MasterMind & Jotto Solver

The MasterMind game is based on an unknown sequence of symbols, numbers, colors or letters that you try to guess. Each attempt to find the hidden answer involves making a guess sequence of the same length and obtaining a score back that indicates how close the guess is to the correct sequence. The usual scoring system awards ten points for each correct symbol in the right position, and one point for each correct symbol in a wrong position. Some variants of the game (such as Jotto) use a simpler scoring system and may not allow repeated letters in the secret answer.

Balmoral Software's MasterMind Solver provides solutions to these MasterMind games, given the intermediate scores. Given enough guesses, the MasterMind Solver will solve a MasterMind game every time. However, it is structured to find the solution in the fewest number of guesses, without incurring sizable storage requirements for the program or excessive computation times for each move. For more information, see the README.TXT accompanying the program.

Download Balmoral Software's MasterMind Solver (234 KB).


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