The Pagemaster

2 May 1998

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Walkthrough Abbreviations:

F: Forward (Fn for n repetitiions)
L: Left
R: Right
D: Down or Back

Move the cursor to the top of the screen for the game menu.

Press the GO button to skip animated sequences.

Press the hexagonal jewel in the middle of the decision star to access the Books and Stuff menu, in which your inventory is stored and a score button is available.

Many scenes give you a limited time to make a move; if you fail to move within the allotted time, you may get pushed back to an earlier position.

Many dead ends and other "mistakes" cost you a 2000-point penalty, every time you visit them. However, points gained for reading pages, picking up inventory, etc. cannot be duplicated.

This walkthrough will allow you to complete the principal quests of the game and collect most of the points, but there may be a few missing points. Points obtained for each task are shown in parentheses.

After the introductory sequence completes and Mr. Hyde and the Pagemaster appear, pick up the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book lying on the floor (5000). You can now select one of your principal destinations: Horror, Fantasy or Adventure.


Pick up the Moby Dick book lying on the floor in front of the drinking fountain (5000). Move F and use the fishing pole lying against the bookcase (500). Look at the book page lying on the walkway in front of the skull cave (800), in which a reference is made to a gold doubloon. Move L2 F to the seaside village. Avoid the dead-ends in the wharf area or you'll be captured by the pirates and lose 2000 points:

Wharf Map

Look at a book page in front of the saloon (800), the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea book (500), the Captains Courageous book (2000) and the Kidnapped book (500). Avoid looking at the Mermaids book as that will get you thrown overboard and cost you a 2000-point penalty.

Move F L F onboard a pirate ship (500) and look at another book page lying on the deck (800). Don't move forward too many times or you'll end up overboard again with a 2000-point penalty. Instead, move R and pick up the green Treasure Island book (5000). Move R and look at another book page (800). Move D F and pick up a banana lying on a barrel near an old salt (5000). Look at a book page at lower right (800). Talk to the parrot on the old salt's shoulder (500), answering YES to both of its questions (500). You're about to enter the desert; don't dally or you'll run the risk of a 2000-point penalty for overheating. When a way into the desert is opened (sand on the wooden library floor), quickly examine the book page (800), then move F and examine another book page (800). Check out the entrance to the pyramid (500) and meet a mummy who will give you directions to the white whale. Look at the book page lying at her feet (800). Avoid the dead ends in the desert or you'll be caught by the two-headed vulture and will lose 2000 points:

Desert Map

Move D F R F to a traffic light in the middle of the desert. Wait for the green light before proceeding (500) or you'll be run down and will lose 2000 points. From the next screen, move L D into the oasis. Look at the book page (800) and pull the tasselled rope hanging from the tree to summon a monkey. Give the monkey the banana and pick up a lamp (5000). After the genie appears, you'll be transported to a dock on the other side of the oasis (500). Read another book page (800); then move F to use the rowboat. Out to sea, read another book page (800). When Captain Ahab appears and asks you if you've seen it, answer NO (500). When he asks where the waterspout was, quickly press the GO button (500). Protect Moby Dick by answering all three of Ahab's challenges with NO (5000), then get a gold doubloon and you'll find yourself back at the skull cave.

Show the doubloon to the skull (500), then look at a book page on the bar (800) and a map on the wall. Quickly respond with YES to pick up the map (5000), then answer YES when Long John Silver asks you for it (500). Look at the treasure chest (5000), then pick up the golden shears (45000) and the Adventure quest is completed.

Fantasy, Part 1

Look at the Greek amphora to obtain the Jason and the Argonauts book (10000) and look at one of its pages (800). Move R L F L to an area with a frog and a statue. Avoid the dead ends as some of them have a Red Queen who will take 2000 of your points (along with your head):

Fantasy Map

Talk to the frog (500), look at the book page (800) and take the statue's fox head (5000). You'll finish up the Fantasy quest later; for now, move R D R2 D back to the rotunda.


In the green-tinged library stacks, read a book page lying on the checkerboard floor (800), then move F and read another one (800). Move L2 past the snake gate and through the bat belfry. Read another book page lying on the ground (800), then zoom in on the bookshelf at right. Click on The Lurking Fear book for a bonus (2000); avoid clicking on The Black Cat book as it will cost you a 2000-point penalty. Pick up The Modern Prometheus book to have it put into your inventory as Frankenstein. Click on The Invisible Man book for an incidental animation. While navigating this area, avoid the grim reaper and werewolf dead ends as visiting them will cost you 2000 points:

Horror Map

Move D F3 to the Field of Screams and immediately read the book page lying on the ground (800). In answer to the safety question, answer YES (500); a NO answer will cost you a 2000-point penalty. Move D and press the GO button to return to the messy bookshelves. Move R and read The Moors sign (500), then immediately click on the book page rolled up in Horror's hand (800).

From the swampy crossroads, move R F2 and immediately look in the cave (500). Answer NO to all three of the questions from the Boris Karloff/Peter Lorre two-headed bird (1000). Move L from the gate to the doorway and pull the rope (500) to enter the house. Zoom in on the sofa (500), the raven sitting atop the bust (500) and the fireplace, where you can read a book page (800) referring to the letter E and the fourth drawer in a set of six. Move D L and zoom in on a bureau.

Open the second (800) and fourth (800) drawers for book pages; the third and fifth drawers also have something in them. Move D L2 F to an upstairs hallway and examine the painting at far left (500). Pick up the diving helmet on top of the suit of armor (5000). Move F R into a replica of your bedroom (500) and pick up the life saver (5000). Move D F and give the life saver to the giant Venus flytrap (otherwise, he'll eat you and you'll lose 2000 points).

Zoom in on the left table and pick up the triangular flask in the middle of the row of three (5000). Read the book page lying on the table (800). Examine the spherical flask next to the book page (500) - you'll accidentally drop it and wake the sleeping monster. Answer YES (you have a good reason for waking the monster), then prevent him from drinking Hyde's potion by answering NO, NO, YES (1500) to his next three questions (other answers will get you thrown out of the house with a 2000-point penalty). Avoid using the chain; instead read the book page (800).

Move R and immediately give the monster your flask. As soon as Richard says he hasn't put the pieces together yet (500), immediately click on the papers lying at the monster's feet to read Frankenstein's page 158 (800). You'll admit to never having built a girlfriend before (500); when the monster asks you about making him a bride, first click on the papers lying at his feet to read Frankenstein's page 137 (800), then answer YES (answering NO will get you an "F" necklace and a 5000-point bonus, but you won't be able to get into the graveyard and finish the Horror quest). Eventually, the monster will give you a key; click on the papers below Richard to read Frankenstein's page 50 (800) while the monster takes a shower. When he's finished (500), move L2 R2 F R D2 L2 D3 F to the snake gate (500).

Open the gate using the key in your inventory. You can keep track of the progress of your bone-collecting using the game's score screen. Click on the Florence Misteltoe (500) and Eunice Thumbrister (500) tombstones. You can also check out the tombstone of Capt. Thomas Daltin, but avoid that of Susan Lowder. Move R and click on the tombstones of Gertrude Torsonsen (500) and Senior Kaz, but avoid the one referring to snowboarding. Move R and click on the Birdia Handley (500), Georgina Armbuster (500), Bettie Foote (500) and Regina Legget (500) tombstones. You'll now have all the bones you need. From the snake gate, move L F R3 F3 L (avoiding The Hound of the Baskervilles book) and pull the bell rope again to re-enter the house. Move R F2 to the staircase landing, then move F back into the laboratory (5000). Give the fox head in your inventory to the monster, then pull either of the switches on the control panel (40000) and obtain the letter E from the monster to complete the Horror quest.

Fantasy, Part 2

From the location of the Greek amphora in the Fantasy corridor leading off of the rotunda, move R L2 to an apple tree. Pick up the Jack and the Beanstalk book (5000) and read the book page attached to the trunk of the tree (800). Also check out the Cinderella book (500) and pick an apple from the tree (5000), at which point you'll be automatically moved F. Move F and read the book page lying near the satyr (800).

Talk to the satyr, then answer NO to his first two questions to avoid listening to the music too long. Move F from the crossroads and read the book page (800). Talk to the flowers at right and answer YES to hear them sing (500). Talk to the gingerbread man (500) and answer YES to take his "Troll House Cookie" (5000). Move F L and click on the shoehouse (500). Move L, then exit the Three Little Pigs trap by clicking on the houses in the following order: straw, stick, brick (getting the order wrong will cost you 2000 points). Move L and read the book page on the purple cliff (800). Move L D F and immediately read the book page on the near side of the troll bridge (800). Move F and give the troll your cookie in lieu of answering his question.

Move F and read the book page lying on the ground (800), noting the reference to fifty oars on the Argo. Talk to Bo-Peep and answer YES, NO to her two questions. Move F and immediately examine the base of the buddha statue. Take the bean from the forehead of the mystic to reach the Tower of Lightning by means of a beanstalk. Move L F into the nicely-rendered tower chamber and examine the centaur (rightmost of the three characters); Richard will identify the left two as Hippocampus and Pan. Talk to the centaur twice and the characters will describe a game you must win in order to get the golden fleece.

In this simplified form of Hollywood Squares, you play each round by clicking on the centaur for a statement and then indicating whether the statement is true or false by clicking on one of the other two characters. If the statement is true, click on the character who agrees with the centaur; otherwise, pick the character who disagrees. You must get five answers correct to win the game, but if you get three answers wrong, you'll lose 2000 points and be turned into a really strange-looking animal. Listen carefully to the responses from Hippocampus and Pan to determine which is agreeing and which is disagreeing with the centaur. The centaur's statements are randomly chosen from the following list:

	Aries is the god of war.				TRUE
	Hercules is the son of Zeus.				TRUE
	Trojans were defeated because of a wooden horse.	TRUE
	Enemy needs a good clobbering.				FALSE
	Argo is ship with 100 oarsmen.				FALSE
	Vulture T-Bone.						FALSE
	Need mob to defeat Frankenstein.			FALSE
You can also play different versions of this game by clicking on one of the other two characters to make the statements, which will be randomly chosen from a different set of possibilities.

After winning the game, enter the Neptune room and pick up the trident (5000) and a golden egg from the chicken (5000). Move D and enter the Venus room to obtain a magic harp (5000). Move D and enter the Mars room to pick up a shield (5000) and the golden fleece. Move D and enter the Lightning Bolt Storage room. To avoid being burned to a crisp and losing 2000 points, put the trident into the indicated receptacle before picking any one of the three lightning bolts (5000). After a warning from the giant, examine the golden sheep to get a free ride back to the pyramid. Speak to the sphinx Saleem at the top of the pyramid (500). Click YES to accept her riddle challenge (500), then give her the letter E from your inventory. Read the book page at the bottom of the pyramid (800), then move F (1000) into the dragon's lair.

Immediately use the shears on the sheep; after the dragon admits to lying, quickly use the lightning bolt in your inventory to destroy him (5000). Pick up the sword Excalibur from the pile of treasure to trigger the final confrontation with Hyde. After he's been knocked down and the Pagemaster calls to you to "look to the books", click on the black book lying near Hyde (100000) to destroy him and finish the game.

Final score: 375700 points (34 book pages)

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Copyright © 1998 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 1994 Turner Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software. Contents subject to change! For the latest information, see