Escape from Delirium

24 November 1997
Last Update 9 February 2000

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Escape from Delirium is challenging, amateur-produced adventure game in the style of Simon the Sorcerer or Monkey Island. A shareware (demo) version of the game is available from various Internet web sites. This walkthrough is for the full version of the game, but also incorporates a solution for the demo version.

Table of Contents


Press Esc twice for the main game menu
Press Esc to skip the intro or to exit
Right-click to perform the pre-selected verb
In later parts of game, you must interact items in the screen with other screen hotspots, rather than exclusively using inventory items
Some inventory items and hotspots are red herrings, unused and unneeded in the game
Most inventory items are used only once
The walkthrough uses compass directions for movement

The Living Head of Stone

It's July 18, 1948 and you're adventurer Paul Cole, stuck at the bottom of a pit in a subway
Take the set of pulleys from the bottom of the cave-in
In your inventory, use the string with the set of pulleys
Move E to the station platform
Take the hook lying near the tracks
Use the hook on the brick wall
Use the string o' pulleys with the hook in the wall
Go N to the supervision room
Look at the displays
Introductory animation plays...

Enter the plane's tail
Take the metal piece (crowbar) from the gash in the fuselage
Take a piece of glass from the broken window in the airplane cabin
Go N to the storage room at the back of the plane
Take the "glas" on the floor in front of the green boxes
Use the glass to remove a rubber ring from it
Use the crowbar on the wooden box in the corner and pick up a rope and machete
Return to the plane's cabin, then exit the plane and head N to the jungle
Use the machete to cut away the bush at the back of the clearing
Follow the path N to the garbage dump
Take the root (stick) in front of the garbage cans
Use the crowbar on the heavy stone at right, then pick up some insects
Continue E to the billboard clearing and pick up a Y-shaped bough between the two large trees
In your inventory, use the rubber with the bough to create a "stone-shooter" (slingshot)
Return W to the garbage dump
Use the crowbar on the smaller stone at left to obtain some slingshot ammunition
Go N to the rocky outcrop
Use the stone-shooter on the bird in the nest at the top of the tree
Climb to the top of the tree to establish your bearings (required in order to use the main game map)
Give the insects to the bird you shot down with the slingshot
Look at the bird's nest, then take the nest and get some worms and a silver ring
Move SE E N to the main game map and head for the supermarket at left
Move N to the "cermis"
Talk to the girl in the ticket office:

How can I persuade you to let me in?
This is your last chance!
Ever told you you're pretty?
Nice teeth
Go N into the funhouse entrance, then NE into the next room
Pick up the bucket of carbon dioxide, then exit E into a non-flashing room with "Admiral T."
Take the dagger from the corpse and exit the funhouse to the NE
Move E E to the main map and head for the village at upper right
Use the slot machine at the village entrance to obtain a gumball
Use the gumball (chew it)
Enter the fortune-teller's hut at upper left and talk to her:
Hello, who are you?
Tell me more about this religion
That sounds confusing
Aha... Are you sure it had followers then?
Pick up a "flusher" (plunger), then exit the hut and move W to a cluster of houses
Take the flintstone lying near the inspector's feet
Look at the notices near the inspector and pick up a ready-to-mail order form
Talk to the inspector to learn of the pacing guy's fear of blood:
What are you doing here
And unofficially... ?
Maybe he is a doctor?
Use the dagger in the "arch-enemy" corpse hanging from the pole at left
Look at the unconscious spy and pick up a telephone-tool
Move W to another group of houses and enter through the open doorway at upper left into the rosary-maker's shop
Talk to the rosary-maker:
What is this overall for?
Use the chewing-gum on the red gas tank
Exit the shop and return E E to the village entrance
Use the order form in the yellow mailbox at right to get some song lyrics
Exit N to the main map and head for the signpost in the jungle
Move W W to the jungle clearing with the telegraph wires
Use the string with the bough supporting the telegraph wires
Use the telephone-tool with the telegraph-wire to obtain the number of the "mechanician" (30354)
Use the flintstone on the large stone at left to make a fire
Use the stick with the fire to ignite it
Return N E N to the main map and go to the village
Use the burning stick with the roof of the souvenir stand
Move W W and re-enter the rosary-maker's shop
Talk to the rosary-maker:
FIRE ! ! !
Pick up the colored bowl from the shelves at left
Pick up the nylon cord from behind the rosary-maker's counter
Exit the shop and move W to the end of the path
Talk to the rock with hose (telephone):
I need to speak to a mechanic
I really need to speak to a mechanic
Now! I've got a job for you
Could you please repair the light!
Yeah, the light
OK. You got it?
110 Village street
Return E and open the door to the library
Enter the library (the lights are now on)
Take the black cloth at left
Take the colored bowl that was under the cloth
Take the light-green 'Sanctification' book from the bookshelf at left
Look at the book in your inventory to learn about a ritual to be performed at a site to the east
Exit the library and move E E N to the main map
Return to the signpost in the jungle and follow the east path (previously blocked)
Use the bowls on one of the columns flanking the statue
A vision of a mystic ring appears in the mouth of the statue
If you're playing the demo version of Escape from Delirium, the game ends here and you can watch scenes from the registered version
Otherwise, you'll automatically return to Jojo the fortune-teller for your next assignment:

The Magic Ring

Exit the fortune-teller's hut and move N to the main map
Return to the signpost in the jungle and follow the far right (southeast) path
Pick up the pole behind the bus stop sign, then combine it with the cord and worms in your inventory to make a baited fishing pole
Enter the mountain in the distance
Swim to the drain on the far side of the lake (by means of the air-filled bubble gum)
To disclose the laser beams guarding the left-hand tunnel, use the bucket of dry ice with the pool (puddle) in front of the tunnel
Proceed into the left-hand tunnel and pick up the ladder from the wall
Push the hanged person, then look at him to show it wasn't suicide
Exit W and enter the right-hand tunnel
Use the stone-shooter on the elevator switch at lower right
Click twice on the doorway at lower right
Push the diamond, then put the piece of glass into the stand at right
This melts away the scary eyes in the darkness at right
Exit E into the next room
Use the tap on the pipe leading out of the mud pool, then clear the open end of the pipe with the flusher
Open the bulkhead disclosed in the bottom of the pool and descend
Exit E past some dripping icicles and pick up a shell in the next room
Open the shell in your inventory to disclose a pearl
Exit E and talk to the hovering spirit to find out that it's the guardian of the ring:

Ahem... Hi
I'm in search of a mysterious ring
Mind if I ask you to give it to me?
Oh shitt...
Talk to the spirit again to find out it's a crane (bird) that loves fish:
Who... Ahem... What are you?
I can't imagine it's bad to be a spirit
e.g. you're never hungry...
I'm sorry to hear that
Move N N and climb the rungs at left
Click on the walkway at lower center to exit left
Move W and click twice on the open doorway at upper left
Return through the lake and move W W N back to the main map
Click on the village, then use the baited fishing pole in the well to catch a fish
Move W W W and open the door to the cook's hut
Go inside and talk to the cook:
Who are you?
Are you so well-known for your bad food?
May I have a taste, please!
Give the pearl to the cook and obtain a bowl of soup in exchange
Retrace your steps through the village, jungle and lake back into the right-hand tunnel in the mountain
Just click on the doorway at lower right to use the elevator
Return to the spirit guardian of the ring
Dunk the fish into the soup to make a suitably revolting meal, then give it to the spirit
It will regurgitate the mystic ring for you
You'll automatically return to Jojo to find out your next quest:

Reassembling the Guardian

Refer to Jojo's shopping list to determine the pieces of the Guardian that you're looking for: heart, brain, spirit and skeleton
Return to the signpost in the jungle and follow the northwest path (previously blocked)
Move W across the bridge and head for the temple in the distance
Inside the temple, read the sign above the secret door
Put the Metal Eye Joe music (script) on the stand next to the guitar player, then insert the guitar plug into the amplifier box at left
This causes the secret door to open; go through it
For a bit of fun, activate the teleporter by placing the silver ring in your inventory on the silver hand
Step on the teleporter to transfer to a strange room with a floating eyeball and a cleft in the wall
There doesn't seem to be anything to do here, so step back on the teleporter
Retrieve the silver ring and replace it on the silver hand with the mystic ring
This time, the teleporter transports you to an underground complex
Exit W and pick up a screwdriver, loose wire and "accu" (battery) in front of the computer
Move N into the bathroom
You can't examine Professor Smith's corpse without running the risk of being fried by acid from the slime monster in the sink
Click the "use" (wrench) icon on the pipe immediately below the overhead toilet tank, then move the resulting square icon to the open-ended pipe at left
Pull the toilet chain to get rid of the slime monster
Look at Professor Smith, then take his hand
Move N NE back to the teleporter room and use Smith's hand on the security system of the teleporter in the foreground
Pick up the set of colored test tubes on the left table as well as the empty one on the right table
Use the empty test tube to collect some of the green liquid in front of the table
Pick up the note from the left table and read it
Teleport out of this room and transfer to the other teleporter to return to the temple
Exit W, then retrace your steps back to the village
Use the screwdriver on the box-tap on the side of the well to obtain a pump
Move W W and re-enter the library
Look at the files on the table at left to obtain an address for the borrower of the Herbizide book
This opens up the previously-blocked path near the bridge to the temple
Return to that location (NW from the jungle signpost) and follow the new path N to Mr. Peepwood's house
Pick up the shovel at left and the Herbizide book on the desk at right (along with a pen)
Read the book to create a destructive liquid from the colored test tubes
Take the money from the wall over the desk
Move N W N into the temple and exit through the doorway to the cemetery (notice how your inventory background changes!)
Use the shovel to dig up the inspector's grave next to the doorway, and obtain an inspector's ID (you can keep repeating this process if you like collecting ID's)
Use the shovel to dig up the king's grave at right, until you hit concrete
Exit the cemetery and temple and return to the village
Move W and give the ID to the inspector
Open the show-case and pick up the pneumatic drill inside
Move E E to the main map and head for the supermarket
Enter the supermarket and pick up the hair dryer from the shelf at left; you'll also get its barcode
Alter the price of the hair dryer by writing on the barcode with the pen
To buy it, use the hair dryer with the checkout clerk (till)
Exit the supermarket and return to the jungle signpost
Exit SE, then proceed through the lake and right-hand tunnel back to the room with the dripping icicles (abyss)
Use the ladder with the abyss and descend into it
Use the hair dryer with the frozen object to obtain a brain

Go back up the ladder and return to the jungle signpost
Exit NW and return to the temple cemetery
Use the air drill on the concrete in the king's grave to obtain a key
Re-enter the temple and use the teleporter in the secret room
Exit N from the two-teleporter room into a room with a glowing pool
Use the pump with the pool to drain it
Descend the ladder and charge the accu (battery) by using it with the outlet of the nuclear reactor
Go back up the ladder and exit to the NE
Use the wire in your inventory with the exposed wires on the wall
Go through the hole that is now opened in the wall
Exit the tunnel through the passage to the N
Use the destructive liquid (herbicide) to kill the thorn bush and obtain a heart

Return to the two-teleporter room and exit SW into the computer room
Use the charged battery with the computer and pull its switch lever to disable the force field at left
Grab the flask, then open it to reveal the guardian's spirit trapped inside

Exit NE and use the teleporter on the platform to return to the secret room in the temple
Exit N and head for the altars by the stained-glass window
Use the key from the king's grave with the keyhole in the left-hand altar
Descend the secret stairs and pick up a note next to the skewered corpse
Read the note to obtain a lock combination
Use the teleporter in the secret room upstairs to return to the tunnel on the far side of the nuclear reactor and cellar
This time, follow the tunnel down to the E
Use the note on the code lock and look at the sword within to disclose a "signet" pattern
Return via the teleporter to the room beneath the temple altar
Look at the plate on the wall between the skeletons to see the same symbol as on the sword
Use the crowbar to open the wall plate and disclose the guardian's skeleton
Take the skeleton from behind the plate and watch the endgame sequence, which loops until Esc is pressed

Unused Inventory

Rosary from display in rosary-maker's shop
Bypass-sign outside cook's hut
Christmas wreath from library wall
Duplicate inspector's ID


Copyright © 2000 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 1996 Stephan & Walter Koch. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software. Contents subject to change! For the latest information, see