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From the large red and small blue K'nex gears came the idea of a clock with different rotational speeds for hour and minute hands. To accomplish this in a realistic-looking clock face, we had to construct two concentric axles (one inside the other). Results using a "barrel" consisting of two white connectors snapped on four or more parallel rods were unsatisfactory without the use of blue axle spacers, which we didn't have at the time. As an alternative, we created a semi-rigid minute hand from a red rod, a tan connector and a large wheel. The assembly fits over the axle rod of the hour hand, and is independently driven by means of a rubber band and another large pulley wheel above it. A total of three gears were required on the back of the clock in order to produce the same direction of rotation for each of the clock hands. Both the directly-driven hour hand and the band-driven minute hand are put into motion by a hand crank on the back of the clock. This motive power could be replaced with a low-speed motor such as the battery-operated K'nex power pack.

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