Fate by Numbers

Fate by Numbers

5 January 2017

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Fate by Numbers is an interesting little black-and-white freeware game from the Netherlands that employs live-action actors on rendered backgrounds to tell an engrossing detective story in a futuristic, dystopian setting. Production standards are good, especially for a non-profit enterprise. Game navigation is via an old-fashioned but serviceable point-and-click interface with a submenu for interaction choices and inventory management. The spacebar can be used to skip video segments, and the Main Menu is accessed with the [Esc] key. Subtitles are not provided, but some other audio and video options are available. A navigation window is accessible from a flying car that is used as the main mode of transportation in the game, and various locations appear or disappear as information is gained throughout the gameplay.

This walkthrough provides a minimum path through the game; other gameplay sequences and dialog choices can provide additional backstory elements.

My Office

Start Game

{Intro cutscene}

Click red icon on drawer at lower right

Click on Use (gears) icon

Use (take) small transmitter at left (a short sound plays to indicate progress made in the game)

Take tracking device

Click the red icon to exit from the drawer close-up

Click on the dark Rolodex-like object on the right side of the desk to take a police badge

Use the computer keyboard or mouse

Hacktool | Police activation server | Hack | shut down

Click on the door to exit the office

Use forcefield

On the vehicle's navigation screen, select the Sainsbury Station icon at upper left

Sainsbury Station

Click on the video camera on the wall and use the Look (eye) icon to examine it


Protect Vision

Select the Protect Vision destination at upper right

After a cutscene, you'll have the security tapes

My Office

Select the My Office destination at far left

Use computer

Wristphone drive | Camera 3

Click to zoom in twice on a tiny white spot midway between two identical white tabs extending above the horizontal white line

If you've found the right spot, Sanger will say "I wanted a print of that"

At the upper left of the Photo Enhancer window, click on the print icon (lower of two icons) and a short scene will play showing the printer ejecting a page

Camera 1

Click on face and print

Camera 7

Zoom in twice on the 1138 number on the side of the taxi (approximately in the center of the Photo Enhancer window) & print

shut down

Exit the office

The Parrot

Click on the bartender

Click on the Talk (lips) icon

3. Thanks Jack, I'll let you get back to work.
Click on the bartender

Scroll to the right in the inventory bar and click on the dark Sniper Photo

Exit to the right

Boris's Gunshop

Show the dark Sniper Photo to Boris

1. [Give him some money]

2. [Go with Boris]

My Office

Exit and then return to My Office to trigger a cutscene and flashback

Click the checkmark icon on the lower part of Sanger's body to use the phone

Call Big taxi co

Use computer

Hacktool | Taxi com system | Hack | shut down

Use the phone to call Big taxi co again

{Cutscene in a taxicab}

Either 1. Bribe or 2. Threaten

3. Where did you drop them off?

3. Is it normal to drop someone off at the Victoria metro station?

Denton's apartment

Use (knock on) door

4. Mind if I look around to see if your house is secure?
Show photo of Robert to Denton

Use car

Victoria Metro station

Use candy machine

After a cutscene and another flashback, you'll talk to Robert:

2. Why are you in the Resistance?

2. What kind of new PeCap equipment?

4. What's the Resistance going to do with 2.0?

4. You assume? Don't you know what's going to happen?

4. I can't just join and throw away my old life.


Alistair Defence

In the darkened lobby, use the scanner at the four vertical poles at right

3. I've got a proposition.
Exit twice


Take rope

Exit downstairs

Enter bathroom

Take laxative on sink

Exit bathroom

Put rope on "hydrant" fire extinguisher at far left

Use switch on wall behind Alice Sanger (flat, upside-down)

Use Denton (to get keys)

Use key on vault, get device

Exit to the right four times

Talk to Jeff

Select any two dialog choices to expose more of the list that is offscreen at the bottom

4. Do you like it here?

4. Thanks, that's all I need to know


Use laxative with coffee machine

Exit left

Use the middle car for a hiding place

Exit right to the coffee room

Exit right

Select any dialog choices during the 30-second timed sequence:

1. Destroy & 1. Ignore

1. Destroy & 2. Warn

2. Keep & 1. Ignore

2. Keep & 2. Warn

Do nothing and wait for the timed sequence to end

All choices end up at the same conclusion

Press the spacebar to skip the credits


Copyright © 2017 Balmoral Software (http://www.balmoralsoftware.com). Portions copyright © 2007 Revival/CMD Avans. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software.