altar Room by backing out of the object close-up and moving B L F R F R F2.

Click the Animal Sacrifice symbol on the right-hand mirror, causing the candles and incense burner to be lit. Move L F to the bells, on which symbols are now apparent since both objects have been brought to the altar. Click on the bells in the order given on the stairs:

      - - - A B - -

-   C   D   E   -   -   -   -

  -     -       -         -
Play Order: E D C D B A B D E

A door opens, leading to a torch-lit staircase. Follow the staircase down to the lower tomb level.

Lower Level

At the foot of the stairs, you'll find a glowing pool that provides a shortcut to previously-visited areas in the game. Immediately after passing through the archway at the foot of the stairs, move F3 R F to avoid the (harmless) pitfalls behind the pool.

Continue moving forward several times until you completely pass a vertical post on the right side of the path. Turn right and note the inscription carved into the cave wall, referring to the feet, head, and right hand of Pangu. Turn left and move forward through the doors decorated with chariots to enter the jade tomb room. By referring to the map, note that the jade figure on top of the sarcophagus has its feet pointing west, its head pointing east, and its right hand facing north. Move R F2 to the compass behind the sarcophagus.

Rotate the compass dial to the directions indicated above by rotating it clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise like a combination lock:

Click upper right twice
Click upper left four times
Click upper right twice
The sound of a door opening is heard. Move L F2 to pass through it into the Throne Room. Move F R B L and push the scepter to expose an exit doorway at the far end of the empty pool. Proceed forward through the dragon-and-sphere statue to this door. Open the door to enter the sub-plaza level.

Cross the footbridge and turn left at the water-cooled chamber. Move L F L F to bring up the folding-squares puzzle. This puzzle is easier to visualize once you discover that it is a flat 4 x 4 grid of squares folded along its interior seams. Since no cuts along folds have been made, it's possible to reconstruct the puzzle using a square piece of paper. For those wishing a more direct solution, the following sequence of eight moves can be used (the red square indicates where the white cursor should be placed before clicking the mouse button):

Move #1

Move #2

Move #3

Move #4

Move #5

Move #6

Move #7

Move #8

Philosophy Realm

Solving the folded-squares puzzle leads you into a new area (apparently aboveground). Move forward and zoom in on the square well. This well provides a shortcut to previously-visited areas in the game.

Back out from the well, then move R F4 L F4. Wait a few moments for the flying fish (representing mother-of-pearl) to jump up on the dock and disappear.

Move B4 R F15 and you will be facing a jumble of leaves overhanging the walkway. Move R F and solve the Tangrams puzzle:

Tangrams Solution

After the Tangrams puzzle has been solved, move R2 F and click on the ginseng root to make it disappear. Next, move B R F8 L2 F2 and listen to the eight musical notes played on the gate (the sequence can be replayed by clicking on the gate outside the red shield). Using the notation

	A  B


	F  G
the solution is G C A C A E F B.

Move F3 to the telescope apparatus. Zoom in on the telescope sight with the crosshairs cursor. Immediately drag the elliptical bulge on the vertical bar about 80% of the way up. When the Big Dipper consellation begins to appear, generate software interrupts by moving the mouse around, until the constellation is completely centered in the circle. Then, rapidly click the mouse button several times in the center of the circle until the circle-and-dot cursor disappears. When the animation completes, you will have been transported to the next realm.

Sacred Mountains

We now find ourselves in a mystical realm, if the gyrating compass at lower right is any indication. Turn right and pick up Gold. Move R2 F2 R to cross the hanging bridge to the middle mountain. Put the gold into one of the boats floating on the ice pond. Move L F and pick up Cinnabar. Move B L and put the cinnabar into the other boat. Move L F3 and watch the animation on the model of the three sacred mountains. The snow on the model of the middle mountain disappears, and so does the snow on the actual mountaintop behind you. Move L F3 L B R F and take the now-exposed shortcut to the glowing pool on the lower level. Click on the sacred green fungus floating in the pool to make it disappear. Take the shortcut to the plaza pool.

Elixir of Immortality

From the plaza pool, move B R F2 L and watch the little red boat brought up by the conveyor system. Pick up Gold from the boat and take it to the furnace in the workshop by moving B2 R F2. Put the gold into the furnace, followed by coal and fire from the adjacent piles.

Pick up the Gold Spoon from the mold connected to the furnace. From the close-up of the spoon, move forward to be transported to the Throne Room. For a quick game ending, move F L F2 L F to exit out the door with the bright light. Otherwise, move F B L2 F to enter the circular Elixir Room behind the throne.

If you have failed to obtain any of the ingredients necessary for preparing the Elixir of Immortality, you can use the corresponding portal to return to its location:

IngredientTomb Area Location
GinsengTree-covered walkway in Philosophy Realm Opposite Tangrams puzzle
MercuryCinnabar room in PalaceMelted cinnabar in incense burner
Sacred FungusLower LevelGlowing Pool

Mother-of-PearlDock in Philosophy RealmFlying fish

Once all elixir ingredients have been obtained, the cursor changes into the Elixir of Immortality symbol. Exit the Elixir Room through the circular opening back into the Throne Room.

To give Hal Davis the elixir, move F L F2 L F from the throne and read the endgame sequence.

To give Qin Shi Huangdi the elixir, move F R F2 L from the throne, click on the sarcophagus, and read the endgame sequence.

To give the elixir to the spirit of the Earth, move F R F2 L from the throne, click on the floating crystal sphere, and read the endgame sequence.


  1. Hal Davis, chairman of Mega Media, obtains the elixir of immortality and commercially exploits the Xian site. Lots of wars, environmental destruction and earthquakes ensue.

  2. Hal Davis, chairman of Mega Media, obtains the elixir of immortality. He grows younger and richer off the spoils of a Chinese civil war.

  3. Qin Shi Huangdi obtains the elixir of immortality and becomes the mysterious dictator Ying Zheng of a politically-reunified China.

  4. Democracy prevails in China, with no commercial exploitation by Mega Media. World peace and environmental improvement follow as Hal Davis lies dying. Obviously the "best" ending.

Press Esc to skip the game credits and return to the Options menu.


Plaza and Palace Map

Palace Room Map

Lower Level Map

Philosophy Realm Map

Sacred Mountains Map


LocationWater Link
PlazaRiver bowl
Lower LevelGlowing pool
Philosophy RealmSquare well
Sacred MountainsIce pool

Each water link cycles to the next one (if previously visited).


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